Horse Ball Toys for Healthier, Happier Horses

a black horse holding a purple ball toy in its mouth
Horsemen’s Pride

Just like us, horses need to play for physical and mental health. They spend a lot of time inside stalls, so having a colorful object to interact with can add more fun to life, relieve boredom, and even regulate feeding. If you’re an equestrian, check out these great ball toys for your horse.

What to Look for in a Horse Toy

Before you select a product, consider the following:

  • Your Horse’s Needs: Before selecting a horse ball toy, assess your horse’s needs. Could your horse use consistent, measured feeding? Or perhaps your high-energy horse needs a highly durable ball for rough playtime.
  • Versatility: Are you looking for a horse toy that other furry animals can use, too? Some horse toys are popular among dogs as well, so keep your eyes and mind open while viewing the products below.

Best Overall: Horsemen’s Pride 10-Inch Jolly Ball

a purple Jolly Ball with a handle on the top is being held in a black horse's mouth
Horsemen’s Pride

The Horsemen’s Jolly Ball promises to hold up to the rowdiest playtime. The Jolly Ball endures biting and general wear and tear. It bounces and is puncture-resistant. And it serves a dual purpose; it’s made to withstand rough play and stimulate horses, reducing stall boredom. Use the large handle to hang the Jolly Ball in the stall or throw it into the pasture. The product is not simply multi-purpose; it’s multi-audience. Dogs also love the Jolly Ball! Honestly, you will too.

Best Overall

Horsemen's Pride 10" Horse Jolly Ball Purple, 1 Pack

This horse ball toy can be useful in the pasture or the barn.

Most Versatile: Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball, Blueberry

a blue Jolly Ball with rope attached to the top and bottom
Jolly Pets

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball (wow, that’s a mouthful!) comes in four sizes and six colors. The 6-inch, blue Romp-n-Roll works great for horses, but that’s not all—it’s also great for dogs between 20 to 60 pounds to play with, too. The horse ball toy is made with scented, nontoxic rubber and is made in the USA. The aspect that really makes this toy fun is the easy-to-grip rope. Hold on tight while your pet chomps and tugs. It makes for some quality interactive playtime. While no ball toy can last forever, this one promises to endure yanks and chomps without deflating or coming loose from the rope. It also floats and bounces.

Most Versatile

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Dog Toy, 6 Inches/Medium, Blueberry, Model Number: 606 BB

This ball toy is fun for all! It's a great way to interact more with your horse.

Best Feeder: Shires Ball Feeder for Horses

five brightly colored ball-like feeders for horses

Shires had the health and happiness of horses in mind when they designed their ball feeder for horses. Fill it with grain or treats and place it in your horse’s stall. They’ll figure out what to do with it from there. Watch as your horse pushes the ball feeder around in fun and in search of food. Its design is intended to promote healthy eating. The hole for the feed is small to encourage your horse to eat at a slower, more natural pace. The 9-inch ball is made from plastic and comes in various fun colors.

Best Feeder

Shires Ball Feeder for Horses Purple

This ball feeder offers a solution to stave off boredom and overfeeding. Plus, it's fun for horses to push around their stall.

Best Ball Cover: Horsemen’s Pride Mega Soccer Ball Cover

a blue horse ball with red patches that resembles a soccer ball
Horsemen’s Pride

Note that this is just a cover for the Horsemen’s Pride Mega Ball, which is sold separately. The product is 100% polyester, machine washable, made in the USA, and easy to use. It is recommended that you inflate the Mega Ball to around 70%. Then place the partially-inflated ball inside the cover before you inflate the Mega Ball fully.

Perhaps you haven’t thought to ask your horse if they like soccer. If not, you might want to, because this Mega Ball cover comes in a vibrant, unmistakable soccer ball pattern. Your Mega Ball will definitely last longer with a cover than without it.

Best Ball Cover

Horsemen's Pride Mega Soccer Ball Blue Cover,30-Inch

This ball cover protects the Mega Ball and adds colorful fun to your horse's playtime.

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