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Improve Your Accuracy with These Dart Sets

a darts set with target and darts resting on a wooden surface

Darts are a great game in which the accuracy of your shot is the difference between a win or a loss. No matter how well you can aim your dart, there’s still a chance you could miss. However, improving your in-game accuracy doesn’t just have to mean time spent practicing your precision. Investing in a good set of darts can make a huge difference in your performance.

Here are some of our favorite picks.

What to Look for in a Dart Set

There are many factors to consider when buying darts. Here are the basics:

  • Tip: Typically, you’ll use steel-tipped darts on bristle boards, while soft-tipped ones on an electronic or other board. Keep in mind the type of darts designed for your board. Also, consider the safety level that soft-tipped darts offer. The plastic of a soft-tipped dart won’t penetrate your skin, wall, and other objects as easily as a steel one can.
  • Barrel: Dart barrels can come in a ton of different grip shapes in sizes, ranging from a smooth shaft to deep knurling. Whatever you choose to play with, they’ll all have the same function across the board.
  • Flight: While there are a couple of variations in flights out there, the standard ones will work just as great. They also come in a bunch of different designs to make your darts look fly.
  • Weight: The dart’s weight distribution can be a consideration for some. To know what works best for you, try it out yourself and see what you like!

Top Choice: IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set

set of black and yellow and purple darts with a box and several other accessories

This set from IgnatGames will definitely meet your expectations. This set comes with six brass-barrel darts, eight spare flights, a dart sharpener, a strategy guide and a carrying case that protects your darts.

Each steel-tipped dart weighs 20 grams and has a brass barrel with ergonomic knurling. It also has rubber “O” rings between the barrel and shaft, which help keep your darts tight and secure and will help you maintain control. This set includes a dart sharpener, which will reduce the chances of bounce-outs and keep your darts in good condition.

You’ll get eight standard flights that reduce air resistance and sport a cool design. On top of this, you’ll get a storage case with a custom EVA insert that will durably protect your darts. If all of this isn’t enough, you’ll also get an e-guide that’ll teach you strategies when playing darts.

Top Choice

Budget Pick: Wolftop Premium Darts Set

set of darts with multicolored and patterned ends

Darts don’t need to cost you a fortune. Wolftop offers one of the best bang-for-your-buck options. With 15 darts, five flight styles, and a sharpener, this economical set provides everything you need.

Each dart has a 2BA shaft made out of a durable aluminum, and has rubber “O” rings for security. Its brass-plated steel barrels offer balance and grooved knurling for ergonomic grip points. Each dart weighs 18 grams. This set comes with flights of 5 different styles, each with its own unique design.

Customizable Set: CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

set of orange and gray darts with replacement ends and a storage box and other accessories

If you’re not sure about the best dart configuration for you, then this set from CC-Exquisite is a great way to experiment with what you like.

With this set, you’ll get 6 brass barrels with a unique knurling that allows for grip placement on both the front end and the back end, whereas on other darts, you may be forced to grip it one way or the other. These barrels weigh 22 grams.

The customizability comes in with aluminum shafts and flights. The darts come with 12 shafts and two length options: six shafts are 35-mm long and 1 gram; the other six are 48-mm long and 1.5 grams. Each shaft has a rubber “O” ring, which will keep the shafts tight on the body of the dart.

You’ll also get 12 flights—six standard ones and six slim ones. These are high-performance flights with smooth surfaces that reduce resistance. The shape of the flight will impact the path of the dart, so it’s best to try them out for yourself.

On top of all this, you get a carrying case with a custom EVA foam insert that holds the dart nicely and protects it from any potential damage. As well as that, you get a multi-use tool that comes with all the handy features you need—a flight slot tightener, lock wrench, flight closing system, and a bottle opener. This set also comes with a sharpening stone.

Best Plastic-Tipped: ROOBEEO Soft Tip Darts Set

set of multicolored darks with replacement ends and screws and a drawstring black carrying bag

Whether it be safety concerns or the use of an electronic dartboard, if you’re in need of soft-tipped darts, ROOBEEO offers great ones for you to use.

You get 12 slim, 18-gram darts that are designed with brass-plated barrels. Each dart’s shaft comes with a rubber “O” ring to reduce looseness around its 2BA thread. On top of this, you’ll get 42 flights with 10 different designs, 20 extra rings, and a whopping 200 extra plastic tips. You’ll also get a storage bag as well.

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