Keep Cozy and Warm with These Fleece Blankets

cute white puppy sleeping on a couch underneath a fleece blanketOne of the softest, coziest things you can buy for your living space is a fleece blanket. These blankets offer a welcome combination of fuzziness, warmth, and a lightweight feeling. They’re just as warm, if not more so, than wool, without the scratchiness or heaviness often found in wool blankets. They’re generally less pricey as well. The lightweight feeling prevents you from overheating or feeling weighed down and ensures that you can use them to keep warm all year. And since they’re made from high-quality polyester or a similar microfiber, they’re also incredibly low maintenance, durable, and quick to dry. This means they’re great for activities like traveling and camping as well as relaxing at home. And they’re hypoallergenic to boot—an excellent alternative for anyone allergic or sensitive to wool. Essentially, a fleece blanket is one of the best types of blankets you can buy for yourself. Here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in Fleece Blankets

Here are a few things to think about before buying a fleece blanket:

  • Size: Consider how large or small you want your fleece blanket to be. They aren’t one size fits all. If you plan to use it mostly for sleeping, there are fleece blankets designed to perfectly fit over most standard mattress sizes, most commonly twin, queen, and king sizes. There are also plenty of throw fleece blankets that might be a better choice for a living room or den blanket. Otherwise, be sure to check a fleece blanket’s dimensions before you buy, usually listed in inches. They can vary considerably in size, from 20 to 30 inches long to as large as 100 inches or more. Smaller ones make great swaddles for babies or pets, while bigger ones are great for couples who like to cuddle together.
  • Design: Many fleece blankets come in neutral shades, usually gray or white or both. This may suit you just fine, especially if you intend to use your new blanket mainly for sleeping or traveling. However, if you want a blanket that will be displayed on your couch or sofa when it’s not in use, want something to match your home décor style, or simply enjoy more color in your living space, you don’t have to settle for a neutral-shaded fleece blanket. There are plenty of color options out there, ranging from pastels to jewel tones and everything in between. Patterned and multicolored options are a bit less common, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find them at all. While all fleece blankets will be soft and fluffy to the touch, some will have a thicker or fluffier look than others. Some models even have a synthetic Sherpa fleece lining for some extra warmth and a furrier appearance.
  • Extras: Even with all the natural benefits of a fleece blanket, there are some extra, enjoyable, and/or convenient features you might want to keep an eye out for when you’re picking one out. Some have anti-static properties, while others are designed to avoid fading, piling, or bunching for better resilience and longer service life. Double or reinforced stitching also ensures that a fleece blanket is stronger and more durable. Some are double-sided or reversible. Other models are prone to shedding, so you may want to keep an eye out for one that is listed as anti-shedding. Also keep in mind that while pretty much any fleece blankets you buy will be machine washable, not all of them can be tumbled dry. This may not be an issue for you since most models will air-dry quickly, but you may prefer a fleece blanket that you can put in the dryer. If you’re in the market for a new pet blanket, some fleece blankets are specifically designed for animals.

Most Color Options: Bedsure Lightweight Luxury Fleece Blanket

folded light gray fleece blanketIf finding a blanket that is just the right color for your personal style or home’s style is just as important a factor to you as its warmth and softness, this is the fleece blanket for you. It has all the classic hallmarks of a fleece blanket with an impressive array of color choices. It’s available in a total of 30 different solid colors, of all hues and shades. No matter your home’s aesthetic, there’s sure to be a color that will perfectly suit your decor and personal style. It’s also available in five different sizes. Regardless of which color and size you opt to buy, this fleece blanket is soft, breathable, and lightweight, weighing only 1.19 pounds. Don’t let its lighter weight fool you; the entire blanket is made of 100% microfiber layers to keep you warm year-round. The microfiber fabric is quick-drying and won’t bunch or lose its shape, resistant to wrinkling and fading. The strong stitches at the seams help to ensure its structural integrity and increase its service life. And not only is this fleece blanket machine washable (cold water, low cycle, no fabric softener), but you can tumble it dry on a cool, delicate cycle in the dryer. Do not dry clean.

Most Color Options

Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch Grey - Lightweight Plush Fuzzy Cozy Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50x60 inches

A soft, warm, lightweight fleece blanket that comes in multiple colors, hues, and shades to perfectly match your home decor.

Best for Pets: Comsmart Fleece Pet Blankets

six fleece blankets rolled up and stacked on each other, each with a paw print pattern in a different colorWe aren’t the only members of the family who will enjoy and benefit from the warmth and softness of a fleece blanket. Many pets, from dogs and cats of all ages to small rodents and more, love to snuggle up on top of or under a warm blanket, especially in the colder months. These fleece blankets were specifically designed with your pets, especially (though not limited to) dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. Whether you’re looking for a blanket for your pet’s bed, a protective cover for furniture or car seats to prevent shedding or scratching, a soft lining for a pet carrier, these fleece blankets are well-suited to all these tasks. They can even double as a pet towel or mat pad if desired. And you receive six paw-patterned fleece blankets in six color schemes, an incredibly high value for one low price. This allows you to keep one blanket in the car, one on the couch, one in your pet’s bed, etc., or to rotate the blankets in and out for each other as needed. Each of the six blankets is made of soft, double-sided fleece that is light but warm and comfortable for your pet. There are three different size options available, accounting for dogs, cats, and other pets of varying sizes.

Best for Pets

Best Reversible: Utopia Bedding Reversible Sherpa Fleece Blanket

folded gray fleece blanket with one edge flipped over to show a furry white liningMany people love reversible blankets, and with good reason. If you have a reversible throw blanket displayed on your couch and you grow tired of the color or pattern, you can simply flip the blanket upside down to change up your look in a way that doesn’t cost any extra money, time, or energy. Or if one side of the blanket becomes dirty or stained, you can flip it over and hide the damage until you’re able to clean the fabric. If you’re looking for a fleece blanket that is also reversible, this model is a great option. The elegant design and luxurious feel will suit any home, no matter which side you have on display or facing outward at any given moment. One side has a Sherpa-like lining for some extra softness and fluffiness, plus some bonus warmth in the colder months. Made of 100% polyester, this blanket is machine washable and dryable with cold water and when tumbled dry on low heat. The fabric is designed to be resistant to shrinking, so it’ll retain its high quality even after multiple washes, and the two-sided pile double-needle stitching along the hem reinforces the blanket to help it keep its structural integrity and shape in the process. This strength and durability ensure that this blanket is perfectly suited for traveling or camping as well as lounging around the house. Available in five different colors (the Sherpa side is always white) and in a twin, queen, king, or throw blanket size.

Best Reversible

Utopia Bedding Sherpa Bed Blanket Queen Size Grey 480GSM Plush Blanket Fleece Reversible Blanket for Bed and Couch

A reversible fleece blanket with a Sherpa interior that offers two different display options.

Best Throw Blanket: Utopia Fuzzy Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

plush deep blue fleece throw blanket draped over a pale gray armchairThrow blankets vary slightly from traditional blankets in two small but key ways. They tend to be smaller than a standard blanket, and they’re used for display first, warmth second. This fleece blanket, however, proves that a throw blanket can serve both purposes equally admirably. Available in six different colors, ranging from bright to neutral to deep, this fleece throw blanket will suit any range of home decors, aesthetics, and types of furniture. It’ll look great anywhere in your home, whether you throw it over a regular chair, armchair, couch, coffee table, chest, or elsewhere. The 100% polyester fabric is soft and high-quality, elegantly designed, and able to be arranged in graceful, luxurious folds to provide any home with a more sophisticated look. And it only weighs a pound, so it won’t put any undue weight or strain on your furniture and furnishings. Not only will this throw blanket look elegant, but it has all the traditional elements of a classic fleece blanket. The microfiber is incredibly plush, light enough to feel comfortable regardless of the season while keeping you warm and cozy. It’s ready for curling up in your favorite chair with a good book or for naps on the couch. The two-sided pile and double-stitched hem ensure that this fleece throw blanket is as strong and long-lasting as it is elegant and comfortable. It’s also incredibly easy to care for. It’s machine washable (be sure to wash alone or with other fleece blankets to prevent abrasions) on a cold cycle, and then throw it in the dryer and tumble it dry on low heat. Do not bleach. It’s available in three other sizes if you want something a bit larger.

Best Throw Blanket

Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket Throw Size Navy 300GSM Luxury Bed Blanket Anti-Static Fuzzy Soft Blanket Microfiber

A plush, luxurious throw blanket that is equally suited for displaying over the back of your couch and keeping you warm all year.

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