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Keep Your Clothes Safe and Unwrinkled in These Wardrobes

Palace Imports
🕚 Updated September 2021

Wardrobes might have gained their fame for being the portals to Narnia, but they're meant for more than just magical adventures. You'll find that there are many real-world benefits to having a reliable wardrobe in your home.

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  Best Modern Look Best Classic Look Best Portable Best with Mirror Best for Small Spaces
Elite Wardrobe Cabinet
Granite Trace Storage Cabinet
Portable Closet Shelves
Palace Imports
Metro 100% Solid Wood Wardrobe
HomePlus Storage Cabinet
Our SummaryA modern-looking wooden wardrobe with a durable laminate, two fixed shelves, and a hanging rod.A timeless wooden wardrobe with a rustic style.A lightweight fabric wardrobe that stands on its own or fits inside a closet as an organizer.An attractive, space-saving wood-grained wardrobe that offers a convenient mirror on the cabinet door.The slim build of this product will be a great fit your home.
ProsContemporary design, easy to assemble, fits most spaces.Timeless design, anti-tip construction, lots of space.Protective fabric, lightweight, stable.Light gloss finish, versatile storage.Narrow base, cord-friendly, various finishes available.
ConsCan fall over, less customizable.Split shelves, difficult to build.Weak connections, shelves sag, non-adjustable.Heavy construction, high price tag.Not very versatile, back panel made of a different material.
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Keep Your Clothes Safe and Unwrinkled in These Wardrobes

A wooden wardrobe with a dark brown finish and a half-length mirror on its left door sits in a bedroom.
Palace Imports

A wardrobe is a tall standing cabinet where you can hang and store your clothes. They’re very similar to closets, except that they’re smaller and movable and often have built-in drawers or sliding shelves. A sturdy wardrobe won’t just give you some much-needed storage space, but it will also provide you with a decorative item that adds style to your home. Here are a few models that we recommend.

Buying Guide for a Wardrobe

A modern bedroom with wardrobes and shelves along the far wall.

Why buy a wardrobe?

A wardrobe can be a useful addition to your home if you have limited or no closet space or own a lot of clothes that can’t fit in your regular closet. Even if you have ample closet space, you might find a wardrobe to be a useful way of organizing or sorting your clothes. You can move them to another room in the house if need be. And if you ever move to a new home that doesn’t have as much closet space, you know that you’ll have a safe place to store your clothes, since you can bring wardrobes along with you.

What should you look for in a wardrobe?

Here are a few things to think about before buying a wardrobe:

  • Size: While wardrobes will provide you with more storage space, they will take up floor space as well. Most will be taller than they’re wide, but there are some square-shaped models out there. Wardrobes come with one, two, three, and, in rare instances, even four doors. You might find it useful to measure the available area where you plan to place the wardrobe to ensure that it will fit properly. Don’t forget to accommodate the full width of the doors, too, especially since some models have one or more doors that extend considerably when fully opened.
  • Color: Almost all wardrobes on the market are made from some sort of wood. This means that they will mostly be available in more neutral colors. Various shades of brown, gray, black, and white will be your most common options. That’s not to say that there aren’t more colorful options, but they might be harder to come across. There are also different finishes with different levels of gloss or matte. Some fabric and plastic models are out there, too, which might offer a better range of colors, although they won’t be as solid or as durable as wooden wardrobes.
  • Features: How many drawers or shelves do you want your wardrobe to contain? Do you prefer drawers to shelves or vice versa? Or are you after some combination of the two? Do you want a longer or shorter hanging space for clothes on hooks? Does it have a hanging rod? Are there mirrors on the doors to create an illusion of bigger space and to make it easier to try on outfits? Are there glass windows to look into the wardrobe, or solid, opaque doors? All of these are features to think about when you’re picking out a new wardrobe.

What are the drawbacks of owning a wardrobe?

While wardrobes can help you take advantage of the vertical space in your home, they will take away floor space. If you have a standard room size, a wardrobe might limit your walking space, ultimately becoming more of a hindrance to your everyday life than a convenience. Additionally, their typically bulky design will make a statement in your room. It removes wall decor space and can be imposing if you choose the wrong style.

Our Picks for the Best Wardrobes

Best Modern Look

Prepac Elite Wardrobe Cabinet

A modern-looking wooden wardrobe with a durable laminate, two fixed shelves, and a hanging rod.

Pros: If your bedroom has a minimalist look to it, you’ll want a sleek wardrobe to match. This composite wooden model is ideal for anyone who wants a wardrobe cabinet with a modern design. The wooden body features profile-edged doors, backing made of MDF for extra sturdiness, and a durable laminate exterior. The handles are solid and sturdy, made of brushed nickel. The six-way hinges are adjustable for your convenience. The interior features two fixed shelves and a hanging rod with a 20-inch depth accommodation. This wardrobe ships ready to assemble and comes with an instruction booklet to make the task easier for you.

Cons: The height of this wardrobe can be great for storing lots of items, but the swinging doors might not be the safest design feature. If you don’t have the time or ability to mount this to your wall, it could be a danger for you or for young kids.

Bottom Line: This wardrobe was made for people with simplistic tastes. The hanging room and two shelves give you the ideal amount of space for clothing and shoes without adding too much bulk.


Best Classic Look

Sauder Granite Trace Storage Cabinet

A timeless wooden wardrobe with a rustic style.

Pros: Wooden furniture never goes out of style, and this wooden wardrobe and its framed panel doors evoke that timelessness. This piece is made of engineered wood to create a beautiful, rustic cedar finish. It comes with sturdy handles that have round edges to match the traditional look. This model has been safety tested to ensure that it’s stable, with a focus on ensuring that it can’t tip over. The interior boasts six adjustable shelves, giving you plenty of room to store your items.

Cons: This cabinet has a piece down the center, separating the shelves into two sides. This can make storing some items more difficult. Your items will have to be under 14.75 inches wide to fit within a single shelf. The provided instructions aren’t the clearest, making the assembly process last longer than the ideal.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to store spare blankets, folded clothing, and shoes, this wooden cabinet has the sectioned design that you need to stay neat. The rustic look adds lots of texture to a space, making it a great item to add a splash of style to your room.


Best Portable

SONGMICS Portable Closet Shelves

A lightweight fabric wardrobe that stands on its own or fits inside a closet as an organizer.

Pros: You might not think of fabric as a foundational material for wardrobes, but this model just might change your mind. It’s made of non-woven, easy-to-clean fabric that’s waterproof in order to shield your clothes from moisture. The dustproof covers that zipper down over the front openings also offer further protection. And since this wardrobe is almost entirely made of fabric (except for the steel tube and PP plastic connectors), it’s incredibly lightweight for a large piece of furniture, weighing 12.65 pounds. This makes it extremely convenient to move it around when you redecorate or transport it to a new home if you ever move. The inside features a movable hanging rod and 12 storage shelves. The 59- by 17.7- by 69-inch size is large enough for this wardrobe to function independently or to double as a closet organizer if you have a walk-in closet at home.

Cons: The wardrobe values function over style, and the limited color selection reflects that. The fabric design isn’t the most sophisticated, so it’s best to avoid this piece if you have a meticulously decorated room. Additionally, fabric-based shelves tend to sag when heavy weight is placed on them.

Bottom Line: This is a great option for maximizing your storage space with the 12 shelves and the hanging area. The construction isn’t meant to be attractive but has some serious protection and functionality built into the fabric of the design.


Best with Mirror

Palace Imports Metro 100% Solid Wood Wardrobe

An attractive, space-saving, wood-grained wardrobe that offers a convenient mirror on the cabinet door.

Pros: This wardrobe’s tall, narrow 38- by 21- by 72-inch dimensions offer plenty of storage space. The half-length mirror can reflect your outfit to ensure that you look great every day. Besides the three bottom drawers beneath the mirror, this wardrobe includes two adjustable shelves and two clothing rods on the inside. Extra shelves can be purchased separately in sets of two. Aside from the metal handles on the three drawers, every part of this model is made out of 100% pinewood that’s every bit as durable as it’s aesthetically appealing. You can also buy it in a dark java brown, a medium-toned gray, or a solid white finish. And since this wardrobe is made entirely out of solid pine, no two wood-grained patterns on this wardrobe are exactly alike.

Cons: This wardrobe is decidedly more expensive than the other options on this list due to the solid wood construction and mirror addition. You might experience difficulties assembling and moving the piece due to the heavy materials.

Bottom Line: For people with deep pockets, this wardrobe will easily help you store your most important items and help you check your appearance before walking out the door. The wide array of storage options make this a great extension of your closet.


Best for Small Spaces

Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet

The slim build of this product will be a great fit for your home.

Pros: This product is ideal for placing in between the tight spaces of a small home. The four shelves can be adjusted to your preferred height or completely removed for hanging space. The engineered wood comes in four different finishes, so you can create a stately appearance for your office with the Dakota oak finish, or make the room feel light and airy with the soft white finish. Along with your storage of clothes, shoes, and household items, this wardrobe can also hold electronic items due to its built-in cord access in the back panel.

Cons: Unlike a traditional wardrobe, this product doesn’t have any hanging rods, which will limit the items that you can store. If you’re looking for a piece that will look beautiful from all angles, avoid this one, as its back panel isn’t made from solid wood.

Bottom Line: With such narrow dimensions, this wardrobe is a great find for space-challenged homes. It provides lots of vertical shelf storage that you can adjust to fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Wardrobes might seem like they’re a thing of the past. However, these pieces offer great storage and bring style to almost any room. Their versatile look allows them to blend into your decor, so you can easily store coats, suits, linens, or even daily clothing. The large size of wardrobes doesn’t usually make them the best options for people who live in small homes or apartments (especially if they’re located up a set of stairs). For people who do have the room to spare, a wardrobe can offer the extra bit of organization that they need to keep their home and mind clear of clutter.

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