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Keep Your Gear Safe with These Tennis Bags

woman placing a tennis racket inside a black and white tennis bag

Though tennis is not a sport that requires as much gear as a sport like football or hockey, it does entail a few pieces of equipment, namely a racquet and balls. This may also extend to towels, a change of clothes, tape, sunscreen, and more. And as with any other type of equipment, it’s important to have a safe way to transport your gear for both your convenience and as a way to keep it from breaking and needing to be replaced. Since tennis racquets are a bit of an unusual shape, they can be difficult to store and transport. This is especially true if you’re a serious tennis player who owns more than one racquet or you shelled out the money for a specialty one. Thankfully, buying a tennis bag offers a simple solution. Since they’re specially designed to fit tennis racquets, you know your racquet will always fit inside, and the bag will make them more portable and convenient to store. Others have extra pockets for additional storage space or come in backpack format so they can double as a bag for other items. If you play tennis with enough frequency to own your own racquet, a tennis bag is a worthwhile investment.

What to Consider in a Tennis Bag

Here are some factors to look into while shopping:

  • Type: There are three main types of tennis bags; a duffel-like bag, a backpack or tote bag, and a multiple racquet bag. Duffel bags are very versatile and usually have compartments to keep your clean clothes separate from your racquets and sweaty gear. Backpacks and totes are the easiest to carry, have more extra accessory pockets, and are the most compact types. Multiple racquet bags (also known as three, six, eight, nine, 12, or 15 racquet bags, depending on their size) can fit double-digit rackets in them at once if they’re large enough and may have a temperature control system to help maintain string tension. Consider which of these types might best suit your needs.
  • Protection: Besides storage and portability, a tennis bag’s main purpose is to protect your racquets and gear. This is a vital function if you have a specialty or custom racquet. Keep an eye out for bags that have molded shells, as these are the most durable sort. A tennis bag with a thermal racquet compartment or compartments offers extra internal protection for your racquet or racquets as well.
  • Extra Storage: Based on which type of tennis bag you pick, your new bag may or may not offer some pockets or compartments for extra storage or specific functions. Quite a few will have shoe tunnels that keep your sweaty tennis shoes from getting the rest of your gear dirty. Others will have accessory pockets for smaller items like extra racquet strings or grips or personal items like your phone and wallet. If you tend to have a lot of gear to transport, check to see how much extra storage space and what time a tennis bag provides before you buy.

Best for Beginners: Wilson Tennis Racquet Cover Bag

black Wilson tennis bag with white lines and lettering

If you’re just starting as a tennis player or don’t play on a super frequent basis, odds are good you’ll only own one racquet. Therefore if you’re a beginner or casual player, this is a perfect one-racquet tennis bag for you. It’s made of durable nylon and has the classic tennis bag design to precisely fit the silhouette of your racquet. It’ll cover your racquet completely and protect it from the elements, while the padding also creates a protective buffer against any accidental bumps during transportation, to keep your racquet feeling like new for longer. The adjustable shoulder strap and fence loop offer maximum functionality and easy portability to and from the court. Beside your racquet, the main compartment is large enough to hold additional smaller items like tennis balls, keys, and your phone.

Best for Beginners

Wilson Performance Racket Cover for One Tennis Racket,Black/White

A single racquet tennis bag that is padded for great protection and easy to transport.

Best for Multiple Racquets: Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

two black Athletico tennis bags with white lettering and stripes

People who play tennis with regularity, whether recreationally or competitively, will often own multiple racquets. This allows them to rotate between racquets, to spare them some wear and tear so the strings last longer. In tournaments or other days that require multiple matches, some players will bring all their racquets to the court for this reason. Some people even switch racquets between sets. Useful as it might be to own multiple racquets, it does make transporting them that much more challenging. That’s where this tennis bag comes in handy. This classically shaped tennis tote bag is large enough to store up to three tennis racquets at once. It’s made of tough, long-lasting 600D polyester and is padded to protect your racquets from harm. In addition to the big main compartment, this bag has two outside pockets, one large and one small. The larger external pocket can fit a canister of tennis balls, while the smaller, felt-lined one is great for small accessories like your keys or phone. The bag has both a shoulder strap and a tote handle, so you can carry it over your shoulder or in your hand, depending on your preference. You also have the choice between a classic black bag or a bright pink or red one.

Best for Multiple Racquets

Best Backpack: Athletico Compact City Tennis Backpack

pink striped backpack-style tennis bag holding a two rackets and water bottle

A classic racquet-shaped tennis bag can be a useful investment, but maybe you want something a little different for your racquets. Maybe you don’t like the look of traditional tennis bags and want something that doesn’t immediately scream “tennis bag”—something more multipurpose. If that sounds like the type of tennis bag you’re looking for, this backpack model may be the perfect choice. Made of polyester and available in muted blue-gray or bright striped pink, it has adjustable and padded shoulder straps plus a padded back for a comfortable, ergonomic, and easy-to-carry design that won’t cut into your shoulders. It also has a locker storage loop and a hideaway fence hook at the top, so you can easily hang it in a locker. The padded racquet compartment is large enough to hold not just one but two tennis racquets; simply slide them in, and the anti-slip zipper will do the rest to keep them secure. The main compartment can hold a myriad of tennis gear such as clothes, shoes, tennis balls, and towels. It also has mesh water bottle pockets on both sides (reinforced at the bottom with an elastic band top to hold them firmly in place), a roomy front pocket for extra odds and ends, a hidden pocket at the top, and a felt-lined, zippered phone pocket, so you’ll always have plenty of space to carry any items you might need, tennis gear or otherwise.

Best for Competition: Wilson Federer Tennis Bag

double red Wilson tennis bag with black letters

For anyone who is a serious tennis competitor and owns multiple rackets, this tennis bag is a great choice. This tennis bag has two main compartments, one for equipment and one for your apparel. Both compartments are lined with a Thermo guard to better protect your gear from extreme temperatures and uphold string integrity. Besides the two main interior compartments, it’s equipped with two exterior side pockets with mesh nets for other belongings like your wallet, phone, or keys and updated molded side panels. The zippers are a new and improved design for increased functionality and security. The straps and carrying handles are ergonomic for your comfort, especially handy when you’re carrying heavier loads. You have the choice between two models, one that can hold two racquets or one that can hold as many as 12 in one bag, and a fire engine red or black color.

Best for Competitors

WILSON Sporting Goods Federer DNA 2018 Tennis Bag (12 Pack), Infrared

A tennis bag that can hold a staggering 12 racquets, with two main, Thermo-lined compartments to better protect your gear from the elements.

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