Keep Your Playroom in Order with These Toy Storage Organizers

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As almost any parent can tell you, it doesn't take much for children's toys to fall into disarray and utter chaos. Keep things contained with toy storage organizers.

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  Humble Crew
Supersized Wood Toy Storage Organizer
Playroom Storage Shelves Unit
Delta Children
Toy Storage Organizer
Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket
Toy Storage Organizer Cubby with Bookcase
Our SummaryA toy organizer comprised of four rows of open, plastic bins in two different sizes.A durable shelving toy organizer with drawers and covered with dustproof, aesthetically pleasing fabric.A colorful shelving toy organizer with six drawers, all featuring some of your child's favorite fictional characters.An over-the-tub basket toy organizer that allows you to store, sort, and dry toys for bathtime.This cubby-style toy storage organizer has compartments for toys and books alike, allowing you to store more items in a more compact fashion.
ProsStrong and durable, no slamming drawers, direct access to toys, easy to clean.Multiple color options, foldable bins, tool-free assembly, plastic connectors.Good value, safe, compact, reusable sticker options available.Inexpensive, dries toys out quickly, dishwasher safe, length adjustable.Multifunctional, built-in bookshelf, can support heavy items, tools and assembly hardware included.
ConsSome assembly required, toys might fall out.Expensive, less sturdy, gives off fumes at first.Less storage space than some, too juvenile for older kids.Too small for bigger toys, might get in the way during bathtime.Expensive, no color or design variety, no bins or drawers included.
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Keep Your Playroom in Order with These Toy Storage Organizers

A woman puts a label on a bin full of toys.
Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock.com

Your child will most likely accumulate new toys each year as they grow into different types of toys, and these pile up quickly. If you have more than one child, the number of toys in your house will add up that much faster. Thus, it’s no surprise that playrooms and play areas tend to be a dumping ground for toys. Fortunately, toy organizers provide a solution. These wonderful pieces of furniture allow you to keep all of your kids’ toys condensed to one area while also making it easier and quicker for your children to find the toys that they’re looking for at any given moment.

Buying Guide for Toy Storage Organizers

A white toy storage organizer filled with a soccer ball, books, and blocks sits in a child's bedroom.

Why buy a toy storage organizer?

Toy storage organizers serve two main functions. As the name suggests, they offer a convenient place to stash toys when your children are done playing with them so that your playroom looks a little less like a bomb went off in it or a small tornado traveled through it. They also allow you to better sort toys. You can keep the puzzles in one slot, stuffed animals in another, and so forth. This makes it much easier for children to locate a particular toy, and they won’t have to dig through or throw the entire contents of their toy chest onto the floor to find it. As a bonus, slightly older kids might even be encouraged to put toys away of their own accord thanks to toy organizers.

What should you look for in a toy storage organizer?

  • Type: There are a few different types of toy organizers on the market, so you’ll want to think about which one best suits your needs. The three main types are bin organizers, drawer organizers, and toy cubbies. Bin organizers consist of several rows of bins lined up beside each other. Many bins can be color-coded, and the bins tend to vary slightly in size by row, which makes organizing and sorting toys easier for you and your child. Drawer organizers are made of sets of drawers, baskets, or storage cubes of assorted sizes that are removable and made of foldable cloth or built right into the organizer. Cubbies are similar to shelves, except that their compartments are always built-in and open-faced rather than having drawers that pull in and out. Bins and cubbies allow your child to see into the toy organizer at all times, while drawer models offer toys a bit more protection. Some toy organizer baskets are designed especially for bath toys.
  • Size: The number of bins, slots, or compartments that a toy organizer contains will vary by company and brand. On average, most will have two to four rows, with three or four bins or compartments per row. There are narrower, more compact models available for smaller homes and apartments as well as larger ones that hold more toys. You’ll want to consider how much available space you have in your home and the number of toys that your children own. Some companies allow you to combine several of the same toy organizers into a single unit if there isn’t one quite large enough for your liking. Also worth considering is the size of the bins or compartments themselves. Most toy organizers will have smaller units across the top row and larger ones along the bottom rows, or each row might have different-sized bins or compartments. Be sure to double-check dimensions before you buy a toy organizer to ensure that you’re getting the amount of storage space you want.
  • Color and Design: Like most types of furniture, you have many different design and color options when it comes to toy organizers. This allows you to better match them to your playroom, child’s bedroom, basement, or whichever room you plan to keep your toy organizer in. There are plenty of single-colored options in neutral shades as well as bright, bold, pastel, jewel tones, and many other hues. There are also plenty of multicolored and patterned options. Since toy organizers are meant to hold children’s toys, plenty of models are also designed to appeal to kids. These tend to feature popular cartoons, superheroes, and other beloved fictional characters. Not only will kids love these specialty designs, but some parents also find that these types of toy organizers actually encourage their children to put their toys away of their own accord.

Are toy storage organizers a better choice than toy chests?

While both pieces of furniture provide a place to stash toys, toy organizers offer a few distinct advantages over traditional toy chests. Toy organizers make it easier to locate certain toys rather than digging through a giant chest and flinging toys everywhere until the right one is found. This means that toys are less likely to get ripped or otherwise damaged inside of a toy organizer and that you can sort toys by type rather than throwing them all together into one big slot. Toy organizers also tend to make toys more easily accessible for children of all ages. They’re often not as bulky or heavy as toy chests, which is convenient if you ever move into a new home.

Our Picks for the Most Convenient Toy Storage Organizers

Best Bins

Humble Crew Supersized Wood Toy Storage Organizer

A toy organizer comprised of four rows of open, plastic bins in two different sizes.

Pros: Thanks to the stand made of a combination of metal and engineered wood, this toy storage organizer is nice and strong and able to hold up well against long-term use and rambunctious kids. The stabilizing bracers ensure extra stability as well. The open-faced bins offer kids direct access to their toys, and even toddlers will be able to grab their favorite toys right out of the bin. They will never have to go digging for a specific toy since the contents are on display at all times, and you won’t have to worry about your little ones yanking drawers off their frame, slamming drawers, or closing their fingers in drawers by mistake. The bins are easy to clean, too.

Cons: This toy storage organizer will require some assembly on your end. You’ll also need the proper screwdriver to put it together, which doesn’t come included with your purchase. And while the open-faced bins are extremely convenient for toy access and cleaning, they also have a potential downside. If the bins are too full of toys, you run the risk of them falling out onto the floor.

Bottom Line: This sturdy bin-style toy organizer is perfect for people who want to strike a balance between storing and sorting toys while also making them easy for their child or children to locate and access. This makes it a great option for parents with toddlers, since their kids can easily access toys without slamming or pulling out drawers. However, it isn’t the most tidy-looking option on the market since the open-faced bins showcase the contents at all times, and toys might spill over and fall out if the bins become overstuffed.

Best Shelves

NEATERIZE Playroom Storage Shelves Unit

A durable shelving toy organizer with drawers and covered with dustproof, aesthetically pleasing fabric.

Pros: Thanks to the eight color options, the odds are good that this toy storage organizer will look great in just about any home and pair well with most decor styles and color themes. The fabric drawers are dustproof, won’t pinch or hurt your children’s fingers, and can fold down when not in use for easy storage. While some assembly is required for this unit, you won’t need any special tools to do so. The handy plastic connectors on both ends allow you to buy more than one model and connect them to each other for one larger, cohesive storage unit.

Cons: This toy storage organizer is a bit pricier than most, obviously more so if you choose to buy more than one and combine them. It also isn’t as sturdy as some other models, which means that it might not support really bulky or really heavy toys. Some users reported that the fabric drawers give off fumes once the organizer is set up, although this should fade over time.

Bottom Line: If you prefer to keep your children’s toys packed away out of sight but still orderly and easily accessible, a shelving toy organizer is a good bet. If you have multiple kids or otherwise own an above-average number of toys, this model is a great option due to the plastic connectors on both ends. These allow you to buy two or more of these toy organizers and connect them to each other. However, if you own a lot of big, bulky, heavy toys, you’ll want to opt for a sturdier model. Any users or kids with respiratory issues might find the initial fumes to be irritating as well.

Best Design

Delta Children Toy Storage Organizer

A colorful shelving toy organizer with six drawers, all featuring some of your child's favorite fictional characters.

Pros: Not only is this toy storage organizer budget-friendly, but with three shelves with drawers of three different sizes, you get a good bang for your buck as well. This model is made of a solid, engineered wood frame with quality fabric bins, both of which meet all the appropriate safety standards and are non-toxic for your peace of mind. The compact size won’t take up too much space in your child’s bedroom or playroom. And with 10 different designs, there’s sure to be a cartoon or a character that your child loves.

Cons: The tradeoff for the compact size is that this model doesn’t offer as much storage space as some others. It offers a good amount of storage space for its size, but if you have a large number of toys or multiple young kids, it might not be large enough. As fun as the cartoon characters are, your child might find it to be too babyish after a certain age.

Bottom Line: When young kids have a favorite cartoon or fictional character, they have a tendency to become fixated on it. Your child will love waking up or walking into the playroom and seeing their favorite characters decorating their toy shelves. This model is perfect for homes with limited available space due to its compact size. However, it might not offer enough storage space to meet the needs of families with multiple kids, and it will probably be too young-looking for some kids past the age of eight or so.


Best for Bath Toys

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

An over-the-tub basket toy organizer that allows you to store, sort, and dry toys for bathtime.

Pros: Not only is this over-the-tub toy organizer extremely budget-friendly, but it also allows you to create extra storage space that otherwise couldn’t be utilized. The sides and the bottom are slotted so that the toys will dry out faster when not in use, preventing the organizer from growing mildewy. It’s also dishwasher safe (top rack only) for effortless cleaning. The length is adjustable, allowing it to fit on most tubs.

Cons: While this toy organizer is suitable for most bath toys, it might be too narrow for some larger ones. Some toy boats, for instance, might be too wide to fit properly inside of the organizer. And some parents can find the over-the-tub aspect to be a nuisance. It might get in the way while you’re bathing or washing your child’s hair, and it will have to be moved and then put back in place every time that you or your significant other wants to take a bath or shower.

Bottom Line: If your little one loves to play with toys at bathtime, you’ll get a lot of good mileage out of this toy storage organizer. You won’t have to carry bath toys back and forth from their room and the bathroom anymore, preventing water from dripping all over the place. And it even creates extra storage space for gels and shampoos as well as for toys. But if you don’t want to be constantly moving it out of the way to wash your child’s hair or to take your own bath or shower, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.


Best Cubby

UTEX Toy Storage Organizer Cubby with Bookcase

This cubby-style toy storage organizer has compartments for toys and books alike, allowing you to store more items in a more compact fashion.

Pros: This cubby-style toy storage organizer is a great versatile, multifunctional option. It has both a display top shelf and a bookshelf built right into the unit, so it essentially serves three different functions in one piece of furniture. You can buy it with five or eight compartments depending on the size of your living space and your storage needs. The big bottom compartments not only offer a good amount of room for storage but are also strong and sturdy enough to support heavier, bulkier toys and items like soccer balls or bigger toy trucks.

Cons: You do have a (literal) price to pay for this item’s versatility. It’s quite a bit more expensive than many other toy storage organizers on the market. It’s only available in white and in no other colors or designs, so it might not suit the decor of every nursery, bedroom, or playroom. If you want any fabric bins or drawers for this cubby toy organizer, you’ll have to buy them separately, as none come included with your purchase.

Bottom Line: As long as you don’t mind the added cost, this is a useful little toy storage organizer to have on hand. Its multifunctionality will help save space, as you might not need to invest in an additional bookshelf or in display shelving, which makes it great for smaller apartments, condos, and bedrooms. But if you’re on a tighter budget or worried about the white coloring showing scratches and wear-and-tear damage, this might not be the toy storage organizer for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a good toy storage organizer can be a timesaver and a lifesaver for parents. And these handy pieces of furniture don’t just benefit parents alone—kids will love them, too, since they will be able to find their favorite stuffed animal or ball with ease. They also keep toys safe and secure for playtime.

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