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Keep Your Spare Change Safe with These Coin Wrappers

four coin wrappers lying on a bed of changeWhether you run a business, own a coin collection, or just find yourself having a lot of spare change jingling around in the bottom of your purse or collecting on random horizontal surfaces, coin wrappers are a handy item to have. They allow you to organize your coins rather than leaving them rolling around unaccounted for. This also makes it a lot easier if you ever want to bring your spare change to the bank or your local Coinstar to be deposited or converted into paper cash. You may also simply use them for storage, either for a coin collection or, if you run a store that involves a cash register, as a way to keep the coins on hand until they’re needed to refill the register. Rolling coins by hand is a relatively easy and straightforward process, making them an additional useful storage method. If you’re an avid coin collector, store owner, or simply want a better organizational system for your loose change, coin wrappers may be a worthwhile investment that will make your life easier.

What Should You Consider in Coin Wrappers?

These are some useful things to know about coin wrappers:

  • Quantity: Coin wrappers are sold in sets. A standard set will include one wrapper for pennies, one for nickels, one for dimes, and one for quarters. The number of wrappers per set will vary greatly. Some are sold in packs of only a few at a time, some in dozens, and some in hundreds at once. Consider how much change you need to store in your wrappers and select your quantity accordingly.
  • Strength: Almost all coin wrappers are made of some sort of kraft paper. You’ll want to ensure that any you buy is made of high-quality paper, as you don’t want to risk them ripping or tearing or wearing down and spilling your change everywhere. If you’re able to, spring for coin wrappers that are listed as “heavy-duty” for extra strength and protection.
  • Labeling: Be sure that any coin wrappers you buy are clearly marked. Most will be color-coded, with orange for quarters, green for dimes, blue for nickels, and red for pennies. Half dollars are usually marked with brown if you decide to add those to your collection. Bigger fonts are a nice touch, too, if you ever need to identify the corresponding wrapper from a distance or quickly on the go. Whatever the color scheme, unambiguously labeled coin wrappers are an important feature as this will spare you confusion and prevent mix-ups down the line.

Top Choice: L LIKED Assorted Coin Wrappers

four color coded coin wrappers

This is a set of quintessential coin wrappers built and designed to conveniently and snugly fit your coins and loose change. With this set of 100 assorted coin wrappers, you get 25 sleeves for pennies, 25 for nickels, 25 for dimes, and 25 for quarters. This set can also be purchased in assorted sets of 300 or 500, with the same proportionate number of sleeves for each coin type. The sleeves are meant to hold the same standard number of coins as they do at the bank: 10 dollars in quarters, five dollars in dimes, two dollars in nickels, and 50 pennies. The size of each wrapper was designed to perfectly fit each sized coin. They come flat, open, and ready to hold your coins with one light squeeze. All the wrappers are made out of durable, completely natural kraft paper so you can keep your coins safely contained for your peace of mind.

Top Choice

L LIKED 100 Assorted Bundle Flat Striped Coin Wrappers (100 Assorted)

A set of quintessential coin wrappers designed to perfectly and safely fit your quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies.

Best Heavy-Duty: J Mark Burst Resistant Coin Wrappers

eight coin wrappers, four for pennies and four for quarters

Your coin wrappers aren’t going to do you any good if they rip, tear, or burst and end up scattering your carefully organized coins everywhere. Most coin wrappers are made of strong enough paper to prevent this from happening. If you want some extra security and assurance that your coin sleeves won’t wear down on you, these heavy-duty coin wrappers are the ones for you. They’re made of premium, recycled, eco-friendly kraft paper that is specifically designed to be resistant to bursting. They’re also easy to use. Just slide the coins in the non-crimped end, pinch or fold the non-crimped end, apply a small piece of tape if desired, and you’re done. These wrappers are compatible with most major coin-sorting machines for your convenience as well, so if you own one, the odds are good that you can use these wrappers in tandem with it. The wrappers are color-coded according to the usual ABA standards: Red for pennies, blue for nickels, green for dimes, and orange for quarters. With this bundle, you receive 80 assorted wrappers, 20 of each of the listed coins. There are purchasing options for just pennies, just quarters, or pennies and quarters (no nickels or dimes) alone as well.

Best Twist and Crimp: Our Daily Life Twist & Crimp Coin Wrappers

five coin wrappers with corresponding crimping pieces

Most coin wrappers you buy will require you to pinch or twist or tape them shut. While this method certainly works just fine, you might be feeling as if you want a little extra security to keep the end of your coin sleeves sealed. If so, this kit offers you an innovative and patented method for keeping your wrappers sealed firmly shut. This bundle includes 30 penny wrappers, 30 dime wrappers, 30 nickel wrappers, 60 quarters wrappers, and two double-sided crimpers. These crimpers are what allow you to easily and securely keep your wrappers sealed so that no coin will slip out by mistake. Just load the wrapper with the matching coins, press the crimper against the open end, twist them in opposite directions, and you’re all set. The crimper will tuck the wrapper ends together so tightly that no coins will come loose. Both crimpers are double-sided. One works on penny wrappers on one side and dime wrappers on the other, while the other works on quarters and nickels in the same way. Each side is labeled, so you’ll always know which end corresponds and fits properly with each tube. The wrappers come pre-formed and packed in a box to hold their shape without getting crushed. They are compatible with automatic coin machines as well as counting by hand, so you have the choice of which method you prefer.

Best Twist and Crimp

Best Quantity Options: L LIKED Coin Preformed Wrappers

four color coded coin wrappers

If you’re looking to buy high-quality coin wrappers in large quantities, one of these bundles makes for an excellent choice. You can purchase these coin wrappers in packs of 64, 128, 256, and 512. No matter which bundle you order, the number of wrappers for each type of coin will be divided evenly in fourths among pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters; for instance, if you order a pack of 256 wrappers, that means you’ll receive 64 penny rolls, 64 nickel rolls, etc. Each type of coin is clearly marked and color-coded by the ABA standard, so you’ll never have trouble remembering which coins are in which wrappers. You may use these wrappers to count by hand or use automatic coin-counting machines. The ends are easy to crimp once you’ve finished filling one of the tubes. Each wrapper is made of heavyweight, double-wrapped kraft paper for extra strength and security.

Best Quantity Options

L LIKED 256 Assorted Preformed Coin Wrappers Rolls - Quarters, Pennies, Nickels and Dimes (256Assorted)

You'll never run out of coin wrappers again with these bundles, which offer you purchase options of 64, 128, 256, and 512 coin wrappers per set.

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