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Make a Statement with These Chain Earrings

Chains have long been a jewelry staple, mainly as necklaces and bracelets. In recent years, chains have become more popular in earring form as well. They’re relatively simple yet decorative, will match just about any style of jewelry already in your repertoire, are suitable for many different occasions, and will go well with just about any outfit in your closet. Chain earrings come in multiple designs and types, for typical single, double, helix, or cartilage piercings. Regardless of the design or number of piercings involved, all chain earrings will hang or dangle from your ear to some degree. They’re a great way to bring an ultra-modern, often understated, and chic style to your outfits and overall look. If you want to add a pair of chain earrings to your jewelry box, here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in Chain Earrings

Here are a few things to think about before buying chain earrings:

  • Type: While chain earrings come in various designs, there are a few common types and styles. There are simple dangling chains that hang from a post inserted into a single ear piercing. Threader earrings involve threading the earring through the ear so that part or all of it hangs down behind the lobe and often come in chain form. Another style consists of a chain strung onto two different points of the same post, hoop, bar, or cuff to create a dangling U-shaped loop. Perhaps the most well-known chain earring look is a chain strung across two different hoops or posts, stretching the chain across two different piercings.
  • Design: In addition to the different types of chain earrings, there are plenty of other design options from which you can choose. Chain earrings can be very decorative and eye-catching or minimalist, depending on the design. Whether the earring is mounted on a post, cuff, bar, or hoop will change how it hangs a bit. Posts especially can come in a bunch of different shapes, like hearts or moons. Shapes like these may hang from the chain as well. The chains or base may be decorated with rhinestones or beads for a little pop of color. The size of the links that make up the chain and the length and thickness of the chain itself can vary. Think about what kind of look or statement you want from your chain earrings and select the design and style accordingly.
  • Metal: Like all types of earrings, chain earrings are available in a different range of metals. Sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, and alloys are among the most common options. Sterling silver and stainless steel are generally the sturdiest metals for chain earrings. You’ll also want to consider if you want a silver, gold, rose gold, or another color; keep in mind that many metals can be plated to become a different color than their natural hue. Whichever metal you prefer, keep an eye out for hypoallergenic choices if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Top Choice: SLUYNZ Sterling Silver Bar Chain Earrings

If you’re looking for trendy, modern chain earrings that can be dressed up or down, these are the earrings for you. They come with a unique U-shaped threader design coupled with a second dangling chain with a small, thin rectangular pendant hanging from the end, all attached to a single bar. They’re suitable for classic single piercings. They’re made of sterling silver that has been electroplated to keep them from oxidizing, so they will be low maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about rust. They’re also nice and lightweight, so they won’t weigh your ears down, and the sterling silver is nickel-free to avoid allergic reactions. These chain earrings are available in their natural silver color as well as rose gold and gold options. A gift box comes included with your purchase should you wish to give them as a present to a loved one.

Top Choice

SLUYNZ 925 Sterling Silver Bar Dangle Earrings for Women Teen Girls Threader Earrings Chain (Color 1)

Uniquely designed threader chain earrings that are lightweight and anti-rust.

Best Hypoallergenic: Meow Star Minimalist Chain Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Minimalistic earrings are very much in vogue, and these dainty chain earrings not only fall into that chic category but are highly suitable for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. They are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, no matter if you order them in silver, yellow gold, or rose gold, designed specifically with people with sensitive skin and ears in mind. They won’t feel uncomfortable or harm the skin at all. While the design is very minimalist, the little vertical bar at the front of the lobe also provides the earrings with a unique, almost futuristic little flair. Besides the three color choices, you also have the option for a 3-, 6-, or 9-millimeter length chain in all three colors. Regardless of the color and length you pick, each pair of earrings is made of sterling silver. Besides the chain earrings themselves, you’ll receive a storage box, polishing cloth, and two pairs of backs.

Best Hypoallergenic

Best Set: FERIER Seven Piece Chain Hoop Earrings

If you love the look of chain earrings and want to wear them regularly or have a loved one who does, this seven-piece set of gold chain earrings is a perfect choice. Each of the seven pairs has a slightly different design or style, so there’s sure to be a pair of earrings for any occasion or event. Hoop, bar, post, cuff, and threader options all come included, as does a double-hooped chain earring for anyone with more than one ear piercing. Two have unique shaped posts, while others are decorated with diamond-like rhinestones. The chains and links come in different lengths and thicknesses in each pair as well. You can even mix and match earrings from different pairs if you enjoy the asymmetrical look. All earrings in this set are made of a premium alloy free of nickel and lead and resistant to rust and corrosion. They come with a luxury storage pouch to keep them safe.

Best Set

Best Hoops: DTJA Tassel Small Hoop Chain Earrings

Hoops of all sizes are an earring staple; it’s a design that will never go out of style or look out of place. If you want to combine classic hoops with chain earrings, this is the pair for you. These small chain earrings are made of sterling silver with white gold plating for a sleek, glossy look. Unlike many U-shaped chain earrings, these come with a double chain, one long and one short, for a more distinctive, tassel-like look. They’ll look equally great in a lobe, helix, or cartilage piercing, and they don’t require backs to hold them in place. Simply press the pin up and down to insert or remove them. The sterling silver make is nickel-free and lead-free, so they should never irritate your ears or cause itchiness. Each pair comes in a black velvet pouch for gifting or storing.

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