Make Your Own Soap at Home with These Molds

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Homemade soap is a fabulous way to customize your skin care or create thoughtful gifts. If you want to make your own soap, try out these fantastic soap molds.

Even though store-bought soap is a common, inexpensive item to buy at the grocery store, plenty of people find it worthwhile to make their own at home. Some people like the idea of knowing exactly what ingredients are going into a cleansing item they use on their hands and skin every day. Some people have sensitive skin and find store-bought soaps too harsh or irritating. Some people want their soaps to come in a specific or signature scent, color, or shape they can’t find in stores. Some people simply enjoy the process or the satisfaction of holding a product they made themselves in their hands. Some people make their own soaps as part of their business or prefer to give handmade presents to friends and family for holidays, birthdays, and the like. Whatever your reasons for wanting to make your own soap at home, these molds will help you to make handmade bars of soap in the exact size, shape, and design you want.

What to Look for in Soap Molds

If you want to make your own bar soap, consider these factors before picking out soap molds:

  • Shape: If you’re making soap from scratch, don’t feel like you’re limited to the traditional rectangular or square bars. You can find molds to shape your soaps into ovals and circles, as well as shapes like flowers, animals, seashells, and more. Some molds will also have patterns of varying intricacy stamped into them, which can add beautiful and highly specific detailing to your soaps.
  • Size: As with shapes, soap molds come in a good variety of sizes. You can find molds that turn out standard-sized bars of soaps, soaps smaller than the palm of your hand, and soaps that weigh several pounds and you’ll need both hands to hold. Keep an eye on the dimensions of any mold you plan to buy, and pick according to the needs of your project or your own personal preferences.
  • Material: Silicone soap molds are generally the most popular types, as they are flexible for easy soap bar removal, don’t require a lining to use, come in the greatest variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, and are easy to clean. Soap does take longer to harden in silicone molds than other types, however. Other common mold materials are plastic and wood. Wooden soap molds are nice and sturdy for professional-looking results, and if you use a cold processing method, they’re great insulators. They do require a separate lining to prevent the soap from sticking to the sides and may soften and lose their shape over time. Plastic molds are best for the melt and pour soap-making method and, like their silicone cousins, come in various shapes and sizes. However, they can be difficult to un-mold and are prone to soda ash.
  • Quantity: Consider how many molds you want or need and the number of soap bars you’ll want to make at a time, and buy accordingly.
  • Extras: Some soap molds will come with extra tools that aid in the soap-making process. These bonus items may include shrink bags for packaging and storing or cutting tools to slice or shape the soap as needed. Materials used to make the soap itself may come included with some molds too, though these sets are less common than extra tools.

Best Standard-Sized Mold: Ozera Silicone Soap Molds

two pink silicone soap molds side by side, both with six cavities

Standard-sized bars of soap exist for a reason: it’s the perfect size for most adults to grip the soap comfortably and easily in one hand, yet large enough to last the average household for a good long while. If you prefer to stick to this tried and true size when making your homemade soaps, this set of pink silicone molds has you covered. Each of the two molds has six cavities, allowing you to make batches of 12 soap bars at a time. They’re nonstick and flexible, promising easy removal; once the soap-making process is complete, all you have to do is flip the mold upside down, give the bottom a small nudge, and the soap will pop right out. The molds are easy to clean and dishwasher safe for extra convenience, able to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 446 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can place it in the oven, microwave, freezer, or refrigerator as needed, without fear. The silicone material is as durable as it is practical. If desired, these soap molds can double as molds for baked goods like brownies, muffins, pudding, and more.

Best Standard-Sized Mold

Ozera 2 Pack Silicone Soap Molds, 6 Cavities Silicone Baking Mold Cake Pan for Soap Making, Pudding, Muffin, Loaf, Brownie, Cornbread and More

A pair of molds for standard-sized bars of soap that are flexible, nonstick, and easy to clean.

Best Large Mold: YGEOMER Loaf Soap Mold

two large rectangular wooden soap molds side by side with several soapmaking accessories

A larger than average bar of soap can offer the advantage of lasting for a much longer time, or it can be sliced down into much smaller bars of soap. If you’re someone who makes soap to sell at festivals and the like, a large bar might be a handy choice as you can cut bars of soap off in different sizes for different customers based on their individual orders. These soap molds are actually double-molded, with an inner silicone mold nestled inside a bigger wooden one. Each inner mold has a 42-ounce capacity and is 3 inches deep for larger bars of soap. The interior molds are made of food-grade silicone that’s heat- and cold-resistant enough to be safe to place in freezers and ovens. Those silicone molds, which hold the actual soap, make the soap easy to remove and are reusable and simple to clean. Both are different colors, one pink and one purple, so if you make two bars of soap with different ingredients or scents, you’ll be able to differentiate them easily. The outer, wooden box will help keep the silicone molds firmly in place so that your soap maintains its shape. These molds are easy to use; pour in the melted soap base, let it set, remove the silicone mold from the wooden box, and pop out the soap. Besides the two double molds, you’ll also receive a straight plastic scraper, a stainless steel wave cutter, and 100 PVC heat shrink bags for convenient packaging, gifting, and storing.

Best Large Mold

YGEOMER Soap Molds 2pcs 42oz, Silicone Soap Mold for Soap Making, Rectangular Loaf Soap Mold with Wooden Boxes, 2 Cutters and 100pcs Bags

A long, rectangular, extra-large pair of molds, each with a flexible interior silicone mold and firm outer wooden box mold.

Best Assorted Shapes: Yancorp Silicone Molds for Soap Making 

three differently sized and patterned silicone soap molds

If you make your own soap at home, don’t feel as if you’re limited to only creating standard rectangular bars of soap. There are plenty of molds that come in cubic, circular, and even more unique shapes. If you’re in the market for some differently shaped soap molds, this set is a great option. Two of the molds have four cavities, while the third has six, for a total of 14 slots, with three different shapes and sizes to give you some variety. Two of the three molds are patterned as well, one with ocean waves and one with various flowers. The molds are made entirely of silicone that’s safe for freezers, refrigerators, and steamers. The flexibility of the silicone makes it quick and easy for you to take out your soaps. These molds are great for mini cupcakes and biscuits, puddings, jellies, chocolates, and ice cubes as well as soap.

Best Patterns: Ellipse Silicone Mixed Pattern Soap Molds by The Silly Pops

two silicone soap molds with patterned oval-shaped cavities
The Silly Pops

Make soaps in lovely oval shapes and six unique, beautiful, elegant patterns with this pair of soap molds. These vintage-style designs feature shapes such as thin, almost lace-like flowers and elegantly curved birds. Both molds have six cavities for a total of 12 slots. The molds are made from the highest-quality food-grade silicone that’s cold- and heat-resistant, food-grade, and sturdy yet flexible. They won’t crack or break over long-term usage and are easy to clean. If you use them to make desserts, baked goods, or Jell-o besides the soap, the silicone won’t leave a funny taste behind on your food. The flexibility of the molds provides a nonstick surface, so soaps pop right out with one small push from the bottom. They’re also great for body lotion bars and candles as well as soaps.

Best Patterns

Ellipse Silicone Soap Molds - Set of 2 for 12 Cavities - Mixed Patterns - Soap Making Supplies by the Silly Pops

Make unique, elegant oval shaped bars of soap stamped with lacy, vintage patterns and designs.

Best Miniature: BAKER DEPOT Cylinder Silicone Mold

two bright pink silicone molds with small round cavities

BAKER DEPOTSmaller soaps, regardless of shape, are just as popular as the standard rectangular bars. They can add some subtle decoration to a bathroom or accent the decor’s theme, or spruce up a gift basket.  Some people simply prefer small soaps since they can completely fit in your hands and are thus easier to grip. They’re also a great option for children’s bathrooms since their small size will fit more easily in kids’ small hands. This pair of molds are perfect for creating small, perfectly rounded soaps. You receive two molds with your purchase, each with 15 slots, allowing you to make up to 30 bars of soap at a time. Each soap will be roughly 1.58 inches in diameter and less than an inch tall, smaller than an Oreo cookie. Both molds are made of 100% silicone, able to withstand temperatures as low as -40 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the molds can be safely used and placed in ovens, fridges, microwaves, and steamers. They’re also dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning. The flexibility of the silicone means that the soap is incredibly easy to pop free when finish. The molds are suitable for certain foods as well, such as mousses, jellies, and small cookies. 

Best Miniature

BAKER DEPOT 15 Holes Cylinder Silicone Mold For Handmade soap Chocolate jelly Pudding DIY Resin Mould Hole Dia: 1.5 inch Vol: 20ml Set of 2

A pair of silicone molds with multiple small, cylindrical cavities for creating miniature soaps.

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