Makeup Brush Organizers to Clear Away Clutter

If you like to wear makeup, there’s a chance you have more than one makeup brush hanging around. While brushes are great, they can end up cluttering your vanity and actually getting dirty while just sitting around, leading to extra bacterial growth or dust mixing into your morning (or evening) routine. The best solution is makeup brush organizers to give your vanity an upgrade and keep your brushes safe and clean. Here are some of our favorites.

Purchasing Makeup Brush Organizers

You want to make sure you get the right organizer for you, right? After all, storing not only keeps them clean but also makes them easy to find in a rush, and standing them up makes them dry easier. Here are a few things to consider when you decide you’re ready to purchase:

  • Size: You obviously don’t need a huge organizer if you only have a few brushes. Likewise, if you have a large number of brushes, a small organizer won’t cut it. Choose one that fits the size, style, and amount of brushes you have.
  • Closure: Lidded organizers allow more protection for your brushes, while open, upright organizers allow for easier access and drying after being cleaned.
  • Travel: Ready to travel? Opt for a bag organizer that easily transports.

Best Overall: HBlife 3 Slot Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

This makeup brush organizer is made of acrylic for durability and comes in two different colors so that you can customize it to fit your bathroom style. Each compartment is uniform in size and is ideal for holding just about anything from brushes to lip gloss to nail polish to eyeliners to mascara and even lotion. Your makeup will always be at your fingertips and ready to go. It is large enough to hold an array of makeup products and brushes and is perfect for professionals, beginners, or anyone in between.

Best Overall

Makeup Brush Holder Organizer, HBlife 3 Slot Acrylic Cosmetics Brushes Storage Solution, Black

This large and durable organizer is equipped to hold a range of makeup products.

Best With Lid: InnSweet Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

This brush holder is made of thick, clear acrylic with expertly molded handles for added durability and style. It is ready to hold a good amount of brushes. The lid is perfect for keeping any dust or extra water away from your clean brushes—and your face. Inside the holder are white pearls to hold your brushes upright. They can also hold other makeup products as well—lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner—for easy organization and access. The pearls inside also give it an added elegant look for your vanity or countertop.

Best With Lid

InnSweet Makeup Brush Holder Organizer, Dustproof Cosmetics Brush Storage with White Pearls

White pearls give this holder an elegant look while holding your brushes upright.

Best Bag: Camdeez Rownyeon Professional Makeup Brushes Organizer

This water-resistant makeup brush organizer bag is made of high-quality PU fabric with sturdy elastic straps to hold up to 55 brushes. You can take it all with you! There is a full-around zipper enclosure so that your brushes are always safe. You can flip the top around and snap it to make a unique stand for easy access while completing your makeup. There is an added soft flannel lining to prevent any friction between the brushes, and the zipper has a cute tassel for smooth, easy gliding.

Best Bag

Rownyeon Professional Makeup Brushes Organizer Bag Makeup Artist Cosmetic Case Leather Makeup Handbag Black Travel Portable(Only Bag)

Secure for all your brushes and easy to transport, this makeup brush organizer even flips into a brush holder.

Most Versatile: Bekith Large Wavy 3 Compartment Makeup Organizer

This high-quality, three-compartment acrylic makeup holder is designed to hold numerous brush sizes and cosmetics. It’s even convenient and easy to store lotions. Each standing section is also ideal for taller standing objects like hairbrushes or longer makeup brushes. This holder could even work for jewelry, office supplies, or anything else you need a neat, easy-to-clean place to store.

Most Versatile

Bekith Large Wavy 3 Compartment Makeup Organizer Acrylic Multi-Purpose Makeup Brush and Cosmetic Holder

This durable acrylic organizer is easy to clean and versatile for almost any storage use.

Best Slotted: mDesign Plastic Makeup Brush Storage Organizer

This slotted organizer comes in various colors to fit your design style and offers 15 sections so that all of your brushes will have a home. Each brush will be stored vertically, so you can easily locate them during your morning routine and will be able to dry them more effectively after cleaning. The recessed bottom of the organizer makes sure there is no shifting once your brushes are stored.

This organizer can also be used to keep other cosmetic tools easily accessible, such as highlighting pencils, lip glosses or lipsticks, nail files, or just about anything else. The slim and compact design will easily fit small or crowded countertops and can be used just about anywhere.

Best Slotted

mDesign Plastic Makeup Brush Storage Organizer with 15 Slots for Bathroom Countertop, Vanity to Hold Eye/Lip Pencils, Lip Gloss, Liners, Lipstick - Clear/Rose Gold

This slotted organizer is compact and easily fits on countertops. It has a recessed bottom to keep your brushes in their place.

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