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The Best Makeup Organizers

🕚 Updated January 2022

If your bathroom or vanity surfaces are cluttered with makeup and brushes, it's time to get an organizer. These makeup organizers can help you keep your products tidy and readily accessible for quicker application in the mornings.

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  Best Overall Best with Lid Best Bag Most Versatile Best Slotted
3 Slot Acrylic Cosmetics Brushes Storage Solution
Makeup Brush Holder Organizer with White Pearls
Professional Makeup Brushes Organizer Bag
Clear Makeup Brush Holder Organizer
Plastic Makeup Brush Storage Organizer
Our SummaryKeep your items organized and separated for clean storage and easy accessibility.Keep your brushes clean while creating chic decor with this organizer.You can take your makeup brushes with you in this portable organizer bag.Different heights for compartments allow for functional organization.Every brush has its place in this slotted makeup organizer.
ProsThree sections, sleek design, two color options, durable, easy to clean, rubber stoppers on bottom.Durable acrylic, hinge lid, comes with pearls for decor and stability.Fourteen elastic pouches, all-around zipper, can fold back to prop on a surface during use, made of durable leather, water-resistant.Three areas for storage, sizes differ to accommodate different items, unique design, great for small spaces.Slots and recessed bottom, designated spaces, versatile style.
ConsMay not hold larger items like compacts or powders.Only designed for tall and thin items.Thicker brushes may not fit well.Smaller capacity.Slots are designed for thick handles.
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The Best Makeup Organizers

Three different makeup organizers holding brushes and makeup products.

Buying Guide for Makeup Organizers

a clear box case with makeup brushes in it.

Why buy a makeup organizer?

If makeup is a part of your daily routine, a makeup organizer will be super helpful. Whether you plan to keep it on your vanity or take it with you on the go, a makeup organizer can be both stylish and useful. Find the one that makes the most sense for your makeup collection, and it’ll make your entire beauty routine much easier and cleaner.

What should you consider when shopping for a makeup organizer?

  • Size: The number of makeup brushes and makeup products you have will determine what type of makeup organizer is right for you. If you’re looking for a solution for your countertop, you may only need an organizer that holds the items you use the most instead of your entire collection.
  • Portability: While many organizers are meant for your bathroom or vanity surfaces, others are created for makeup on the go. If you travel a lot or are a makeup artist and need to keep your brushes and makeup clean and organized wherever you go, there are fantastic models for this as well.
  • Closure: Even if you’re not interested in taking your organizer with you, some countertop variations also have the ability to close with a hinged top, adding an extra element of protection from dust and moisture to your makeup and brushes.

How can you make the most of your makeup organizer?

Most makeup organizers are designed to take up a small amount of counter space while still organizing several items. If you have a larger collection, you can put your most-used items in the organizer to keep the essentials more accessible. Another tip is to keep your makeup brush cleaning products with the brushes so that you’re reminded to clean them more regularly. Lastly, picking a clear organizer will help you see your products and find them faster.

Our Picks for the Best Makeup Organizers

Best Overall

HBlife 3 Slot Acrylic Cosmetics Brushes Storage Solution

Keep your items organized and separated for clean storage and easy accessibility.

Pros: This simple organizer has three sections to help you organize and separate your makeup items. These slots are convenient for brushes, eyeliners, mascara, lip gloss, etc. Made of durable acrylic, this organizer is easy to clean, and the rubber stoppers on the bottom make it secure. It comes in white and black to add beautiful touches to a vanity or dresser.

Cons: While it can hold several brushes and makeup items, its shape is not conducive to larger items like compacts, bottles of foundation, or large eyeshadow palettes.

Bottom Line: This is a sleek and spacious organizer for long and skinny items like brushes or eyeliner pencils. It’s easy to clean and stays in place thanks to functional design elements; however, it may not be the best solution if you need to organize larger items like powers, shadows, or blush.


Best with Lid

InnSweet Makeup Brush Holder Organizer with White Pearls

Keep your brushes clean while creating chic decor with this organizer.

Pros: Storing your makeup brushes doesn’t have to be boring. This holder has a lid to keep your brushes clean and dry, which is great especially if it’s on the bathroom counter. The white pearls at the bottom add style and elegance. The thick acrylic makes it a durable storage solution while also making it easy to keep clean. The lid opens easily and stays up for a convenient experience while you get yourself ready. The single compartment can hold several brushes or long makeup items.

Cons: There are no separate compartments in this organizer, just one big one. It falls more on the side of fashion than function.

Bottom Line: This makeup organizer helps you keep your makeup products clean and dry with its lid closure, and the white pearls add a beautiful touch to your bathroom or dressing area. While this probably won’t hold all of your makeup products, it can keep your most-used ones easily accessible.


Best Bag

Rownyeon Professional Makeup Brushes Organizer Bag

You can take your makeup brushes with you in this portable organizer bag.

Pros: If you’ve got more makeup brushes than working pens in your possession, this makeup organizer bag is for you. Fourteen elastic pouches create staggered separation for your brushes or other makeup items like liners or glosses. The bag opens with a zipper and can be folded to make it go from a travel bag to a holder. The bag is made of durable PU leather and is water-resistant to protect your brushes during transport. The bag is high-quality and sturdy, making it look very professional for makeup artists to use at their workstations.

Cons: Thicker brushes may not fit well with this case as the zipper area does not expand.

Bottom Line: To organize and safely transport your makeup brushes, this is the product you’ll need. The quality materials and design make it a portable solution that is good enough to sit on the vanity to be a holder as well.


Most Versatile

Bekith Clear Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

Different heights for compartments allow for functional organization.

Pros: The design of this organizer is not only stylish but functional. It allows items of different sizes to be stored, separated, and easily accessible. While it holds a fair amount of things, it’s not bulky and can fit in smaller spaces as well. The clear acrylic will go with almost any style, and it’s also easy to clean. The different height layers for the compartments’ edges also offer functionality for holding tweezers, lash curlers, and other tools for easy accessibility.

Cons: While the size is appealing for small spaces, it may not hold as much as you’d like.

Bottom Line: The unique design of this makeup organizer provides several options to best store and organize your favorite makeup items.


Best Slotted

mDesign Plastic Makeup Brush Storage Organizer

Every brush has its place in this slotted makeup organizer.

Pros: This slotted makeup brush organizer makes it easy to keep makeup brush clutter off your counters and surfaces. The organizer keeps 15 brushes separated to help them stay clean. In addition to the cut-out top, each brush has a designated recessed spot on the bottom, which keeps them from sliding and tilting. This transparent design will fit in with the rest of your decor.

Cons: The holes in this organizer are meant for larger brush handles, so skinny ones can slip out of their spaces.

Bottom Line: This makeup brush organizer is unique, with individual slots to hold each of your brushes and keep them separated.

Final Thoughts

A makeup organizer will help keep your makeup brushes and products organized and clean while also keeping your bathroom or vanity surfaces free of clutter. What may seem like a nice-to-have item will quickly turn into an essential!

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