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Never Lose Your Glasses Again with These Glasses Chains

two different young women side-by-side wearing glasses with glasses chains

People misplacing or struggling to find their glasses is such a common problem that it’s become a frequently seen gag in sitcoms and movies. Glasses chains offer a solution to this problem. All you have to do is attach the end of your glasses or sunglasses to the chain, hang the chain around your neck, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting where you left them. For a long time, glasses chains were seen as a sort of retro and purely functional item, mostly relegated to forgetful grandparents and senior citizens. However, in recent years they’ve been adopted as a fashion accessory as well as a practical one, a way to decorate and spruce up glasses and plain black sunglasses. Here are a few glasses chains we recommend.

What to Consider in Glasses Chains

Here are a few things to think about before buying glasses chains:

  • Type: Despite the name, a glasses chain doesn’t have to be an actual physical chain. They can be chains, of course, but you aren’t limited to them. Some will be made of cloth or fabric, resembling a lanyard. Cord or leather options are also common. Actual chains might be ideal for day-to-day wear since they’re more decorative, while a cord glasses chain is the better choice for athletic activities.
  • Design: When it comes to glasses chains, you have a whole bevy of design options from which to pick. There are classic chains, of course, which are usually (but not exclusively) gold or silver in color. The size of the chain links can be chunky, delicate, or anything in between. Plenty of these chains are decorated with shapes, beads, rhinestones, or pearls along their length. Fabric, cord, or leather glasses chains tend not to have extra accessories but are available in solid colors, multiple colors, and plenty of patterns and designs.
  • Length: Like chain necklaces, the length of glasses chains will vary depending on their make and brand. Most will be at least 20 inches in length, which falls to about mid-chest on most people. Shorter lengths are rare, but longer sizes are more readily available. 25 to 30 inches are pretty standard lengths that you’ll find. Some glasses chains may be adjustable for your convenience. Consider where you might want your glasses to hang on your chest and which length will be most comfortable for you.

Top Choice: Crimmy Fashion Eyeglass Chain Strap

silvery glasses chain decorated with round pale blue and gray beads

This stylish and colorful eyeglass chain strap combines attractiveness and practicality in one. You have the choice between four different design options: a silver chain decorated with blue beads, a silver chain decorated with blue beads and shells, a chain strung the full length with tiny gold beads and a few blue beads and shells, and a chain strung with tiny silver beads interposed with blue shells and beads. Regardless of design, the chain itself is made of stainless steel for maximum strength, so it won’t snap on you. The steel is also free of nickel, so it’s safe to wear for people with sensitive skin or nickel allergies. The chain will match a wide variety of outfits, and the elastic rubber rings on the end ensure that it will stretch to fit any pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Top Choice

Crimmy Glasses Eyeglass Chain Strap Holders around Neck for Women, Stylish Eye Glasses Sunglasses Mask Necklace Lanyard

A fashionable beaded eyeglasses chain that combines beauty and style with practicality and functionality.

Best Value: SIGONNA Eyeglasses Holder Strap

four different colored glasses cord chains in a row with a black storage packet

This functional set of glasses chains is ideal for anyone buying for their family or who owns multiple eyeglasses or sunglasses. For one low price, you receive four cord-like glasses chains, a gift box to hold or store the chains, and a cleaning cloth adorned with a pendant for your eyeglasses or sunglasses. The four holders come in four different colors, purple, orange, bright red, and black, so there’s a shade for every style. Each glasses chain is reinforced with an anti-slip clip loop that keeps them firmly attached to your glasses at all times. Each clip has a long metal retainer that can be easily slid up and down the loop to tighten or loosen it to better fit your glasses. This also means that the holders are universally compatible with all glasses frames, from daily eyeglasses to reading glasses to sunglasses. They’re also suitable for all ages. The cords are made of high-quality synthetic leather that is strong and won’t fray.

Best Value

SIGONNA Eyeglasses Holder Strap Cord - PREMIUM ECO LEATHER Eyeglasses String Holder Chain Necklace - Glasses Cord Lanyard - Eyeglass Retainer

Four strong, synthetic leather glasses holders, a storage box, and cleaning cloth all for one low price.

Most Colorful: Frienda Eyeglass Lanyard Strap

set of various coiled multicolored rope glasses chains

If you’re someone who likes color and flair in their outfits and accessories, these lanyard-like glasses holders will fit right in with your wardrobe. This set of eight straps is made of cotton in two sets of vibrant, eye-catching multicolored shades. The cotton is soft yet strong, so they’re every bit as comfortable as they are durable. The anti-slip strap prevents your glasses from sliding free even at odd tilts and angles. The adjustable holder on both sides of each chain means that they’re adjustable, making them universally compatible for large and small frames for all ages. To tighten the loops, all you have to do is slide them upwards. Each strap is 26 inches long.

Most Colorful

Frienda 8 Pieces Eyeglass Holder Strap Eyeglass Chain Eyeglass Cord Lanyard for Women Men (Eye-catching Colors)

Soft yet strong cotton glasses chains that come in a multitude of vibrant, multicolored shades.

Best Athletic: SIGONNA Eyeglass Chain

five coiled multicolored rope glasses chains

If you do a lot of outdoor exercise and activities, you may like wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes but find it difficult to keep them on during high-intensity activities. That’s where these lanyard glasses chains come in. The patented loops offer a uniquely designed non-slip clip loop and snug fit that prevents your glasses from sliding off no matter what you’re doing or how fast you’re moving. The straps are each 29 inches long but can be adjusted for as tight or loose a fit as you want for extra security. It’ll fit glasses with small and large arms and wide and narrow temples alike. With your purchase, you’ll receive five glasses chain lanyards in five different colors, so you can pick whichever best suits your style.

Best Athletic

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