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Nifty Toilet Lights for Midnight Trips to the Bathroom

a toilet in a dark bathroom with light coming from the toilet bowl

Toilet lights are a great purchase, whether for a child or an adult, as a gag gift, or as a convenient aid to use the bathroom at night without hurting your eyes. Here are some of the best lights to give your bathroom a fun vibe in the dark and offer some convenience.

Purchasing a Toilet Light

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Installation: The light should easily install without any damage and be able to be easily removed for cleaning purposes, of course.
  • Lights: Some will offer a dimmable feature, some will only light one color, while others will offer a range of fun colors or even fun “targets.” Choose one that fits your personal preference.
  • Activation: Most toilet lights operate by remote activation with a dark/light sensor, which is great because there’s no sticking your hand in or around a toilet bowl just to turn on the light.

Best Set: Ailun Toilet Night Light Two-Pack

two Ailun toilet lights with different colors showed in dark

These motion-activated LED sensor toilet lights are designed to automatically turn on when they detect movement and stay on for two minutes after the last detection of movement. They can be safely cleaned with normal household cleaners, offer the choice of eight single colors or a color cycle, operate with three AAA batteries, and are easy to install with a soft PVC neck that bends easily to fit on almost any toilet.

Best Set

Ailun Toilet Light Two-Pack

Easy to install and conform to almost all toilet bowls, these toilet lights easily operate, are easily cleaned, and offer a range of light options.

Most Colorful: Chunace 16-Color Toilet Night Light

Chunace white toilet light with flexible arm and motion sensor

This motion-activated toilet night light offers 16 colorful LED lights and a five-stage dimmable feature. The flexible arm offers easy installation to fit almost any toilet bowl, regardless of shape, and it senses movement up to 5 feet away, so you’ll never be left in the dark on nightly bathroom trips again. You can set it as one color or as a colorful bathroom party show, but it will automatically shut off after two minutes of no motion detection to prolong battery life.

Most Colorful

Chunace 16-Color Toilet Night Light

Able to sense movement up to 5 feet away, this toilet light offers 16 fun colors and five dimmable modes.

Best with Aromatherapy: ZEZHOU Toilet Lights with Aromatherapy

white toilet light with motion sensor and aromatherapy vent on front

Available in a range of options, these particular toilet lights activate only in the dark (so they won’t be turning on during the day) and have 16 fun colors. They are water-resistant, and they offer a unique aromatherapy design to help keep your bathroom smelling fresh. There is also extra UV light emitted from this toilet light that helps kill mold, germs, and bacteria on the toilet, making your commode a more pleasant place to be! The lights turn on when they sense movement in the dark and turn off after two minutes of no movement.

Best with Aromatherapy

ZEZHOU Toilet Lights with Aromatherapy

Make your bathroom fun while also keeping it fresh with aromatherapy and UV light features.

Best Budget-Friendly: LAVAED Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

white toilet light with different light colors displayed below

Featuring eight fun colors, this light has an easy-to-use color switch button as well as a light and motion sensor. The battery box is easy to access (requiring only three AAA batteries), and the LED lightbox itself is durable, made with ultrasonic heat melting with a quality seal. The light is easy to install and fits most toilet bowls without hassle, regardless of shape, and it allows you to easily choose which light you or your family prefer.

Best Budget-Friendly

LAVAED Motion Sensor Toilet Light

Easily fitting almost any toilet bowl, this light is durable and offers a simple operation.

Best for Kids: Gtozcon Motion Sensor Toilet Target Training Light

white toilet light with four different target images displayed on either side

This light is designed with the toilet-training toddler in mind! It’s made to work in both the day and night to help your little one get their stuff where it’s supposed to go. There is an easy-to-operate pattern switch and a sensor. The projector clearly displays in the toilet bowl below and offers a range of fun patterns, from a little fish to a smiling poop emoji to a literal target, and it automatically lights up when movement is sensed. The sticker adhesive makes the light easily stick to the toilet seat lid, while the porcelain below makes the perfect projection surface for a clear image. Operating with three AA batteries, this light can also be easily removed when the batteries need changing.

Best for Kids

Gtozcon Motion Sensor Toilet Target Training Light

Fun light patterns that clearly display in the bowl with an easy-to-operate motion sensor light that is battery operated.

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