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Pot Fillers for Streamlining the Cooking Process

When you’re making a big meal and have multiple pots going on the stove, a pot filler could be a lifesaver—or at least a dinner-saver. You’ll have easy access to water without schlepping full pots across the kitchen to get water boiling. Swiveling and retractable pot filler faucets also allow you to save space and be efficient in a busy kitchen. Here are some great pot fillers we recommend.

What to Look for in a Pot Filler

Consider these factors before buying a pot filler:

  • Functionality: Some pot fillers come with two handles for turning off the water to add extra ease while juggling burners. Other faucets have a spring design to enable you to aim water from odd angles. Some faucets allow both hot and cold water, while others have only one.
  • Aesthetic: Pot filler faucets vary in terms of metals, such as brass, nickel, and bronze. It’s worth considering how a pot filler finish might complement your kitchen.

Best Overall: LEPO Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount

If you want to add a modern aesthetic to your home or restaurant kitchen, the LEPO Pot Filler might be worth your consideration. For one, the 360-degree dual swing joints allow the faucet to reach up to 26 inches in length, so you can freely move the faucet head where you want it. The dual handle gives you more flexibility, and you can turn the faucet off using either handle. The spout is controlled by the ABS aerator to give a straighter, more consistent water flow.

The body of the LEPO Pot Filler Faucet is made of industrial-grade brass, which is durable and may extend the life of the faucet. And the brushed nickel finish gives the faucet shine while being scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Follow the three steps in the installation instructions, and you’re set. No need to call the plumber! The only downside is that the LEPO Pot Filler Faucet is for cold water use only, but that probably won’t affect most customers.

Best for Families: KES Kitchen Pot Filler Folding Faucet

Made for home kitchen use, the KES Kitchen Pot Filler Faucet adds convenience to your cooking process. If you need to fill a pot quickly while monitoring three other stove burners, simply pull the spout toward you and above the resting pot, and use the closest handle to turn the water on. The double-jointed, double-handled, and double-valve design also helps save valuable kitchen space. When not using the faucet, simply push it back up against the wall. The 360-degree rotating foldable spout arms reach up to 17 inches when fully extended.

What sets the KES Kitchen Pot Filler apart is the quality of the parts and adherence to U.S. and Canada’s high-quality standards. The product is also UPC NSF Certified. The brass material complies with NSF/AB1953 lead-free regulation and gives the faucet high heat resistance and pressure resistance. Standard tapered connection threads make the single-hole installation easy. You can do it yourself, all parts included.

The KES Kitchen Pot filler comes with a second, no added cost aerator. It can be used for cold or hot water, which is a nice plus. Also, the high-quality brass body promises impressive longevity, possibly more than ten years.

Best Value: Havin Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount

Havin’s Pot Filler Faucet is easy to install and easy to use. The swing spout rotates 360 degrees and folds so that you can push it aside when you’re done for extra cooking space. Fill your pots at either faucet. It extends to 26 inches at full length. This design also adds leak-free assurance. The two valves are made of ceramic, which assist in drippage prevention and smoother turning. The chrome plating is easy to clean and keeps the faucet lasting longer.

You can use both cold or hot water, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the faucet can supply hot and cold simultaneously. The water flows at an impressive 2.2 gallons per minute.

Best Multifunctional: Kraus Artec Pro 2-Function Commercial Style Pot Filler

The Kraus Artec Pro 2-Function Commercial Style Pot Filler comprises a brass faucet body and stainless-steel spring spout. The spout swivels 360 degrees and has a high arc, so you can get water where you need it. The spray head snaps back into place with magnetic docking, so it doesn’t wander off when you’re done filling pots. The product features an adjustable flow rate and a pre-rinse sprayer. Increase the aerated water flow between 1.8 to 2.2 gallons per minute by turning the lever handle. And to better blast away stubborn food from dirty dishes, use the spray function. The rubber nozzles on the spray head are easy and important to clean. Doing so on a regular basis will prevent mineral build-up. The faucet comes ready for installation with all hardware included.

The Kraus Artec faucet oil rubbed bronze, corrosion-resistant finish protects the faucet surface from water spots and fingerprints. Of course, this particular model is two-toned antique champagne bronze with matte black, so you’ll add some fancy flair to your kitchen.

Best Multifunctional

Best Budget: Senlesen Wall Mounted Two Handles Pot Filler

If you’re looking for a budget pot filler, the Stenlesen Double Handle Pot Filler will do the trick. The faucet shifts back and forth at two joints for convenient kitchen use. Simply swing the spout where you need it, and push it back when you’re done. Its retractable arm will give you extra space for even easier cooking. The faucet body is brass, and the zinc alloy handle has 1/2-inch inlets and ceramic valving. The two-disc shut-off valves are also ceramic to provide smooth turning action and drippage prevention. An oil-rubbed bronze finish gives the pot filler faucet an antique look.

Best Budget

Senlesen Wall Mounted Single Handle Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet with Double Joint Swing Arm Oil Rubbed Bronze

This pot filler is equipped with ceramic shut-off valves for smooth turning.

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