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Protect Your Countertops with These Wax Papers

Wax paper is a type of paper coated in a thin layer of wax (almost always paraffin wax) in order to make it nonstick and water-resistant. Contrary to popular belief, however, wax paper is not heat-resistant. Its wax coating will melt when heated and may even catch fire on higher heat. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for parchment paper when baking, lest you set off your smoke alarm and leave your baked goods with a funny smell. That’s not to say that wax paper doesn’t have its uses in the kitchen, however. Wax paper is great for rolling out dough or lining various surfaces and countertops to keep them clean. Since it is more flexible and holds its shape better than parchment paper, it’s also handy for wrapping and storing food in the refrigerator, pantry, or cupboard. Some people like to use wax paper to keep pre-rolled burger patties or slices of cheese from sticking together in the fridge or freezer; others use wax paper to wrap homemade caramels or taffies. Here are some wax papers we recommend for use in your kitchen.

Purchasing Wax Paper

Here are a few things to think about before buying wax paper:

  • Type: Like aluminum foil and parchment paper, most wax paper will come in a roll. Rolls of wax paper are handy since you can measure out and rip off how much or little paper you need at any given moment. It’s not the only option, however. Wax paper is also sold in pre-cut sheets or squares of various sizes. These are handy for wrapping food products like deli meats and cheeses or for using as barriers between uncooked burger patties.
  • Quantity: In general, wax paper is sold in fairly high quantities. Most rolls average between 50 and 75 feet of paper per roll. Sheets or squares of wax paper may range from a few dozen to several hundred per box, or even up to several thousand. Consider how often you tend to use wax paper, and select your quantity accordingly.
  • Size: In roll form, the width and length of the wax paper will vary. Single sheets may be around the same size as a standard piece of printer paper (8.5 by 11 inches), though there are plenty of longer and wider options too. Wax paper squares tend to be the smallest: almost always somewhere between 4 by 4 inches and 8 by 8 inches.

Top Choice: Reynolds Cutrite Wax Paper

This is quintessential wax paper that was made with food preparation and easy cleanup in mind. Whether you’re dipping pretzels in chocolate or apples in caramel, decorating sugar cookies or shredding cheese, peeling vegetables, or breading chicken, this white wax paper can be used for all these tasks and more. Lay the wax paper down over your countertop to catch drippings, splatters, sprinkles, and crumbs in order to leave yourself with less mess to clean up when you’re finished preparing your food. It’s nonstick, so your food will lift right off without issue or leaving bits behind. It’s also microwave-safe for covering food to prevent splattering while it’s warming up. This wax paper works as a layer for freezing cookies, meat, or candies as well. You’ll receive two rolls with your purchase, each 75 feet long, for 150 total feet of wax paper.

Top Choice

Cut Rite Wax Paper, 75-Sq. Ft.

White wax paper that is ideal for food preparation and storage and makes cleaning up afterward a breeze.

Most Size Options: Fit Meal Food and Deli Wax Paper Sheets

Depending on how you plan to use your wax paper, you may need something larger or smaller than the standard size. That’s where these dry waxed parchment sheets come in. You have four sizing options from which to choose: 8 by 10.75 inches, 10 by 10.75 inches, 12 by 10.75 inches, and 15 by 10.75 inches. Each sheet is pre-cut in whichever size you pick, so dispensing them is as quick and simple a task as grabbing a fresh tissue from a box of Kleenex. The wax paper is food-safety grade and made of environmentally-friendly materials. It can also be recycled rather than thrown out for anyone trying to live a greener lifestyle. Works great as a kitchen surface protector, as pickup tissues for baked goods, packaging sandwiches and deli meats and cheese, and more. Buy in a package of 500 or 6,000 sheets depending on your needs and frequency of use.

Most Size Options

[500 Pack] Interfolded Food and Deli Dry Wrap Wax Paper Sheets with Dispenser Box, 12 X 10.75 Inch

Dry and pre-cut waxed parchment paper that is available in four different sizes and dispenses easily.

Best Squares: PBKay Wax Paper Squares

If you like to cook a lot of burgers, often buy sliced deli meat and cheese, or do a lot of meal prep, these wax-infused parchment paper squares are a handy choice. Pre-cut into 6-by-6-inch squares, they’re nonstick, so your food won’t get stuck against them even when frozen. The paper itself is durable, nontoxic, and of restaurant-grade quality, so you know it’s safe. While designed for separating uncooked burger patties, this wax paper is also great for frozen steaks, cold cuts, sliced cheeses, and more. If you’re someone who makes their own chocolates, caramels, or saltwater taffy, these squares are also the perfect size to wrap them in. Each box comes with 250 pieces of paper.

Best Squares

Hamburger Patty Paper Sheets, Wax Paper Squares 250 pcs 6" x 6" Non-Stick

Pre-cut wax paper squares that are great for stacking and separating burger patties to keep them from sticking together.

Best Value: Cut-Rite Wax Paper by Reynolds

This is perfect for anyone who goes through wax paper quickly. With your purchase, you’ll receive three rolls of wax paper, each providing 75 feet for a total of 225 feet of wax paper, all for one low price. It’s microwave-safe, so this paper can be used to cover fish, bowls of soup, and other foods that tend to splatter and make a mess while cooking or warming in the microwave. It’s also the perfect companion for baking, whether for rolling out or kneading dough, sprinkling cookies with sugar or sprinkles, frosting cupcakes, and more. Spread it out over your countertops when cooking, meal prepping, or measuring ingredients. You can also place it under an electric or manual mixer to catch any accidental spills. The paper is nonstick, so you don’t have to worry about leaving bits of breading or other food debris behind.

Best Value

Reynolds Cut Rite Wax Paper, 75 Sqft (Pack of 3)

Three long rolls of microwave-safe wax paper for one low price, great for anyone who bakes regularly.

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