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Protect Your Hot Tub with These Covers

A hot tub with a cover over it and steps up to it.
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A hot tub cover is an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who owns a hot tub, indoor or outdoor. A cover keeps the heat trapped inside the tub itself to keep the water warm. This means it takes less time for the hot tub to heat up the next time you turn it on, which in turn saves electricity and therefore saves you money. Depending on how often you use your hot tub, a cover for it can cut your yearly electricity bill nearly in half. As a bonus, a cover will prevent the water in your hot tub from evaporating. If your hot tub is outdoors, it also keeps it cleaner as it keeps bugs, leaves, and other debris from getting into the tub or causing clogging, which can lead to further internal damage. It offers protection from snow, rain, wind, and sun as well. This will make sure your hot tub lasts and functions longer, preventing fading, cracking, or internal damage. For all these reasons, it’s clear that a hot tub cover is more or less a necessity for hot tub owners.

What to Consider in a Hot Tub Cover

Look at these features when shopping for a hot tub cover:

  • Size: A hot tub cover won’t do you any good if it doesn’t fit your hot tub properly. If it’s too small, it won’t offer full protection; if it’s too big, it risks getting easily blown off or dislodged. It’s a good idea to measure your hot tub before purchasing a cover, especially if you’re unsure of its exact size. Don’t forget to account for any add-ons like a waterfall or speakers.
  • Shape: Most hot tubs are square or rectangular in shape, so most hot tub covers will be, too. However, you may have a hot tub that is rotund, elliptical, octagonal, or has cut-off corners. While hot tub covers in these shapes are rarer than square-shaped ones, they do exist, so don’t feel like you have to settle for a hot tub cover with a shape that doesn’t match your hot tub.
  • Material: Most hot tub covers will be made of some type of vinyl. If possible, you’ll want to go for a higher-quality vinyl that is resistant to UV rays and humidity and is waterproof. A cover that’s been treated or coated with mildew inhibitors is a great option for resisting moisture and preventing the growth of fungi and mold. You’ll also want as thick a cover as possible; 3 to 6 inches thick and a 1-to-2-pound density is considered a good size. These provide better insulation against cold and precipitation and are sturdy against strong winds. If you live in an area with lots of snow, the thicker cover, the better. If you have small children or pets, you might want to spring for an aluminum cover for extra protection and strength. If you can, look for a hot tub cover that is reinforced with steel or aluminum reinforcer rods for extra sturdiness and easy alignment.

Most Complete Coverage: Himal Square Hot Tub Cover

brown hot tub with a tan cover with black accents

No matter what life, the weather, and Mother Nature throws at you, this protective hot tub cover has your back. The 600D premium polyester material has a PU coating for a cover that is both durable and 100% waterproof, so it’ll never get watermarked, stained, gather moisture. The elastic rope attachment fits the cover more securely. The premium adjustable slider buckles on both sides will keep the cover tightly against the hot tub so it won’t be blown loose even under very high winds and the most relentless elements. It’ll cover and protect your hot tub from heavy rains and snows, dust storms, hot sun, hail, and other inclement weather. There are air vents on two sides of the cover that stay open for maximum breathability, further preventing the cover from gathering condensation that leads to mold and fungus growing on it. It also has a universal size that will fit most square hot tubs up to 85 inches long and wide and 20 inches high.

Most Complete Coverage

Himal Square Hot Tub Cover - Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Waterproof,UV Protection SPA Cover for Hot Tub(85 x 85 inch,Beige)

A durable, adjustable, premium hot tub cover that will hold up against even the toughest weather conditions.

Most Size Options: ULTCOVER Square Hot Tub Cover

purple-brown hot tub with a black fabric cover

Finding a cover in the perfect size for your hot tub that is also highly protective may seem like a daunting challenge. That’s where this hot tub cover comes in. It’s available in five different sizes that will fit most standard hot tubs, each of which is 20 inches high: 76 by 76 inches, 80 by 80 inches, 85 by 85 inches, 90 by 90 inches, and 95 by 95 inches. All sizes are available in black or brown, depending on which you prefer or which better suits your hot tub or patio decor. The fully sized coverage means that this cover will shield your hot tub completely from strong sunlight, so it’ll avoid sun damage and wear and look like new for longer. Not only will this cover fit most hot tubs, but it’s also 100% waterproof thanks to the taped seams and waterproof backing to the 600D polyester canvas material. This means it will protect your hot tub against all precipitation, from rain to hail to snow. It also works as a protection against debris like dust and leaves. The well-structured air vents on two sizes remain open at all times to prevent wind lofting, while the strong, adjustable elastic cords keep the cover snug even in heavy winds and fierce weather.

Most Size Options

ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover Outdoor SPA Covers 90 x 90 inch, Black

A sturdy cover available in five different sizes and two colors to best suit your hot tub.

Most Color Options: MySpaCover Hot Tub Cover

gray hot tub with a black cover

Most hot tub covers will come in shades of brown or black, which will suit the average hot tub just fine. However, if your hot tub is more colorful, you want to better match your cover to your patio or porch décor, or you simply prefer another color, this hot tub and spa cover provides you with a wider range of options. It comes in 11 different colors that will please the eye without coming off as garish or harsh. This is also a great choice if you have a hot tub that is an unusual shape. Besides the classic square hot tub shape, this cover comes in octagonal, circular, elliptical, one cut corner, rectangular, and rounded rectangular/square shapes. Even better, you can custom order your shape and size up to a 96-by-96-inch cover to give your hot tub the absolutely perfect shape that will fit like a glove, down to the skirt and strap length. The material is commercial marine-grade vinyl paired with EPS insulation foam that keeps the heat in the hot tub’s water and is energy efficient to save you some money yearly on your energy bill. The cover’s seams are double-stitched to strengthen it further and ensure it lives as long a life as possible.

Most Energy-Efficient: The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

bamboo-colored hot tub with a red-brown cover
The Cover Guy

This new and improved design on an already high-quality hot tub cover provides you with maximum energy efficiency. The new weather shield outdoor fabric is three times as strong, 25% lighter, and environmentally friendly. It’s made of high-density foam and marine-grade vinyl to withstand heavy loads, such as animals walking on top of it. The foam won’t fade or crack over time, either. The four lockable tie-downs are conveniently placed, and you won’t have to worry about your kids getting into the hot tub while your back is turned. Even though it’s lightweight, it will lock in the heat and keep out the cold, along with run-off rain, ice, and snow to prevent waterlogging. This means the tub will take less time to warm up, saving you energy and thus money in the long run. You can custom order the size of this cover to ensure that it’ll fit your hot tub like a glove. The tight, secure fit further prevents heat from escaping or cold from seeping in.

Most Energy-Efficient

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