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Protect Your RV With These Covers

a woman showing a section of her RV underneath a large durable gray cover

Owning an RV means comfort on wheels for its travelers. But to keep your RV operating well and looking great, an RV cover is a must-have.

As UV rays are hard on our skin, they’re hard on RV exteriors as well and can cause seal damage. Snow and rain can deteriorate your RV, too, if it is left uncovered. Graphics, trim, and paint may fade and crack, and streaks from dirt and debris can make a mess of your RV’s appearance. Protect your investment with a reliable RV cover.

Buying an RV Cover

Here are some things to consider:

  • Trailer Type: Clearly, you want to select a cover that fits your type of trailer. Do you have a pop-up trailer, travel trailer, or motorhome? If you’re unsure, look it up. You’ll be happy you did.
  • Fit & Vehicle Class: Our clothing functions and looks better when it fits, and the same is true for RV covers. Get a cover that’s made to fit your class A, B, or C RV, and take an accurate measurement of your RV before making a purchase. When a cover doesn’t properly fit, it doesn’t properly protect.

Best for Travel Trailers: Leader Accessories Windproof Cover

Gray RV cover shown covering RV. Door is uncovered
Leader Accessories

This is an upgrade of Leader’s camper cover. The top panel of fabric now has extra-thick four-ply non-woven fabric mixed with anti-UV composite and waterproof membrane, and the sides feature non-woven fabric that protects RVs against rain and snow to reduce premature aging of the RV. Leader also upgraded the windproof feature, with straps and buckles that attach at the bottom. The cover has front and rear tension panels that are fully adjustable and air vents to reduce the impacts of wind. No way this thing is blowing away!

Best for Trailer

Leader Accessories Windproof Cover

This effective RV cover looks great and performs even better to stave off wear and tear.

Best for Pop-Ups: Classic Accessories PolyPRO3

Pop-up trailer cover shown covering RV with edge lifted.
Classic Accessories

Stuff sacks are one of the most convenient storage accessories on camping trips, and that holds true for RV pop-up trailer covers, too. You get one with this impressive PolyPRO cover when you’re taking it off. The cover has a triple-ply non-woven polypropylene fabric top for protection against the elements and single-ply PolyPRO fabric sides for breathability. It also features elastic hem corners and air vents.

Best for Pop-Ups

Classic Accessories PolyPRO3

Pop this high-tech fabric RV cover on your pop-up trailer, and you're set for harsh weather.

Best for Class C: EmpireCovers ProTECHtor

RV cover covering RV. Woman standing holding the corner of an unzipped panel

The ProTECHtor’s breathable triple-layer top panel protects your RV from rain, sun, dirt, and heavy dust. The single-layer side panels protect the sides of the vehicle and also make the cover lightweight and easier to handle. These panels fortunately have full-height zippers so that you can get in and out easily. The elasticized bottom hems make for fast and easy fitting.

Best for Class C

EmpireCovers ProTECHtor

This three-layered top panel cover with single side panels successfully protects every inch of your RV.

Best for Class A: King Bird Upgraded, Extra-Thick Cover

Gray RV cover, completely in place. On bottom row several accessories are shown
King Bird

King Bird upgraded its Class A RV cover, and wow, is it great! The new anti-UV five-ply top panel and three-ply side fabric protect RVs from UV rays, weather, dings, and scratches. The cover fits snugly and is breathable, qualities you want in a cover to reduce wind stress and the time it takes to dry.

Best for Class A

King Bird Upgraded, Extra-Thick Cover

This upgraded version on an already-great cover will hug your RV perfectly and protectively.

Best for Fifth Wheels: RVMasking Heavy-Duty 6 Layers RV Cover

Side view of RV with cover on. Accessories on display at bottom

This fifth-wheel RV cover comes with tons of accessories: four tire covers, two windproof straps, six gutter protectors, a storage bag, and a handy adhesive repair patch. The extra-thick six-ply non-woven top panel with anti-UV composite and a thin, waterproofing layer prevents tearing caused by the sun. The front and back parts of the cover are fortified with PVC coating. The cover’s fabric has double-stitched seams, which have an anti-aging effect. Also noteworthy are the windproofing characteristics; the cover has 13 inner waterproof straps that buckle at the bottom, plus two all-around straps to ensure this cover can’t fly away! There are also elasticized hem corners and 10 air vents.

Best for Fifth Wheels

RVMasking Heavy-Duty 6 Layers RV Cover

With six-ply, waterproof material and 13 inner waterproof straps, this UV-protective cover isn't going anywhere!

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