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The Best Ski Helmets

WildHorn Outfitters
🕚 Updated February 2021

If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, you likely know that there's a good amount of gear involved to keep you comfortable and safe on the slopes. One of these crucial pieces is a reliable ski helmet.

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  Best Overall Runner Up Best Color Options Best Budget Also Consider
Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet for Adults
Ski Helmet with Removable Liner and Ear Pads
WildHorn Outfitters
Ski Helmets with Multiple Color Options
Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet
H1 Ski & Snowboard Helmet
Our SummaryA reliable helmet that's incredibly versatile and comfortable to wear.This ski helmet offers optimal climate control features. A trustworthy ski helmet worn by professional skiers and snowboarders.A ski helmet that's not only affordable, but provides you with plenty of protection while skiing.A ski helmet that can make your experience more fun and memorable.
ProsInterchangeable pads to customize your fit, good color variety, ideal for multiple sports.Removable liners, adjustable tension dial, ideal for both adults and children.Provides all-day comfort for avid skiers, 13 adjustable vents, will keep you safe.Durable ABS hard exterior, interior foam liner for absorbing impacts, plush earmuffs.10 vents for better temperature regulation, adjustable dial for tightening and loosening you helmet.
ConsDoesn't have built-in ear pads for warmth.Doesn't offer the best versatility.More expensive because it has several premium features.Not for adults.Fewer size options and fewer vents compared to other helmets.
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The Best Ski Helmets

A man touches his ski helmet with his gloved hand while out in the snow.
WildHorn Outfitters

While ski helmets were rarely worn initially, they’ve become a much more common sight on the slopes within the last decade or so. The majority of skiers and snowboarders now wear them, and for good reason. Accidents, falls, and collisions happen out on rough mountain terrain, so skiers and snowboarders should really wear helmets to protect themselves. Ski helmets can vary slightly in style, but most have a hard resin or plastic outer shell with inner padding. In addition to the protection that these helmets give, many skiers and snowboarders enjoy the warmth that they provide. While similar to bike or skateboard helmets, ski helmets differ in several ways: They will almost always have moisture-wicking liners, temperature-sensitive or regulating materials and features, clips for holding ski goggles, and sometimes, extra features like built-in earmuffs. Here are a few ski helmets that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Ski Helmets

A young woman carries her skis over her shoulder while wearing a white ski helmet with goggles on it.
WildHorn Outfitters

Why buy a ski helmet?

No matter your skill level, you should wear a ski helmet to protect yourself in case of experiencing falls or collisions or entering dangerous terrain. Some people might not like to wear them because of their potential bulkiness, but with recent improvements in the design, ski helmets are now lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. Some of the high-end models also offer special features to make your experience a lot more fun and memorable.

What should you look for in a ski helmet?

  • Size: A ski helmet won’t do you much good if it doesn’t fit you properly. You’ll want to measure your head (or your child’s, if you’re buying for them) just above the ears and eyebrows before you start shopping since you’ll want the helmet to cover the forehead. Be sure to measure in both centimeters and inches, since some helmets’ sizing charts might list sizes in one unit. Ski helmets come in both adult and child options. Some offer youth sizes as well for teens and preteens. Ideally, a ski helmet will be snug but not tight.
  • Features and Accessories: There are some handy features to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for a new ski helmet. Vents help regulate your temperature as you ski or snowboard, and some vents are modifiable, so you can adjust them to the precise level of airflow that you’re most comfortable with. Built-in earmuffs or ear pads and linings will help keep you warm on the slopes. A helmet with a clip or other attachment for your goggles will reduce the risk of losing them as you ski or snowboard. Some ski helmets now come with a built-in camera mount for people who like to film while skiing, or with built-in speakers to listen to music as you’re zooming down the mountain.

Can you customize your ski helmet?

Some ski helmets will offer more customization and adjustability than others. As previously mentioned, helmets with modifiable vents are a great way to ensure that you’re getting a comfortable amount of airflow. Many ski helmets offer adjustable sizing dials or pads to give you the perfect fit. The chin strap or buckle will often be adjustable as well. Ones with interchangeable or removable foam padding can offer a better fit and double as a way to repurpose your ski helmet for biking and vice versa. Options with built-in earpads and liners will sometimes be removable, allowing you to choose how much extra warmth you want and making them much easier to clean. While not strictly necessary, these sorts of customizable features will likely make your helmet more comfortable to wear and thus, allow you to better enjoy your day on the slopes.

Our Picks for the Best Ski Helmets

Best Overall

Retrospec Helmet for Adults

A reliable helmet that's incredibly versatile and comfortable to wear.

Pros: The outside is made of hard ABS thermoplastic, which cradles premium EPS foam that protects your head during incidental impact. The foam is dry and irritation-free to keep you comfortable as you hit the slopes. The inside of the helmet also includes two sets of interchangeable pads that can be adjusted or removed to better fit your head. The 10 vents along the top, front, and back of the helmet allow for optimal airflow and circulation, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or sweating as you ski. Although it’s marketed for skateboarding and cycling, it’s also tested and approved for skiing. This helmet is available in three sizes and in 10 different colors, each with a matte finish.

Cons: Although the helmet is incredibly comfortable to wear, it doesn’t have ear pads to cover your ears out in the cold like many other models. Also, some of the more premium helmets offer more customizable features.

Bottom Line: This ski helmet can be adjusted and modified to better fit your head. Recommended for ages 14 and up, this helmet has been tested and approved for use during skiing, biking, skating, skateboarding, and rollerblading. It’s great for both beginners and expert athletes.


Runner Up

AKASO Ski Helmet with Removable Liner

Stay cool while skiing with this helmet that comes equipped with adjustable vents.

Pros: The top vents of this helmet are adjustable so that you have the option to change how much cool air you’re letting in and how much heat you’re letting out. If your head is feeling too warm, just slide the vents open wider, and if it starts to feel cold, you can close them tighter. The tension dial on the back allows you to modify the helmet’s size to achieve the perfect fit. It also has a goggle loop on the back that snaps down to hold your ski goggles in place and an easily detachable fleece liner and ear pads. The outer shell is lightweight yet strong and contains an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner for greater comfort and protection. It’s available in two solid colors and in three different sizes.

Cons: This helmet doesn’t offer the same level of versatility as some of the more high-end options.  Also, it’s not the most durable helmet that you’ll find on the market.

Bottom Line: While most ski helmets will have at least a few built-in vents to keep your head feeling light and cool as you ski, this one takes temperature regulation a step further with a detachable liner and ear pads, too.


Best Color Options

WildHorn Outfitters Ski Helmet

A trustworthy ski helmet worn by professional skiers and snowboarders.

Pros: With this helmet, there are three sizes and nine total color options ranging from bright and multicolored to neutral and understated. Whatever color you pick, each helmet has a sleek, modern look, with built-in polystyrene material for greater comfort. This ski helmet is every bit as functional as it is colorful, too. The 13 individual and adjustable vents will ensure that your head doesn’t overheat as you ski, allowing you to tighten or loosen the helmet to better fit your head.

Cons: It’s among the more expensive options. The vents can be tough to adjust while wearing gloves.

Bottom Line: Plenty of people own bright, colorful skiing outfits and equipment. If you want to match your ski helmet to the rest of your gear, this model has an excellent color selection and lots of vents for comfort.


Best Budget

Retrospec Youth Helmet

A ski helmet that's not only affordable, but that also provides you with plenty of protection while skiing.

Pros: With a durable hard exterior and padded interior foam liner, this helmet provides you with optimal protection and safety. The plush earmuffs keep you cozy, and the helmet comes with a special clip that holds your goggles securely in place. It also features an adjustable dial that allows you to customize the fit of the helmet to your head. Choose from among six colors.

Cons: This helmet is more suitable for teenagers and children who are beginners or intermediate-level skiers. In other words, if you have many years of experience or if you’re larger in stature, look for a different helmet.

Bottom Line: With a durable construction and multiple color options, this is a great helmet. If you want to go skiing with your children, this is a reliable and affordable helmet for them to wear.


Also Great

Retrospec Ski & Snowboard Helmet

A ski helmet that can make your experience more fun and memorable.

Pros: This helmet comes in three different sizes (See the chart for details.), with an adjustable dial that allows you to further modify its size. The twist dial can easily be operated one-handed and tightens or loosens the helmet’s built-in framework for a more custom fit. The chin strap is also adjustable. The tough ABS exterior has 10 vents along the top, front, and back of the helmet to keep you comfortable while you’re out on the slopes. The interior is made of EPS foam that absorbs shocks for better protection and has interchangeable shock-absorbing foam inserts. The goggle clip at the back helps keep your ski goggles in place. The built-in earmuffs are warm, comfortable, and come off at will for easy cleaning or when you don’t need the extra warmth.

Cons: It doesn’t offer the most size options, and it has fewer interior vents than some of the more premium helmets. Some finishes might scratch easily.

Bottom Line: This ski helmet comes with just about every feature that you might want or need. It’s safety certified to serve as a ski helmet or bicycle helmet. In terms of overall quality and workmanship, this helmet is going to get the job done. You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to performance, comfort, and versatility.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an avid skier and you plan on hitting the slopes this winter, you’ll need a reliable helmet that will keep you safe and comfortable. This way, you can have a lot more fun while also limiting the effects of those frigid temperatures. Conquer the slopes with one of these reliable, sturdy, and user-friendly helmets.

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