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Reading Lights for Nighttime Readers

mother and little girl reading a book in bed before going to sleep; a reading light is shining on them so they can see
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Actually reading the books we have collecting dust on our bookshelves is the new trend. And with an increase in reading, there’s an increase in the need for a good reading light. As is often the case with just about any product, there are so many types to choose from, but we’ve rounded up some great reading light options for you here.

What to Consider in Reading Lights

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Function: Think about how you’ll be using your reading light. If you mostly want to read in bed, you may find around-the-neck reading lights useful. On the other hand, you may want to take your light with you to work or school. You’ll find some clever clip-on reading lights in your search.
  • Style: Most of us like things that are nice to look at. True, some don’t care. But if you do, conduct a search to discover adorable, elegant, minimalist designs and more.
  • Light Type: Do you suffer from eye strain and need a reading light that filters blue light? Or do you want the luxury of reading with light in its natural varieties? There’s warm light, cool light, or light to produce melatonin. Sometimes you may need a glaring white light to keep you awake!

Best Overall: Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Illuminated, gray, around-the-neck readlng light

The Glocusent LED neck reading light could not be better designed to make reading more comfortable and gratifying. Its around-the-neck ergonomic design and quality light production may satisfy even the most critical customer. The reading light runs on a rechargeable battery—up to 80 hours of reading! It has a blue-light filter to minimize eye strain. You won’t bug your sleeping companion either, as the narrow beam illuminates only the text you’re reading.

Best Overall

Most Versatile: W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light

Clamp-on reading light mounted to headboard of a bed. Two light settings are displayed

You can use this clip-on reading light just about anywhere. Clip it to an edge on or near your piano, bed, or desk. Don’t worry, the anti-skid and scratch-resistant pad will protect your furniture. The flexible neck rotates 360 degrees, so you can direct the light as you need. Power the light via the USB port to a computer, power bank, or use a USB adapter and plug it into the wall.

Most Versatile

Best Wall Mount: Alldio Reading Lights

Woman lying in bed reading, light illuminated

No fuss here; just a quality reading lamp that’s designed to mount to a wall, shelf, or workbench. The warm, white light produces a feeling of relaxation, so it’s great for bedtime reading. Aim the reading light where you need it with the 360-degree rotational gooseneck. It’s easy to install and easy on the eyes with its anti-glare, recessed LED bulb.

Best Wall Mount

Best Light Settings: Vekkia LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light

Bright red clip-on light

Vekkia clearly cares about light quality. This rechargeable book light features three color temperatures and three degrees of brightness. The brighter the light, the warmer the temperature. Each color and degree of brightness suits different activities. The warm light (30%), for example, supports the production of melatonin and is known to be gentler on the eyes.

Best Light Settings

Cutest Designs: Vekkia Cute Rechargeable 4 LED Eye-Care Book Light

Cute turquoise lit clip-on reading light. Base is in outspace design

Oh, come on! This reading light is super cute! Yet it also means business. It’s portable, produces three times the lighting area of single-LED lights, runs on a rechargeable battery, and offers that eye-care quality everyone raves about. While soft, the diffused light illuminates about two pages of most book sizes. It’s time to build a tent in the living room and read late into the night.

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