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Secure Your Valuables with These Cabinet Locks

Hands of a little kid pulling on the closet door with a special lock for child safety.

Maximum cabinet space is always a useful feature in a home, as cabinets provide you with both storage and organizational space no matter which room they’re in. Useful as they are, however, cabinets aren’t always the most secure. Anyone can theoretically waltz into your kitchen or office, open them up, and start rifling through your cabinets and cupboards. Therefore you may want to consider investing in locks for your cabinets for greater security and safety. Cabinet locks can help keep valuables, prized possession, and confidential documents safe, prevent children from getting into hazardous items like cleaning supplies, or keep medications and prescriptions locked away for greater safety and privacy. Cabinet locks can also provide unexpected bonus organizational benefits. If you keep items or documents securely locked away in a cabinet, cupboard, or drawers, it’s much less likely that you or someone else will pick them up by mistake, set them aside, and be unable to find them later. If you want to buy a set of cabinet locks for your home, here are a few we recommend.

What Should You Consider in Cabinet Locks?

Here are a few things to think about before buying a cabinet lock:

  • Compatibility: First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure that any cabinet lock you buy will fit and be compatible with the cabinet(s) you want to secure. A U-shaped sliding latch lock isn’t going to work on a filing cabinet or any other cabinet with horizontal handles, for instance. Some are suitable only on drawers, others only on doors. Some types of cabinet locks will require some hammering or drilling for installation, which may not be an option on metal cabinets. Others may only work on certain surfaces or materials but not others, while some are designed for universal compatibility. Some may be too large or too small to properly fit your cabinet’s doors or handles. Ensure that any cabinet locks you buy are suited to the cabinet(s) you want to secure; otherwise, they won’t do you much good.
  • Type: There is quite a variety of cabinet locks from which you’ll be able to choose. There are classic keyed locks, magnetic locks, various latch locks, thumb locks, sliding locks, electronic locks, and more. You may find it a real task to narrow down your choice and pick the one that’s best for your needs. Once you’ve ensured that a lock is compatible with the cabinet you want to be secured, consider the items inside that you want to store and who you want to prevent from getting into them. Magnetic or latch locks, for instance, are great for babyproofing or childproofing your cabinets, but they aren’t going to hinder teenagers or adults. A keyed or electronic lock will prevent people of all ages from getting into your cabinet unless they have the key or fob that opens it.
  • Quantity: How many cabinets do you want to secure in your home? Is there just one particular filing cabinet with confidential documents, or are you aiming to lock all the ones at child-level so that your toddler can’t get into food, cleaning supplies, and medicines? The good news is that you can buy different types of locks individually or in sets. Pairs or packs of four are most common for multiple locks sold together, but you can find larger sets if you live in a home with an above-average number of cabinets.

Best for Babyproofing: Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks

set of 12 white, latched-shaped, magnetic safety locks and accessories displayed in front of their storage boxIf you have a little child around the house, you’re going to want to babyproof and childproof your home so that they don’t get into anything they shouldn’t. These magnetic cabinet locks are an excellent and incredibly simple way of babyproofing your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. They adhere to your cabinets with a strong adhesive; no screwing or drilling is required. Thanks to the easy magnetic setup and the on/off switch, installation is nearly hassle-free. All you have to do is measure the corner of the cabinet with the provided tools, peel the label off the adhesive, stick the lock and latch to the measured space, and the cabinet can only be opened with one of the magnetic keys. And once installed, the lock is largely out of sight. Out of sight also means that your children can’t tamper or fiddle with the locks. Best of all, they’re compatible with almost any cabinet, cabinet door, or drawer. You receive 12 locks and two magnetic keys with your purchase.

Most Versatile: Jool Baby Products Strap Locks

closeup of a gray, wood grained cabinet secured with an adhesive sliding lockThis four-pack of small, compact slide cabinet locks can be used on a wide variety of different cabinets, cupboards, and drawers you don’t want your infant, toddler, or child getting into. These highly compatible locks can also be placed on the fridge, garbage bins, toilets, ovens, washing machines, and more. Each lock is adjustable anywhere between 3 and 7 inches to better fit your cabinet’s size. No tools are required for installation. To install, just adjust the strap to the length you require, remove the adhesive cover strip, and press down firmly. The lock slides open easily whenever you need access to the childproofed area. The two strap bases are both backed with and secured by a strong 3M adhesive, so it’ll stay firmly fixed onto your cabinets.

Most Versatile

Best Heavy-Duty: Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks

closeup of a white cabinet with black handles secured by a white U-shaped lockIf you’ve got an infant or pet who keeps finding their way into your cabinets, these U-shaped cabinet locks are the perfect tool to keep them out and your belongings and food untouched. They can fit on all sorts of knobs and handles, as long as the cabinet or cupboard in question has two vertical handles or knobs side by side. No special tools, equipment, installation, or adhesive is required for these latches to function properly. Just slide the lock through the handles or on the knobs, slide the button onto the latch, adjust the distance as needed, and you’re all set. The latch can stretch up to 5 inches in length to better fit your cabinet. And once they’re hung across your handles or knobs, all you have to do is squeeze the two buttons at the same time to unlock them and access your cabinet—an easy task for adults, less so for babies and pets. If you ever move, the locks can be easily removed and reattached to cabinets in your new home. They’re available in a pack of four, eight, or 12.

Best Heavy-Duty

Best Lock and Key: Defender Security Stainless Steel Cabinet Lock

metal cabinet lock with the key inserted, beside matching accessoriesIf you want some extra security on your cabinets or drawers, you can’t go wrong with a classic lock and key combination. This cabinet lock provides strength and security for an incredibly low price. The lock’s 0.75-inch outside cylinder diameter with a 1.125-inch length will fit on any panels up to 0.81 inches thick. And it’s compatible with cabinets made of almost any material, including metal and wood. All the components you need come included with your purchase: three cams, a trim collar, two reversible rotation washers, two keys, and fasteners. The lock, keys, and all the accessories are made from strong, durable diecast and steel with a stainless steel finish that won’t rust or break. While some installation is required, the process is quick and easy. The key is pre-made for the lock, so if you buy more than one lock, the key should be able to open multiple locks.

Best Electric: WOOCH RFID Hidden Electronic Cabinet Lock

corner of a detached wooden cabinet door with a black electronic lock beside two fobs, a hand holding a white keycard, and a black USB cordElectronic locks are commonly used to keep entrances to apartment complexes and business buildings safe and secure since they can’t be opened without a fob. Bring this level of safety and security into your home with this electronic cabinet lock. No drilling is required to install this lock; simply screw it into your wooden cabinet. Be sure to program the keys with the lock before starting the installation process. Once mounted on your cabinet, this lock is essentially hidden from sight aside from the small locator icon. The signal will transmute through cabinet doors up to a maximum of 1.2 inches thick. You can program this electronic lock to open with either one user card or both together for extra security. All pieces and equipment (lock, latch, two RFID tags, two RFID cards, a screw package, and location icon) come included. The electronic lock can either be powered by a USB cable or with two AA batteries, though you shouldn’t use them at the same time. Buy a set of one or two locks, depending on your needs.

Best Electric

WOOCH RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock - Electronic Cabinet Lock with USB Cable for Wooden Cabinet Drawer Locker Cupboard Gun Box

Keep your cabinets extra secure from all intruders with this electric, fob-operated cabinet lock.

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