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See the World From the Comfort of Home With These Globes

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Maintaining its intended purpose since its creation over half a millennium ago, the desk globe remains an educational and exciting model that depicts the earth and every country, capital, city, and ocean that graces its surface.

The desk globe was created to show us the world without taking one step out of the door. Of course, the beauty of modern manufacturing is that there are plenty of globes available now, and you’re bound to find one that understands what you need from it. If you’re in the market for a specific type of desk globe, here are a few options we think you should give a spin.

What to Look For in Your Next Desk Globe

When you’re ready to see the world, let these factors guide your purchase:

  • Intended Demographic: When buying a globe, it’s important to recognize who this globe will eventually belong to. Adults appreciate desk globes for their finer reasons, like the level of sophistication it brings to their workspaces. Children and young students, however, flock to globes to learn, so it’s vital that you find a globe that understands the intent of its users.
  • Detailing: A major deciding factor when it comes to understanding your intended demographic is the detailing of the globe. This isn’t to say that children cannot comprehend a globe that painstakingly recreates every country, capital, and ocean in between them, but there are plenty of young learners who would benefit from a straightforward presentation.
  • Style: For adults and children, it’s important to find a globe that speaks to your purposes. Desk globes for adults can be designed to blend in as space fillers or stand out in a pretty amazing fashion. On the other hand, a children’s globe doesn’t have to offer the same rotating routine; you can just as easily find a globe that takes the learning premise to new heights of interactivity.

Best Overall: Waypoint Geographic World Globe

On the left, a closeup view of a 12-inch globe that features a thick plastic stand and base. On the right, a child studies the globe while sitting in a library.
Waypoint Geographic Store

Designed with the same bright appearance we’ve come to associate with desk globes, this Waypoint Geographic World Globe will fit perfectly in a classroom, child’s room, or office setting. Sprawled across this 12-inch globe are more than 4,000 geographical boundaries and places of interest in the world, including ocean topography. The acrylic sphere is attached to a lightweight plastic stand that allows for smooth 360-degree rotation.

Best Overall

Waypoint Geographic World Globe

A colorful globe that details over 4,000 places of interest.

Best for Kids: LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

On the left, an 11-inch globe that features an electronically powered base with 2.7-inch LCD screen and a wired stylus. On the left, two children study the globe while laying down on a bedroom floor.
LeapFrog Store

Offering young students complete immersion in the mystery of the world, this LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe combines visual learning with audio lectures. Up top is a standard globe that illustrates the seven continents and the countries and major cities located within them. Just below, however, is a battery-powered interactive system that dives into what makes each country so unique. Children can use the attached stylus to play BBC educational videos on the globe’s 2.7-inch LCD screen, of which there is more than five hours worth.

Best for Kids

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

A battery-powered option that offers young students over five hours of educational videos that detail the culture, animals, and habitats of the world.

Best Decorative: Deco 79 Traditional Globe

On the left, a closeup view of a 12-inch globe that features a highly detailed map depicted with an old-fashioned, muted color pattern. On the right, a closeup view of the globe's polished mango wood base.
Deco 79 Store

Seeking a more old-fashioned desk globe where the style is in the details? This Deco 79 Traditional Globe features gorgeous metal and wood construction alongside its muted gold, brown, green, and gray tones around the globe. The plastic orb sits on top of an iron axis, which is connected to a rich base of mango wood. This is a refined, classic style that can immediately dress up any desk, bookshelf, or office space.

Best Decorative

Deco 79 Traditional Globe

A stunning piece of decor that brings the world to your office space in an unmatched fashion.

Best Illuminated: USA Toyz Illuminated Globe

On the left, 13.5-inch tall globe is shown in two halves: a standard desk globe with detailed countries, and an illuminated globe that reveals constellations when the lights are turned off. On the right, the globe sits in its rectangular packaging.
USA Toyz Store

Wonderfully multifaceted for every type of global learner, this USA Toyz Illuminated Globe is educational in every aspect you could hope for. Like the best options, it features great detailing in its illustrations of the world’s continents, making it perfect for young students. However, there’s more to this globe than the land and sea, as its light-up system reveals all 88 constellations when the lights are blacked out. The illuminated function also doubles as a night-light, so you’re getting as much use as you want from it.

Best Light-Up

USA Toyz Illuminated Globe

A three-in-one option that allows users to study the Earth, learn about the stars, and turn on a bit of light when the moon isn't enough.

Most Unique: Estefanlo Floating Globe

On the left, a black and silver miniature globe floats in the center of a magnetized C-frame, which is lined with multicolor LED lights. On the right, a closeup view of the globe depicts its metallic-look and detailed countries.
Estefanlo Store

Far and away the most extraordinary globe that you’ll come across, this Estefanlo Floating Globe presents users with, yes, a globe that is suspended in midair. It’s a uniquely high-tech globe that’s operated by an electronically controlled magnet system and programmed to get guests talking. The globe itself features a metallic black and silver sheen that pairs nicely with its multicolored LED magnet house.

Most Unique

Estefanlo Floating Globe

A modern treat that pairs electronically controlled magnets with LED lights for one glorious sight.

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