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Spruce Up Your Hairstyle with These Hair Sticks

A hair stick is defined as any straight, pointed item designed for hair decoration and as a way to hold a hairstyle in place. Most hair sticks are between 5 and 9 inches long, but they can be longer or shorter. Many people use them to help hold hair buns in place, but a hair stick can be used for any sort of updo or partial updo. Hair sticks are one of the gentlest ways to style and hold hair in place since they won’t break it or pull on it. Almost all hair sticks will have some sort of carving, rhinestones, or other decoration on the non-pointy end to give them a stylish as well as practical function. Here are a few hair sticks we recommend.

What to Consider in Hair Sticks

Here are a few things to think about before buying hair sticks:

  • Material: The three main materials hair sticks are made of are metal, wood, and plastic. Each will offer its own aesthetic and level of strength. Metal is the most durable but also the heaviest of the three, which may weigh down your hair roots or strain your neck if it’s too heavy. Plastic is the least durable but tends to be the lightest. Wood is somewhere in between the other two. No matter which of these materials your pick, be sure that the surface is smooth since rough edges or splinters risk damaging your hair.
  • Design: Hair sticks can be flashy, ornamental, plain, elegant, vintage, decorated with beads and/or rhinestones, and more. Some metal or wooden hair sticks will have a carved design at the end rather than added on decorations like rhinestones or pearls. While the hair stick itself will generally match its material in color, except for plastic ones, which may be dyed in bright hues or to resemble a tortoiseshell pattern. Think about your personal style and where you plan to wear your hair sticks and select the design accordingly.
  • Your Hair: Is your hair thick or fine? Somewhere in between? Is it long, medium, or short in length? Some hair sticks are more effective for certain hair lengths or thicknesses than others. Hair sticks that are shorter will be the better choice for people with shorter hair and vice versa for long hair. If you have long hair and like the look of shorter hair sticks, you can use them for sections of your hair instead of the full hairstyle.

Best Vintage: yueton Vintage Rhinestone Pearl Hair Sticks

This pair of vintage-looking hair sticks provides your updo with a timeless, elegant look. Each stick has an indented lace-like design in the metal alloy body, topped with a small pearl cradled in a flower-like head bedecked with rhinestones. The rhinestones can be either all coffee brown in color or a pink and multicolored array, depending on your preferences. Both sticks are just shy of 6 inches long, ideal for longer hair. They’re great for special events or everyday or office wear, or as a gift for yourself or a loved one who loves bling and flair in their hair.

Best Vintage

yueton Pack of 2 Vintage Rhinestone Pearl Hair Stick Vintage Hair Chopsticks Hairpin Chignon Pin (coffee)

These vintage-looking hair sticks have lovely pearls, rhinestones, and an indented scrolly design.

Best Value: Duufin 22 Piece Bronze Hair Sticks

If you’re someone who likes to wear hair sticks with any kind of regularity, this bundle is the perfect choice. For one reasonable price, you receive 22 hair sticks with 11 unique, intricate, vintage designs; there are two pieces for each design, so you can pair the matching sticks together in the same hairstyle or mix and match them to your heart’s content. The designs are carved to resemble peach blossoms, birds, fish, foxes, fans, and more. The sizes vary slightly depending on the design. Six designs are 5 inches long or just above, while the other five are approximately 6 inches or slightly longer. Each stick is made of sturdy and durable metal alloy that won’t lose its shape or color, finished to resemble antique bronze. They’re ideal for holding and decorating hair buns, though they will suit any updo.

Best Value

Duufin 22 Pieces Hair Sticks Vintage Chinese Hair Chopstick Retro Hair Fork for Women (Bronze)

A set of 22 hair sticks in 11 unique, intricate designs and made of sturdy metal alloy that won't deform or fade.

Best for Long Hair: Marycrafts Dragon Hair Stick


This unique hair stick was designed with long hair in mind. This piece is handmade out of buffalo horn for a sleek look that you won’t be able to find just anywhere. This hair stick is carefully polished and smooth to avoid catching or pulling on your hair during use. The horn is strong and durable to boot, so it’ll last you for longer yet be gentle on your hair and roots. The decorative ending is made to resemble a Chinese dragon. It’s approximately 7 inches long and is ideal for, though not limited to, hair buns.

Best for Long Hair

Marycrafts Horn Dragon Hair Stick for Women Long Hair Hair Sticks Hair Fork for Buns

A long seven-inch hair stick with a unique dragon design and made of carefully polished buffalo horn for gentle wear.

Best for Thick Hair: Jetec Bronze Decorative Hair Sticks

This set of hair sticks is made to fit medium to thick hair. You’ll receive ten hair sticks in five different patterns, which means that you receive two versions of each design. This makes it easy to create a uniform look in hairstyles that require two sticks, to share them with a friend so you two can match, or to pair different styles together as desired. The vintage-style designs are delicately and intricately carved into the bronze bodies. The bronze material is smooth and durable, so you don’t risk any of the sticks deforming or fading over time for long-lasting usage. Each hair stick runs between 5 and 6 inches in length.

Best for Thick Hair

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