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The Best Head Planters

🕚 Updated March 2022

Potted plants, whether real or artificial, add life to a room. These head-shaped planters will elevate the lively tone of your flowers or greenery to a whole other level.

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  Top Choice Cutest Option Best Value Multi-Face Planter Asymmetrical Planter
Female Head Planter
Head Planter Face
Greek Statue Head
Multi-Face Small Head Planter
Fatty Bee
Modern Ceramic Head Planter
Our SummaryA cute and sturdy head planter with a sturdy wide base and a rubber-stopped drainage hole.A head planter resembling a peaceful woman's face that's available in several skin tones.A reasonably-priced Grecian statue-inspired head planter that comes in four colors.This multi-face planter will be a conversation piece.An ideal centerpiece head planter with a contemporary twist.
ProsIndoors or outdoors, lightweight yet durable, stable base, hand-painted, drainage hole, four invisible rubber feet at the bottom.Pleasant face, lightweight, drainage hole, size is ideal for small plants.Makes a great gift, made of resin with a distressed finish for added attractiveness.Great conversation starter or gift, unique, made of resin, drainage hole.Contemporary design, indoor or outdoor, made of ceramic, matte finish, great for taller plants.
ConsSmall drainage hole.Small size.No drainage holes.Smaller than expected.A couple of users were surprised by the starkness of the white head planter.
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The Best Head Planters

Shabby chic plant pot shaped as a Greek statue womans head is sitting between two clay pots with pink pelargoniums in a shelf in a cottage garden.

Buying Guide for Head Planters

A head flowerpot with a cactus growing from the top
Marcin Piwowarczyk/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a head planter?

As the name suggests, head planters are shaped to resemble a head and face from the neck or shoulders up, like a small statue or bust that you can plant flowers, herbs, and other foliage inside. Many people enjoy head planters because the plants grow out of the top of the head and thus look like hair. Plants with long tendrils are a popular choice to grow in head planters for this reason, though they’re by no means the only option. They make excellent planters for ornamental grasses, succulents, cacti, and more. Head planters may appear whimsical, realistic, simplistic, intricate, or modern in design. They can be colorfully painted or plain. If you want to buy a head planter or two for your houseplants, take a look at our top picks.

What should you look for in a head planter?

  • Material: Like other types of planters, head planters are available in a range of different materials. Terracotta, ceramic, stone, concrete, wood, plastic, earthenware, and fiberglass are all common options. In general, more porous materials are better, as they offer superior drainage and thus dry out faster to prevent overwatering or rot. This is especially important for outdoor planters that will see extra, unplanned precipitation. Wood is the most porous of these materials, followed by terracotta and then ceramic or earthenware. (Though also bear in mind that wood may warp or crack out of doors if it’s not treated properly.) Plastic is the least porous of these materials. For outdoor head planters or ones you plan to grow bigger, heavier plants in, get a sturdier, weightier material like fiberglass, stone, or concrete. Terracotta and plastic will be among the more inexpensive options, while ceramic head planters tend to be pricier.
  • Size: When choosing a head planter, size is an important factor. A planter that is either too small or too large for your plants can lead to problems with the soil, roots, or overall plant health. Consider how big the plants in question can grow to be and, more importantly, how much space their roots require. There are small- and medium-sized head planters designed to fit on windowsills, desks, and countertops, as well as larger ones usually meant for outdoor display. When in doubt, larger plants with more foliage will generally have longer roots, so go for a deeper head planter with something like a spider plant and a shallower one for plants like cacti and succulents. Also keep in mind that unlike some other types of planters, head planters are rarely meant to hold more than one plant at a time.
  • Drainage: When possible, you’ll want to opt for a head planter that has built-in drainage, especially if you’re new to growing houseplants. Overwatering can lead to root rot or the growth of bacteria, mold, or fungi. Look for models with drainage holes along the bottom, especially if you plan to keep your head planter outside with unpredictable weather. Some outdoor models will have drain plugs, so you can trap and release water inside as needed. Others will have aeration holes or features or extra drainage and airflow. As mentioned above, a head planter made out of naturally porous material can help in this area, too.

What other things can you do with a head planter?

While we don’t recommend you drink out of a head planter, you can use a head planter to hold a lot of things. You could fill a small planter with candies or colorful glass stones for decor. Taller planters make great pen and pencil holders or even paintbrush holders.

Our Picks for the Best Head Planters

Top Choice

YIKUSH Female Head Planter

A cute head planter with a sturdy wide base and a rubber-stopped drainage hole.

Pros: This beautiful head planter will look great in your home and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The premium resin material is lightweight yet durable with a wide base for extra sturdiness during re-potting, pruning, shaping, or watering. Since these planters are hand-painted, each is slightly different. You can repaint it in your own preferred colors if desired. The entire planter is 8.67 inches tall by 6.3 inches wide and 7.48 inches long, with a cavity that’s 4.92 inches deep by 4.92 inches wide. The size is great for small plants like herbs, succulents, and cacti. It can also hold a smaller planting pot if desired. There’s a small drainage hole with a rubber stopper to get rid of excess water as needed. There are also four invisible rubber feet at the bottom of the planter to keep it from scratching your counter or tabletops and to keep the surface away from stains.

Cons: The drainage hole is really small, so it might not drain as well as others.

Bottom Line: This head planter is lovely, with a serene expression on its face. It’s one of the best options out there for most homes since it’s so cute and sturdy.


Cutest Option

AIMEBBY Head Planter Face with Closed Eyes

A head planter resembling a peaceful woman's face that's available in several skin tones.

Pros: This resin head planter is aesthetically pleasing, and it will look great in sunlight or shadows. The design features a woman with her eyes closed, cradling her cheeks in her hands. The resin material is lightweight, great for interior decoration, yet durable enough to last you for a long time. It has a drainage hole with a stopper, perfect for getting rid of excess water to ensure healthier and properly drained roots or for keeping it trapped inside for plants that need extra moisture as needed. It’s ideal for small houseplants.

Cons: It’s smaller than many other models.

Bottom Line: This head planter pot adds a touch of serenity to your garden or home. It’s available in multiple skin tones and lends a calm feeling to a space.


Best Value

MOCOHANA Greek Statue Head

A reasonably priced Grecian statue-inspired head planter that comes in four colors.

Pros: Whether you’re looking for a novelty planter or a gift for someone who loves abstract statuettes, this succulent pot may be the perfect thing. It’s made of resin with a faux distressed finish that elevates its antique effect. It comes in multiple colors and design variations, but it’s inspired by Greek statues. It’s compact and affordable, perfect for planting succulents inside.

Cons: These head planters don’t have drainage holes, which may be a deal-breaker for some users.

Bottom Line: This unique take on the typical head planter will add a splash of intrigue inside or outside. It’s perfect for succulents or plants that require little water.


Multi-Face Planter

Lucky Vin Multi-Face Small Head Planter

This multi-face planter will be a conversation piece.


Pros: Your guests will turn their heads when they catch sight of this multi-face head planter. This resin-made indoor head planter is a geometric wonder. This planter includes a drainage hole and is appropriate for almost any small succulent, plant, or flower.

Cons: A number of users comment that the planter is smaller than expected.

Bottom Line: This high-quality head planter ringed with nine small faces comes in both white and black. It’s pretty artistic.


Asymmetrical Planter

Fatty Bee Modern Ceramic Head Planter

A centerpiece head planter with a contemporary twist.

Pros: This stunning head planter will make a bold statement wherever you decide to place it, indoors or outdoors. Its contemporary, wrap-around design partially covers the single face and creates an asymmetrical top. At 10 by 4 inches, this plant holder works well for taller plants or flower bouquets. Made of sturdy ceramic with a matte finish, this is a one-of-a-kind head planter. This piece makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Cons: A couple of users were surprised by the starkness of the white head planter.

Bottom Line: Available in both black and white, this artistic head planter is an attention-grabber for sure. But its fine lines and ceramic matte finish give it a subtle character as well.

Final Thoughts

If you want a way to make your plants look even better, find a cool planter to put them in. These unique head-shaped planters will make artistic additions to your home and garden.

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