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Stair Baskets for Easy Organization

Let’s face it, we all put things on the stairs that we plan to carry up later. And then, most of us end up walking right past those things 27 times before they end up falling down the stairs, making a mess, and being even more forgotten about. Stair baskets offer a great way to organize all the things you want to take upstairs with you and a safe place to forget about them for a bit. Here are some of our favorite stair baskets for you.

What to Consider When Purchasing Stair Baskets

Sure, they might all seem the same, but there are a few things that set stair baskets apart:

  • Handles: Handles are great if you want to carry the entire basket upstairs with you to then empty.
  • Material: Soft material will be gentler on wooden stairs, while harder material can be sturdier on carpeted stairs.
  • Organizational Inserts: These will keep certain things separate and organized within the basket if you want to separate items based on where they belong upstairs.

Top Choice: TheWarmHome Decorative Basket

This cute basket comes with durable rope handles and is available in nine different colors. It is great for storing almost anything from books and magazines to dog toys, blankets, shoes, and whatever odds and ends need to be taken back upstairs. The neutral colors will match almost any home style, and each basket is made of durable linen and thick environmental EVA. There is a sturdy metal frame around the top of the basket for added durability. It’s lined with a thin muslin fabric that is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and it’s collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

Top Choice

TheWarmHome Storage Basket - Large Baskets for Organizing Shelves, Storage Bins Closet Organizer for Clothes Book Shelf Baby Toy Home Organization, Fabric Storage Cubes, Decorative Golden Basket Gift

Made of durable material with a strong metal rod around the top, this basket is available in various neutral colors to match any home decor.

Best Wicker: Trademark Innovations Wicker Storage Stair Basket

This stair basket is made with a wicker technique, making it lightweight yet sturdy. It will securely fit right over the edges of a couple of steps to collect any clutter needing to take a trip upstairs, and it can easily be carried with its strong handles.

Best Wicker

15" Wicker Storage Stair Basket With Handles by Trademark Innovations (Brown)

Made to securely fit on stairs, this basket will allow you to organize household items needing to go upstairs and can be easily carried with its strong handles.

Best for Carpeted Stairs: Creative Co-op BacBac Leaf Woven Stair Basket

This basket is made from durable and gorgeously braided Bacbac leaves and is designed to securely fit on two steps for added organization and style. It measures 16 inches tall to hold almost anything you might need to toss out of the way for a later trip upstairs, and it offers handles to be easily moved if needed.

Best for Carpeted Stairs

Woven BacBac Leaf Stair Basket, Natural

This basket will securely fit on two steps and is large enough to fit almost any object you need to take upstairs later.

Best for Wooden Stairs: HomeModele Step Basket

This cute basket is made of durable nylon-woven material that won’t scratch your wooden steps, as well as melded iron for added durability. It offers two handles for easy carrying and is lightweight when it needs to be transported. Inside, there are two level compartments for further organization. The basket is stain-resistant and available in four colors, so you’re sure to find the right one to match your style!

Best for Wooden Stairs

HomeModele Stair Step Basket with Handle | Nylon-Woven (Light Grey)

Available in four different colors, this basket is lightweight for transport and the material is sure not to scratch your stairs.

Unique Design: The Stair Duffel

This adorable stair bag has a unique duffel bag look. It is lightweight and soft, designed to easily grab and carry upstairs. The outer part is 100% cotton, and the handles are extra-wide. There are two colors to choose from.

Unique Design

The Stair Duffel™ in solid and stripe, a handmade modern storage stair tote soft basket

Lightweight and soft, this bag has large handles to be easily transported, and it's large enough for anything you need to safely save for a trip upstairs.

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