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Stay Fresh On the Go with These Sweat Wipes

Sweat wipes are a type of wipes that contain some sort of deodorant or antiperspirant ingredients. Like regular wet wipes, they’re meant for one-time use. Sweat wipes are used to both get rid of and stop sweat and the resulting odors, providing you with a cleaner, fresher feeling in the same way traditional deodorants and antiperspirants do. The main difference is that deodorants are only meant for use on underarms. Sweat wipes, on the other hand, are suitable for just about any part of the body, not only your underarms but your face, hands, feet, chest, groin, and so on. Some are even designed specifically for the hands and feet or other areas. Some people with hyperhidrosis find sweat wipes an effective way to minimize sweat production in spots where traditional deodorants can’t be used. Sweat wipes are also more precise, less messy, and more compact (and thus easier to pack or take on the go) than the regular stick or spray-on antiperspirants. You can use them in place of deodorant in a pinch, or to supplement your daily deodorant if you want some extra protection. Here are some sweat wipes we recommend so that you never get caught unexpectedly sweaty right before a big interview, date, or party ever again.

What Should You Consider in Sweat Wipes?

Here are a few things to think about before buying sweat wipes:

  • Strength: Though all sweat wipes will help get rid of sweat, they’re not all created equal in terms of their strength and protection. Wipes with antiperspirant ingredients are better for addressing sweat production, while models that contain deodorant are more effective against odors. If you have a condition like hyperhidrosis or are suffering from excessive sweat, look for sweat wipes that are listed as clinical strength or, even better, prescription strength, as they’re more potent in general.
  • Quantity: How often do you plan to use sweat wipes? Do you want to use them daily after workouts or paired with your regular deodorant? Or do you only plan to bring them to feel cleaner after a long trip, or to have them on hand just in case you need one in a pinch? Addressing this question will help you pick the amount of sweat wipes that is right for you. Sweat wipes are mostly sold in boxes containing an average of 10-to-15 individually wrapped wipes. There are some larger quantity packs available. If you plan to use sweat wipes on a regular or daily basis, you will want to buy these boxes as a bulk pack if offered, as this will be most cost-efficient in the long run.
  • Extras: There are a couple of extra perks you can find in some packs of sweat wipes that might come in handy. Look for sweat wipes free of ingredients like alcohol, sulfates, and parabens, to be gentler on your skin. Some are antibacterial; others contain ingredients like shea butter or vitamin E oil in order to moisturize your skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin, there are hypoallergenic models to ensure you won’t irritate your underarms or any other portion of skin. You can also choose between unscented and scented sweat wipes for some extra odor protection. Some are extra-large to cover more skin; others are designed for specific body parts like hands and feet. And if you tend to overheat while sleeping and wake up sweaty in the morning, look for sweat wipes that are effective as an overnight treatment.

Best for Underarms: SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

No matter your age or gender, these antiperspirant sweat wipes are a great way to stop and protect against underarm sweat before it begins. They’re clinical strength, so whether you suffer from hyperhidrosis or hormonal sweating, perspire at a higher rate as a side effect of medication, or prone to sweating when nervous, these sweat wipes are strong enough to handle them. They’re effective against sweat-produced odor as well as wetness. Even better, they’re free of parabens and phthalates and have never been tested on animals so you can use them guilt-free. If you tend to get overheated and sweaty at night, you can wipe down your armpits with these wipes just before bed, and they can provide you with up to seven days of protection per use. Each box contains ten wipes, and you can order one, two, or three boxes per set.

Best Value: Pacifica Beauty Underarm Deodorant Wipes

If you use sweat wipes on a frequent basis, you’ll want to ensure that you buy a cost-efficient, high-value pack with this one. Each pack contains 30 sweat wipes, and you can buy them in sets of one, two, four, or eight at a time. Since they come in a soft, plastic wrapping instead of a cardboard box like most packs, these sweat wipes are easy to tuck into a purse, backpack, or glove compartment, or bring on the road or plane so you can freshen up on the go. Thanks to their scented deodorant ingredients, these sweat wipes are perfect for neutralizing unpleasant underarm smells all day long. And thanks to the shea butter and lack of aluminum, parabens, sulfates, and other harsh, chemical ingredients, they won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. These wipes are also cruelty-free and 100% vegan-friendly to boot. Mixed with essential oils to provide a more pleasant, powerful aroma, you have the choice of coconut milk and oil, coconut milk and pineapple, or rose-scented wipes.

Best Value

Best Full-Body: Aobbiy Antiperspirant Wipes For Hand And Foot Sweat

Unlike most deodorants and antiperspirants, sweat wipes aren’t just for underarms. Plenty of brands are useful for the skin on other parts of the body such as the hands, feet, groin, or anywhere else. These antiperspirant sweat wipes help to reduce and inhibit sweat and the resulting odors while keeping your skin clean for up to seven days per use. The advanced formula is strong and odor-blocking, yet gentle on your skin. It’s made with plant extract full of vitamin E to help soften skin as well, and it’s free of alcohol that dries out your skin. These sweat wipes are also antibacterial, which can help get rid of bacteria that may cause further odors. There are ten individually wrapped and sealed wipes per box, which you can store almost anywhere, even pockets, without spilling or leaking. If you want to use these sweat wipes overnight, apply them to clean, dry skin just before bedtime, and allow it air dry before getting into bed.

Best Extra-Large: Carpe On-the-Go Antiperspirant Underarm Wipes

Whether you’ve got dry, wet, or simply damp skin, these extra-large 7-by-9-inch antiperspirant sweat wipes will keep you feeling cleaner and fresher without leaving a residue behind. They’re just as effective if you’re on the go and already sweat-covered as they are for wiping yourself down as a preventative measure. Whether you’re dealing with wetness from sweat or with odor, these wipes will work on either, or both together. They’re ideal for hiking, camping, traveling, and more, as each of the 15 wipes per box comes individually wrapped, so they’re small enough to slip into a purse or pocket. Each wipe is free of harmful parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and formaldehyde, and has never been tested on animals. What they do contain is safe leaf extract and vitamin E oil, the former for freshness and dryness, the latter for nourishing and moisturizing so that you’ll remain sweat-free but not dried out. You can buy one, two, or three boxes of these sweat wipes at a time, depending on your needs.

Best Extra-Large

Carpe Antiperspirant Underarm Wipes for Sweat Blocking, Deodorizing, and Cleansing When You’re On the Move - 15 Residue Free, Individually Wrapped Wipes - Clean and Refreshing Scent

A box of 15 antiperspirant and deodorizing sweat wipes that are extra-large in size but still compact enough to be convenient for traveling.

Also Great: ZeroSweat Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

If you prefer unscented sweat wipes to scented ones, consider this ten-pack. They’re clinical strength with the strongest possible formula for protection against sweat-based wetness and odor alike. They go directly after the source, your sweat glands, to keep them from producing sweat rather than absorbing or reducing sweat. You won’t have to worry about being caught off guard by embarrassing sweat stains on your shirts and clothes at work, on a date, on the go, or anywhere else. And they can offer you protection for up to three to five days, so this pack of ten individually wrapped wipes can last you for several weeks. They’re also suitable for daily use if desired. And even though they target your sweat glands directly, you don’t have to worry about this antiperspirant and deodorizing formula clogging your skin’s pores. If you want overnight protection, simply wipe down before bed and allow your skin to air dry for two or three minutes.

Also Great

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Wipes Deodorant | Clinical Strength Hyperhidrosis Treatment - Reduces Armpit Sweat - 10 Wipes

Ten individually wrapped, clinical-strength sweat wipes that won't clog your pores.

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