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Stylish Sugar Dispensers for Easier Sweetening

a glass sugar dispenser next to a coffee pot; three silver sugar dispensers by a donut; a sugar bowl with a spoon resting in it

From simple spouts to sophisticated spoon designs, sugar dispensers are a staple in some households, offering an easy way to sweeten just about anything without a huge hassle or mess. We’ve rounded up our favorite sugar dispensers to make your life a little sweeter.

Dating back to 1818, their designs have been improved upon multiple times as the years have gone by to easily help you sweeten your daily baked goods, coffee, and tea. With various designs available, you should be able to find one that fits your needs and your kitchen perfectly.

Purchasing Sugar Dispensers

They all might be for the same purpose, but not all sugar dispensers are created equal. Consider these few key points before adding one to your home:

  • Style: There are countless styles of sugar dispensers, from New York-style ones to bowls with spoons to simple shakers. Choose a style that you love and that will complement the space you put it in.
  • Function: Think about what you’re dispensing your sugar for. If it’s for dusting powdered sugar on that french toast, opt for a shaker that will give you a beautiful and gentle sprinkling. For tea or coffee, choose one that makes dishing out a little more easy.
  • Size: If you’re more into minimalistic or space-saving designs, opt for a smaller dispenser. If you LOVE sugar (or know someone who does) and don’t want to constantly be refilling it, then choose a larger design.

Top Choice: OXO Good Grips Sugar Dispenser

a small glass sugar dispenser with a stainless steel lid and a closeup of the pouring spout

Available in both glass or plastic, this dispenser is ideal for keeping your sugar close on hand for fruit, cereal, coffee, or just about anything else. The side spout feature means easy and controlled pouring while also minimizing moisture, so no annoying clumping. The BPA-free body itself is clear, so you never have to second guess when it’s time to refill. And when it is time for a refill, simply screw the lid off.

Top Choice

OXO Good Grips Plastic Sugar Dispenser

This dispenser has a convenient side spout to minimize moisture and clumps.

Best with Finger Trigger: Hunnibi Glass Sugar Container Dispenser

a glas beehive-patterned sugar dispenser pouring sugar into tea

Easily control how much sugar is dispensed with your thumb and eliminate the need to double dip your spoon to get just the right bit of sugar in your drink, fruit, or whatever else. Easy to refill and clean, this glass sugar dispenser is ideal for anyone who loves a little extra sweetness without any extra hassle. There is even an included glass stand for keeping the dispenser clean and two bottom stoppers to make refilling even easier.

Best with Finger Trigger

hunnibi Glass Sugar Container Dispenser - Finger Trigger Sugar Jar, Sugar Dispenser for Coffee, 8 Oz

Control how much sugar you need with the push of a button, and easily refill it when it gets low.

Best New York Style: Westmark Germany Glass Sugar Dispenser

a ridged cylindrical glass sugar dispenser with a stainless steel lid and straw spout for pouring
Westmark Germany

Available in up to a three-pack, this sugar dispenser offers a classic “New York” style look that’s sure to complement any kitchen or restaurant! It dispenses a measured and consistent amount of sugar each time. It’s easy to pour and features an anti-clog spout. Each dispenser is also dishwasher safe, so they are always clean and ready to go for the next use.

Best New York Style

Westmark 65242260 'New York' Glass Sugar Dispenser, one Size

A dispenser that's easy to use with a clog-preventing spout.

Best Bowl: 77L Sugar Bowl

a white semicircle sugar bowl with a wooden lid and a spoon

This sugar bowl is ideal for use just about anywhere—homes, hotels, cafes, buffets, parties, or just about anywhere else. And it is great for things other than sugar as well. Featuring an elegant design with a smooth appearance, this bowl is sure to complement just about any decor and can even be used as a thoughtful housewarming gift. It’s ceramic and comes in green or white with a hinged bamboo lid and an acrylic spoon. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and easy to use.

Best Bowl

Best Shaker: Patelai Powdered Sugar Shaker Duster

a silver rattle-like sugar dispenser with tiny holes to sprinkle sugar

These easy-to-use shakers come in packs of two or four and are great for multiple uses around the kitchen, from desserts to drinks and a range of things in between! They can perfectly sift flour, cocoa powder, or powdered sugar onto desserts or work surfaces. Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel material, they only require one hand to operate and can easily be cleaned in water.

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