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The Best Ear Gauges

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Ear gauges are accessories to gradually stretch out your lobes and show personality. It's important to select proper ones if you want to begin the stretching process or you're ready to upgrade to a new size. Here are our recommendations!

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  Best Silicone Variety Best for Stretching Best Metal Option Best Stone Look Best Value
Soft Silicone Ear Gauges
50-Piece Ear Stretching Kit
Ear Gauges Stretching Kit
Mixed Stone Ear Plugs
Screw-Fit Ear Gauges
Our SummaryThese silicone ear gauges offer you many different size and color options.Acrylic ear gauges that come in a large kit of varying sizes and types.This entire kit contains stainless-steel ear gauges that are available in various colors.Mixed-stone ear gauges that are available in both light and dark colors.Multicolored stainless-steel ear gauges that have a threaded screw-tip design.
ProsFlexible rubberized build, lightweight, nontoxic, colorful styles.A starter kit, made of durable acrylic, individually packaged.Multiple sizes, hypoallergenic.Resembles beautiful stones, double-flare design, optimal color retention.Ideal for people with sensitive skin, durable.
ConsSilicone is thin and flimsy.Only one color applies to the entire kit.Tunnels are small.Outer edge of the tunnels flare out broadly.The set of 12 comes in one size.
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The Best Ear Gauges

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Buying Guide for Ear Gauges

A woman wearing various stone ear gauges

Why buy ear gauges?

Ear gauges offer you a unique and expressive alternative to traditional earrings. They come in different color schemes and designs to choose from, providing you with optimal variety. Some people stretch their earlobes to match the style of a particular culture or aesthetic, some people as a way to express their individuality, while others simply like the look.

What should you look for in ear gauges?

  • Material: The most common materials are acrylic, stainless steel, titanium, and stone. Acrylic gauges are lightweight and usually the most inexpensive. You also have stainless steel, which is a heavier metal, and titanium, which isn’t as heavy. Stone is a good choice for sensitive skin, and it usually weighs ears down naturally.
  • Size: Ear gauges can be tiny, the size of a standard ear piercing, or as large as the diameter of a soda can. The size you’ll need will depend on how far along you are in the stretching process and how large you want your lobes to be at the end of it. Ear gauges are measured in millimeters. The smallest available will be around one millimeter and stretch well into the double digits. It may be more cost-efficient to buy a stretching kit since you get potentially dozens of sizes for one price.
  • Design: Tunnels, also known as eyelets, are hollow and tube-shaped and thus make the gauge see-through. Tapers are solid pieces of metal or acrylic that are small on one end and large on the other, and they may be straight or spiraled or curved in shape. Ear hangers are almost identical to tapers, except that they have a decoration on the larger end. Flares are solid plugs that flare at either one or both ends. Saddle plugs are similar except that they have a smoother, gentler curve that is easier to insert. Lastly, there are standard straight plugs that  are kept in place by a band on either end. They can be short and round or long and thin.

What are some tips for cleaning your ear gauges?

To make sure your ear gauges stay in tip-top shape, you’ll want to clean and take care of them as best as you can so that your jewelry will last even longer. For both metal and stone gauges, you can simply use warm water and antibacterial soap, and then dry them immediately after. It is recommended to take them out a couple times a week to properly clean them as well.

Our Picks for the Best Ear Gauges

Best Silicone Variety

JEWSEEN Soft Silicone Ear Gauges

These silicone ear gauges offer you many different size and color options.

Pros: Each gauge in this kit has a unique design, with some that even glow in the dark. This set includes 10 pairs of plugs in 10 different colors for a total of 20 pieces. There are 12 total sizes to choose from depending on where you are in your stretching journey, with four millimeters as the smallest and 25 millimeters as the largest.

Cons: The silicone construction is too thin and flimsy to wear on a regular basis.

Bottom Line: The color alone of these gauges can go a long way toward standing out from others. These double-flared silicone plugs are made for those who want to go for a unique and colorful look and have plenty of sizes to accommodate the fit you need.


Best for Stretching

JieyueJewelry 50-Piece Ear Stretching Kit

Acrylic ear gauges that come in a large kit of varying sizes and types.

Pros: This particular stretching kit provides you with a total of 50 different gauges, 14 flared silicone tunnels, 18 straight tapers with double o-rings, and 18 plugs with double o-ring plugs. Every size is individually bagged and labeled so you don’t have to worry about getting them mixed up. You can also choose between multiple different colors, including green, clear blue, orange, and pink.

Cons: The color you choose will apply to the entire set.

Bottom Line: This is a great starter kit for anyone just beginning their ear-stretching journey. Made of high-quality silicone, these ear gauges are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get plenty of use. You will have all the pieces to stretch out your ears to the diameter that you desire.


Best Metal Option

vcmart Ear Gauges Stretching Kit

This entire kit contains stainless-steel ear gauges that are available in various colors.

Pros: This entire kit of stainless-steel ear gauges is hypoallergenic and comes in a wide range of sizes. This includes everything between 1.6 and 10 millimeters, with each pair individually packaged and labeled. You have many color options to choose from, including gold, blue, and rainbow-colored ear gauges.

Cons: The tunnels are small.

Bottom Line: If you have particularly sensitive skin, these stainless-steel ear gauges are an excellent choice for your ears. It comes in multiple color options and sizes to give you variety in the look you want to go for.


Best Stone Look

Qmcandy Mixed Stone Ear Plugs

Mixed-stone ear gauges that are available in both light and dark colors.

Pros: These six pairs of stone ear gauges utilize Turquoise, Opalite, and Sandstone for varying style options and designs. The material is light and comfortable to wear, and the double-flare design keeps them securely in place. You have 11 total sizes to choose between, starting at three millimeters and going up to 20 millimeters.

Cons: The outer edge of the tunnels may flare out too broadly, which can create sizing issues.

Bottom Line: If you’re someone who is a little further along in your ear-stretching journey and looking for a new set of gauges to take the next step, these plugs are a great option. They are great for those who want something a little more understated in style.


Best Value

Lcolyoli Screw-Fit Ear Gauges

Multicolored stainless-steel ear gauges that have a threaded screw-tip design.

Pros: Each ear gauge is made out of surgical, implant-grade steel with a mirror finish, specifically hypoallergenic for the most sensitive skin. There are 12 total gauges in this kit, and they all feature a threaded, screw-fit tunnel design. They are available in multiple size options, and each pair is individually packaged and size-verified so you can tell them apart.

Cons: The set of 12 ear gauges only comes in one size.

Bottom Line: If you want to start gauging your ears but you have sensitive skin or allergies, you should consider purchasing this particular kit. You will get an awesome variety while the gauges are made to fit securely in your ears.

Final Thoughts

These ear gauges vary in what they have to offer, but they are suitable for both beginners and experts in the process of ear stretching. They offer unique benefits, which include comfortability, multiple color and size options, and hypoallergenic properties. Keep these recommendations in mind as you search and discover the ear gauges that are most suitable for you.

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