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The Best 3D Night Lights

🕚 Updated January 2023

3D night lights are a fun and creative way to add some excitement to your child's bedroom. We've gathered some of the best 3D night lights to light up your kids' life.

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  Best Dinosaur Best Star Wars Best Superhero Best Princess Best for Animal Lovers
Dinosaur 3D Night Light
3D Night Light for Kids and Star Wars Fans
Iron Man 3D Illusion Lamp
Nice Dream
Princess Night Light
Nice Dream
Cat Night Light
Our SummaryDinosaur-themed night lights that your kids will love to have around when it’s time for lights out.A set of three Star Wars-themed night lights that come with a variety of colors and a remote control.A superhero-themed night light that will brighten up any room in your home.This princess night light offers adjustable brightness and a soft, pleasant LED glow.This reliable 3D night light is the purrfect nighttime companion for the cat lover in your family.
Pros✓ Four dinosaur options
✓ Remote control
✓ Can change color and brightness
✓ Awesome 3D display
✓ Lots of colors to choose from
✓ Three unique Star Wars inspired panels
✓ Awesome 3D display
✓ Lots of colors
✓ Good for adults and kids
✓ Adjustable brightness
✓ Many cute designs to choose between
✓ Cost-effective choice
✓ Touch and remote control
✓ Soft and stable LED light
✓ Easy to use
Cons✗ Expensive✗ Not very durable✗ Remote can be finicky✗ Color-changing function sometimes wonky✗ Lacks variety
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The Best 3D Night Lights

a little boy looks at a 3D dinosaur night-light

Buying Guide for 3D Night Lights

A 3D nightlight with a blue cat shape lit up.
Nice Dream

Why buy a 3D night light?

3D night lights give a 3D illusion by lighting up an etched design on a shaped piece of clear acrylic. They come in super cool designs and provide a nice glow to light up whatever room you put it in. Plus, kids love the fact that these lights are often designed to look like their favorite characters and animals. However, 3D night lights aren’t limited to kids, so if you’re a Star Wars enthusiast or a Marvel fan, you can find an excellent 3D night light for you, too. There are plenty of 3D night light options out there in various colors, designs, and characters. They’re usually quite affordable, too, so you shouldn’t worry about having to pay too much for your favorite.

What should you consider in 3D night lights?

  • Design: 3D night lights are popular for their design, which tends to be why people purchase them. You’ll want to pick the design that fits what you’re looking for. Some are appropriate for children, while others are good for adults, too.
  • Durability: You won’t want the night light you buy to break after only a few uses! Make sure you’re getting a product that will light up for months or even years down the road. To this end, finding a highly-rated product with good user reviews is always a wise choice.
  • Color Mode Options: Different 3D night lights have different color modes, including flashing and alternating ones. If you’re looking for something extra fun, choose an option that lets you easily switch up the colors.

What should you expect to pay for a 3D night light?

These products are generally in the same price range of $15 to $30. Since they’re pretty standard in terms of price,  you should feel free to pick the design you prefer without worrying too much about price. However, you’re likely to pay more for a design that features multiple acrylic plates and, therefore, more night light designs to choose from.

Our Picks for the Best 3D Night Lights

Best Dinosaur

FULLOSUN Dinosaur 3D Night Light

Dinosaur-themed night lights that your kids will love to have around when it's time for lights out.

Pros: The FULLOSUN Dinosaur 3D Night Light is perfect for kids thanks to its fun design and colorful display. There are four different dinosaur designs in the set, including favorites like the T-Rex and velociraptor. The included remote control easily lets you change the color and brightness of the night light at the touch of a button. This product makes a great gift for just about any dino-loving child in your life.

Cons: This 3D night light is considerably more expensive than other products featured in this guide. However, it does provide four acrylic panels, whereas most products only provide a single one.

Bottom Line: The dinosaur design of this night light is exciting for young kids, and the light makes them feel comfortable in their room. It may not last for years, but your kids will have fun with the four different dino designs that come with this product.


Best Star Wars

NewHiya 3D Night Light for Kids and Star Wars Fans

A set of three Star Wars-themed night lights that come with a variety of colors and a remote control.

Pros: This NewHiya 3D Night Light is the go-to option for Star Wars lovers, whether kids or adults! You can control it by touch or with a remote to change the color or brightness depending on your mood. There are 16 colors for you to choose from, as well as three display modes. Light up your room with the Death Star, R2-D2, or the Millennium Falcon.

Cons: Based on user reviews, this probably isn’t the most durable 3D night light on the market. Also, some users had issues using the remote to change the light settings.

Bottom Line: If you’re a Star Wars fan or are buying a night light for one, this is the option for you! While there are some minor issues, these lights look great, light up in a number of different colors and brightness levels, and give you control of their appearance. All in all, this is a fun and unique product.


Best Superhero

Pros: The XXMANX Iron Man 3D Illusion Lamp is designed to make an impression regardless of your age. It features one of the most iconic Marvel characters out there and lights up in 16 different colors with seven color-changing modes to choose from. This night light is great for both kids and adult Marvel fans and stands out from other products due to its vintage-inspired design.

Cons: The remote can be a bit finicky.

Bottom Line: This is a fun option for Spider-Man lovers or superhero enthusiasts looking to add something exciting to their homes.


Best Princess

Nice Dream Princess Night Light

This princess night light offers adjustable brightness and a soft, pleasant LED glow.

Pros: This princess LED night light is highly rated by customers on Amazon for its versatility and adjustable brightness. It is also energy-efficient and long-lasting, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice. It is a great night light for children, as it provides a calming and reassuring presence in the room during bedtime. Nice Dream also offers unicorn, teddy bear, and mermaid designs if princesses are not to your child’s liking.

Cons: There have been some user reports of this night light’s color-changing function not working properly or the night light ceasing to work prematurely. However, it should be noted that these issues seem to be relatively rare based on its overall stellar reviews.

Bottom Line: Nice Dream has some of the highest-rated 3D night lights on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why thanks to their unique offering of kid-friendly designs and intuitive night light controls.


Best For Animal Lovers

Nice Dream Cat Night Light

This reliable 3D night light is the purrfect nighttime companion for the cat lover in your family.

Pros: This night light from Nice Dream is an animal lover’s dream come true thanks to the soft, stable light it provides via its high-quality LED. It affords the user touch controls if they ever misplace the remote and offers 16 colors to choose from, as well as four color flashing modes. Many reviewers loved how easy to use this product was, making it a great option for a child’s bedroom.

Cons: This night light only comes with one acrylic panel, so you can’t swap the kitty out for a lion or elephant when your child’s preferences change. This is a shame because some of the company’s other animal designs show off a really cool 3D effect.

Bottom Line: While this 3D night light may cost a little extra, its quality is above and beyond what you may expect. Also, if you’re not a fan of cats, their animal designs range from other domesticated animals to wild animals and even prehistoric beasts.

Final Thoughts

Get creative with your lighting by picking a 3D night light with a cool design. These products are affordable and fun additions to a child’s room but also work great for adult-oriented spaces such as game rooms and billiard rooms.

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