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The Best 4-Channel Amps for Your Vehicle

4 Channel amp in a vehicles trunk with wiring hooked up on both sides

If you are looking to power some speakers to bring your car audio experience to the next level, a great 4 channel amplifier is likely your most cost-efficient option. 4 Channel amps are quite versatile since they can be wired in various ways to produce the best sounds possible. However, finding the perfect 4 channel amp for your vehicle is not always easy. We made this guide to simplify the process for you so that you can maximize your car’s audio quality without breaking the bank.

Shopping for a 4 Channel Amp

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the size right? Whether you plan on placing your amp in the trunk, under a front seat, or anywhere else in your vehicle, you will want to ensure it will be a great fit. Thus, measuring your available space ahead of time can save you some complications down the line. Thankfully, amps have been getting smaller and smaller while providing excellent power.
  • What will your amp be powering? Even powerful, well-made amps can be ruined immediately if you are not careful. Thus, you should make sure your new amp can handle the ohm load that it will be connected to. Additionally, it is equally important to ensure your amp has all available crossovers for the applications you plan on implementing.
  • Is the amp built to last? If you are purchasing a 4 channel amp for your car audio setup, it is likely to take some abuse from your vehicle’s normal vibrations. It can also be kicked if placed under a seat, or overheat if pushed too hard. Thus, finding an amp that is durably constructed (aluminum casings are ideal in this regard) and great at dissipating heat can help ensure that your amp lasts a long time.

Top Pick: Alpine MRV-F300 4 Channel Car Amplifier

Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amp featuring compact chassis with snap-on terminal covers

For those seeking a compact 4 channel amplifier with phenomenal sound, the Alpine MRV-F300 is an amazing choice. This amp is small enough to fit under most passenger seats and does well to stay relatively cool even when pushed to its limits. With remote sensing automatic turn on and selectable bass boost on channels three and four, this amp also includes some nice features in terms of convenience and performance.

Top Pick

Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier, 50 Watts RMS x 4

This amp features a compact chassis and performs well with stock or aftermarket speakers.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Rockville 4 Channel Car Amplifier

Rockville RVF-2 4 channel amp with LED status indicator light

If you are on a budget and looking for a powerful amp to power your subs, the Rockville RVF-2 is for you. This amp offers better power and more reliable performance compared to other amps at its price range and avoids common pitfalls such as overheating and cutting out while in use. It also features over-voltage protection at 16V and high/low pass filters that operate magnificently. While this is not the most technically sophisticated option out there, it doesn’t disappoint in terms of power or quality.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Rockville RVF-2 1200w Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS 4 Channel Car Amplifier Stereo Amp

This amp is easy to install and features a fully-adjustable 12dB bass equalizer as well as over-voltage protection at 16V.

Best Compact: DS18 CANDY-X4B Amplifier

Compact DS18 CANDY-X4B 4 channel amp with RCA inputs/outputs and high input hookups

For those seeking a compact amp that is perfect for use on bikes or cars with minimal space, the DS18 CANDY-X4B features a fantastic power-to-size ratio. Measuring in at 9 x 5 x 2 inches, it’s small enough for installation on your motorcycle and can be situated virtually anywhere in your vehicle. Additionally, rated at 4 x 120W RMS power at 2 Ohms, this amp offers serious performance that is great for a wide range of car audio setups.

Best Compact

DS18 CANDY-X4B Amplifier in Black - Class D, 4 Channels, 1600 Watts Max, Digital, 2/4 Ohm - Don't Sacrifice Space for Power - Compact Mini Ampflier for Speakers in Car Audio System

At 1600W, this amp delivers plenty of power. It's also small enough for use on a motorcycle or compact cars with minimal space for audio equipment.

Hardest Hitting: Audiopipe APCL2004 4 Channel Amplifier

Audiopipe APCL2004 4-Channel amp with screw-down hookups

This amp from Audiopipe is a great pick for anyone seeking a reliable amp to push mids and highs to amazing effect. Featuring performance that matches (if not exceeds) many amps that are twice the price, this product does run a little warm but features a built-in fan that keeps it from overheating. While it would be nice to see larger gauge inputs included (this amp uses a universal screw-down hookup), this is still one of the best products out there for loud, crisp highs and mids.

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