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The Best 4×6 Picture Frames

Laura Ashley/PETAFLOP/Melannco
🕚 Updated November 2022

We take photos all day long on our smartphones and share them across many platforms. But why not print some out and display them? With stylish picture frames, we can show off our favorite captured memories and keep them close.

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  Best Glass Frame Best Set Best Vintage Design Best Wooden Frame Best Collage Frame Best Acrylic
4x6 Picture Frame 2-Pack
4x6 Picture Frame, Set of 10
Laura Ashley
Gold Ornate Textured Hand-Crafted Resin 4x6 Picture Frame
Solid Wood High Definition Glass 4x6 Picture Frame
8 Opening Photo Collage Frame
4x6 Acrylic Picture Frame
Our SummaryThis pair of modern glass photo frames is both simple and elegant.For those who want a sleek and simple set of photo frames, these 4x6 frames are a fantastic buy.A baroque-style frame to show off a treasured photo.A solid wood frame with high-definition glass for a classy look and picture display.This contemporary collage frame holds eight photos for a fun display.A transparent, frameless, double-sided acrylic frame held together by four magnets.
Pros✓ Great value
✓ Easy to switch photos out
✓ Sleek look
✓ Simple design
✓ Light but sturdy
✓ High-definition glass
✓ Comes with hanging hardware and non-trace nails
✓ Plastic resin molded frame
✓ Textured gold-colored floral design
✓ Plush black velvet backing
✓ Kickstand, twist tabs, and built-in hooks
✓ Made of solid wood
✓ Comes in several colors
✓ High-definition, polished glass
✓ Sturdy P2 MDF backing
✓ Kickstand, opening tabs, and wall hooks
✓ Playful home interior accent
✓ Four vertical and four horizontal frame layouts
✓ Fun and contemporary style
✓ Sawtooth hangers
✓ Double-sided acrylic picture frame
✓ Two-piece transparent magnetic frameless frame ✓ Holds two photos
✓ Easy to clean and change out photos
Cons✗ Not for hanging
✗ Lightweight and may be easily tipped over
✗ Only available in bulk✗ May overpowered any photo with its busy design.✗ Style might not work for everyone✗ Picture openings may be poorly sized✗ For surface display only
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The Best 4×6 Picture Frames

Three different photo fames with photos in them. One is gold and vintage, one is glass with silver accents, and one is a collage frame.
Laura Ashley/PETAFLOP/Melannco

Buying Guide for 4×6 Photo Frames

Two picture frames displaying family photos on a dresser inside a home.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a 4×6 photo frame?

The standard size for a photo print is 4×6 inches. When you order photos from your favorite drug store, big-box store, or online photo printer, the size typically defaults to a 4×6-inch print. Since 4×6 inch prints are the standard, they’re also the most cost-effective size photo print. Many people still love placing 4×6 prints into photo albums, but a nice photo frame in your home or office will put your favorite photos on display for you and others to admire more often.

What should you consider in a 4×6 photo frame?

  • Material: If you’re hanging something on a wall in a rental, you may want to hang a lightweight frame with adhesive strips. A great example of lightweight material would be plastic or composite. Natural wood is a great option if you’re looking for something sturdier to stand the test of time. Entirely glass frames are also sleek and sophisticated options, but if they fall, they’re more likely to shatter.
  • Hang or Stand: If you’re ordering a photo frame online and plan to hang it on the wall, be sure that your choice comes with a hanger on the back of the frame. On the flip side, if you want it to be freestanding on a tabletop or mantle, make sure it comes with a stand so you can display it the way you want.
  • Color: 4×6 photo frames come in various fun colors: bold tones, muted hues, basic neutrals, metallic sheens, etc.

Should you buy single frames or a collage frame?

However you like your decor, there’s a great frame option. Some folks love the look and simplicity of a singular frame. Single frames are easier to deal with if you like changing your photos out often. Some people prefer to hang matching or varying single frames to create an artistic statement, while others like collage frames that combine multiple photos into one larger combination frame. It’s an easy and simple way to have their favorite memories or portraits of the whole family grouped in one focal point frame.

Our Picks for the Best 4×6 Photo Frames

Best Glass Frame

PETAFLOP 4x6 Picture Frame 2-Pack

This pair of modern glass photo frames is both simple and elegant.

Pros: This set of frames is an excellent value for many buyers. They’re easy to change out; you can remove the back easily to replace your photos. If you want a sophisticated look for an office space, these are ideal. The glass edge with silver accents gives a modern minimalist look.

Cons: These frames are made for tabletops only. Also, they aren’t very sturdy, so they may get knocked over easily and break.

Bottom Line: These frames are a great selection for a giftable matching set of 4×6 photo frames. The glass around the edges makes it look as if your photo is floating beautifully inside.


Best Set

upsimples 4x6 Picture Frame, Set of 10

For those who want a sleek and simple set of photo frames, these 4x6 frames are a fantastic buy.

Pros: The upsimples 4×6 black frames have a simple design with a clean look. These frames are light but firm and come with high-definition glass to bring out the elegance in your photos. Also included is a white matte, so you have the option to frame a 3.5×5 photo with the matte and 4×6 photos without it. These 10 frames come with hanging hardware and non-trace nails. Use the kickstand for tabletop display or hang them horizontally or vertically.

Cons: While there is an assortment of colors to choose from, the upsimples 4×6 frame is available only in bulk.

Bottom Line: If you need a lot of photo frames that match, this is a great buy. You can create some fantastic wall designs with this set of sleek, simple frames. They may not be top-of-the-line, but they’re a great last-minute gift or event decor idea at a great price.


Best Vintage Design

Laura Ashley Gold Ornate Textured Hand-Crafted Resin 4x6 Picture Frame

A baroque-style frame to show off a treasured photo.

Pros: With this veritable work of art photo frame, you add charm to any room’s decor. The plastic resin molded frame features a textured gold-colored floral design, a display sure to catch guests’ attention. Even the plush black velvet backing gives a feeling of glamor. The frame is practical, too, of course. The kickstand stabilizes the frame, and the twist tabs secure the photo. Or use the built-in hooks to display it on the wall, horizontally or vertically.

Cons: There’s a danger that your kid’s school photo or art will be overpowered by the frame’s attractive but busy design.

Bottom Line: If you like the ornate style of this frame, you’ll be pleased with this frame. It’s well-made and comes in an array of colors and sizes. The frame is hand-painted as well, giving it a unique touch.


Best Wooden Choice

RPJC Solid Wood High Definition Glass 4 x 6 Picture Frame

A solid wood frame with high-definition glass for a classy look and picture display

Pros: This frame is made from solid wood, so it’s sturdy and long-lasting. It comes in several colors to match your decor. High-definition, polished glass protects your photos and showcases them with crystal-like clarity. The sturdy P2 MDF backing has a kickstand, opening tabs, and wall hooks—diverse methods for displaying your photos as you wish.

Cons: This simple frame may disappoint those who want a fancier style.

Bottom Line: Many picture frames are made of plastic, which is not necessarily bad. But if you prefer the look and feel of solid wood, this may be a fantastic choice. Additionally, there are multiple other classic colors from which to choose.


Best Collage Frame

Melannco 8 Opening Photo Collage Frame

This contemporary collage frame holds four 6 x 4 and four 4 x 6-inch photos.

Pros: Want to give your home’s interior a playful accent and show off eight of your favorite photos? The Melannco rectangular collage frame does exactly that. It measures 24 x 12 inches and has four 6 x 4 and four 4 x 6-inch frame openings. It’s a distinctive design that’s both fun and contemporary with the chunky, high-quality frames and staggered design. Hang the frame horizontally or vertically with the sawtooth hangers.

Cons: According to some users, the openings aren’t the size they should be for 4 x 6 and 6 x 4 photos, and they had to trim the edges of the photos.

Bottom Line: The Melannco collage frame has an appealing, puzzling look that easily adds a new look to your home or office. It comes in white, gray, and black and can be a lovely gift any time of the year.


Best Acrylic

Boxalls 4x6 Acrylic Picture Frame

A transparent, frameless, double-sided acrylic frame held together by four magnets.

Pros: This double-sided acrylic picture frame resembles a block of ice in a way. It’s a two-piece transparent magnetic frameless frame that holds two photos. One user aptly describes it as a “sandwich” of two acrylic pieces held together by tiny but pretty powerful magnets. The design makes it easy to clean and change out photos.

Cons: This frame is intended for surface display only. This might not be your favorite frame if you want to hang your photo on the wall.

Bottom Line: We love that this frame is made to display two photos—each viewable by rotating the acrylic block that holds them in place. It makes an engaging visual and tactile experience.

Final Thoughts

These 4×6 frames are more than compact and cute. Their size offers lots of room for creative arrangement. And the variety of styles available means you can find the perfect ones to display photos in your home.

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