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The Best Five-Gallon Gas Cans for Your Garage

A great 5-gallon gas can is one of the most preparatory purchases you can make, whether you will use it to fuel up your lawnmower or gas-powered generator or to save yourself a towing bill after running out of gas on the freeway. Although some say it’s impossible to find a high-quality gas can these days, there are definitely some gems to be found. To simplify your search for the perfect product, here’s our guide to the best 5-gallon gas cans you can buy.

Shopping for a High-Quality Gas Can

To find the best gas can for your needs, remember to consider a can’s design, legality, and ease of use before making your selection.

  • Design: A well-designed gas can should minimize spills and feature a flow rate that is suitable for your needs. A fast flow rate might be ideal for larger tanks but can lead to spills when filling a small tank that requires precision. Additionally, if a gas can features a push-button design, you will want to ensure the button is easy to press so that you will not have any issues starting or stopping the flow of gas.
  • Legality: Regulations have been the main driver behind gas can design changes over the years. CARB, EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory bodies all come into play. Since gas can regulations seek to protect both the purchaser and the environment, it is best to seek a gas can that is legal to use where you reside.
  • Ease of Use: Gas cans can be quite heavy when full, so choosing a product that includes features such as an ergonomic handle, bottom grip, or flexible hose can make it easier to handle. Also, a gas can’s nozzle placement can largely determine whether it is better suited for top- or side-fill machinery. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider the gas tank placement on machines you will use your gas can to fill before making a selection.

Now that we’ve gone over some gas can basics, let’s check out the best 5-gallon gas cans on the market!

Top Pick: GARAGE BOSS Briggs and Stratton Press ‘N Pour Gas Can

For those seeking an easy-to-use gas can that works well for refueling cars and lawnmowers, the GARAGE BOSS Briggs and Stratton Press ‘N Pour Gas Can is a great choice. This gas can features a moderately fast flow rate that is quick enough for large fuel tanks but not so fast as to make refueling your lawnmower a risky task. Additionally, the press and pour design is easy to operate and does not require inhuman strength like some other models. This gas can also scores major points for its ergonomic spout grip and the precise flow control afforded by the translucent spout extension.

Top Pick

GARAGE BOSS GB351 Briggs and Stratton Press 'N Pour Gas Can, 5 gallon, Red

This 5-gallon gas can features an easy-to-use push-button design and a balanced flow rate that works great for large or small gas tanks.

Best No-Spill Design: No-Spill 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can

The No-Spill 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can really shines with top-fill applications, such as many portable generators require, thanks to its unique shape and nozzle positioning. Just as the name implies, this gas can is almost completely spill-proof when used correctly, thanks to its push-button design and auto-stop functionality. The auto-stop feature, in particular, is a breath of fresh air for those who are prone to overfilling the gas tanks on their mowers or other small machinery. While the design of this gas can is not ideal for fueling vehicles, it is a great choice fueling jobs that call for care and precision.

Best No-Spill Design

No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliant),Red

This gas can has a useful auto-stop function that automatically stops dispensing fuel once the gas has reached the nozzle.

Best Steel Gas Can: Justrite 5-Gallon Gas Can

The Justrite 5-Gallon Gas Can features a 100% steel body and a safe-squeeze trigger that is definitely a step above most push-button gas can models in terms of an effortless, precise pour. Those who transport their gasoline in automobiles will love how well this gas can conceals gasoline odor, which can not be said about the other items on this list. This gas can also comes with a high-quality 9-inch hose for targeted pouring and features a stainless steel flame arrestor for added safety.

Best Steel Gas Can

Justrite 5 Gallon Red AccuFlow Galvanized Steel Type II Vented Safety Can With Stainless Steel Flame Arrester And 1" Metal Hose (For Flammable Liquids)

This steel gas can features a safe-squeeze trigger that allows for precise fuel dispensing. It also sports a stainless steel flame arrestor to help prevent accidental ignitions.

Best With Hose: VP Racing Fuels 5-Gallon Motorsport Liquid Container

For those who want a gas can that can get the job done fast, the VP Racing Fuels 5-Gallon Motorsport Liquid Container is your best bet. This gas can arrives with a 14-inch hose and resists leaking well, thanks to its unique cap and rubber gaskets, but it really shines when filling up large tanks in a hurry. This product is also relatively easy to handle, especially when using the bottom grip, and the flexible hose does well to mitigate leaking when compared to most straight nozzle models.

Best With Hose

VP Racing Fuels 5-Gallon Motorsport Liquid Container, Red with 14" Standard Hose

This gas can is designed for racing fuel, features an extremely fast pour rate, and is also very precise, thanks to the 14-inch hose.

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