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The Best 5×7 Picture Frames

🕚 Updated November 2021

When there are so many social media platforms that save photos you upload, some people might not see the value in picture frames. However, keeping tangible printed photos in frames can add a lot of sentimental and decorative value to your space.

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  Best Value Best Wooden Design Best White Frame Best Gold Frame Also Great
5x7 Solid Wood Picture Frame
5x7 Carbonized Black Wood Picture Frame, 4-pack
Icona Bay
5x7 White Picture Frame
Icona Bay
5x7 Gold Detailed Molding Picture Frame
LaVie Home
5x7 Silver Picture Frames, 6-pack
Our SummaryThis 5x7 solid wood picture frame features shatter-resistant glass, an easel back, and wall hooks.Made with carbonized wood, these four attractive frames are designed for durability and feature flexible swivel tabs for wall arrangement.A white picture frame makes a great gift for weddings and holidays. This one is elegant and durable. This attractive gold picture frame has decorative beaded edges and durable hardware for various display options.
This 5x7 silver picture frame six-pack creates a sleek, modern look to display your favorite images.
ProsSolid wood frame, shatter-resistant glass, wall hooks offer options for display, comes in several colors, thicker frame, easy opening tabs.Carbonized wood grain, rustic appeal, MDF wood, sturdy backboard, swivel tabs, hardware included to hang vertically or horizontally, easel back.Elegant and matte finish, sturdy engineered wood frame, high-definition glass for scratch resistance, eco-friendly, use the D-ring hooks or kickstand.Classic yet glamorous look, durable, eco-friendly, can hang or put on table horizontally or vertically, high-definition glass.Six in one purchase, versatile, won't become dull over time, real glass and a quality backboard.
ConsFrame won't be flush with the frame.Not real solid wood.Quality isn't the best.Gold finish might not be as nice as expected.The finish can get scratched.
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The Best 5×7 Picture Frames

A wooden picture frame set up on a table next to plants.

Framed photos have value not just as visual reminders of people you love, but also as important events like weddings and landscapes from your favorite travel excursions. The popular 5- by 7-inch frames stand out from other popular sizes because they’re a great option for highlighting pictures of your kids, family members, graduates, and family pets. The framed space is relatively small, so there’s little room for frame matting. Consequently, the portrait photo you want to place on your desk, kitchen counter, or wall, gets front-and-center visibility in a 5×7 frame.

Buying Guide for 5×7 Picture Frames

Three wooden picture frames on a countertop.
Suzanna Bunch/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a 5×7 picture frame?

In addition to giving a portrait photo a perfect display, 5×7 picture frames fit well in the nooks and crannies of a room. 5×7 frames are also a practical solution for preserving old family photos you have in storage. Moreover, the 5×7 size is perfect for creating a photo gallery. Hang some vertically, others horizontally, or stagger several for display on a common area tabletop or your personal office.

What should you look for in a 5×7 picture frame?

  • Material: Some frames are made with solid wood, while others are composed of engineered wood. The price difference is unsubstantial, and either option makes for a durable product. Still, if you’re going for a nice wood frame, you may want to read product descriptions carefully. Also important are shatter-proof or shatter-resistant glass for clear viewing of your photos and great protection.
  • Design: Many, but not all, 5×7 frames have both kickstand easels and hardware for wall mounting. When you find a frame you like that gives you both options, find out if it can also be displayed horizontally and vertically; that way, you’ll have optimal versatility.
  • Look: It seems it all comes down to aesthetic appeal when you’re looking for ways to decorate your home. You also want to frame your favorite images with appealing designs. Choose a color that will contrast with a room’s decor or one that will disappear into the background, giving prominence to the photos.

What else can you use a 5×7 picture frame for?

You can really get creative with a 5×7 picture frame. Bring out the craft bin and make a display of dried flowers or herbs to hang in the bathroom. Take out that dusty stamp or coin collection and give it a place to shine. Make a collage, frame your kids’ art, or print your favorite quotes. Display your favorite recipes in the kitchen. The options are almost endless.

Our Picks for the Best 5×7 Picture Frames

Best Value

RPJC 5x7 Solid Wood Picture Frame

This 5x7 solid wood picture frame features shatter-resistant glass, an easel back, and wall hooks.

Pros: Use this classic solid wood frame to showcase a beloved family photo or DIY art piece for the living room mantel or as a holiday gift. It’s both handsomely made and practically designed with high-definition, polished, shatter-resistant glass. The wall hooks give you display options, too. This low-lead American pine frame comes in several colors from gray to gold and black. Designed for 5×7 photos, the actual frame is 6.25×8.25 inches. The thicker frame makes a stately presentation for the pictures you choose to decorate with. It comes with easy opening tabs at the back for quick photo insertion.

Cons: Users overwhelmingly love this picture frame, so it was difficult to find any real drawbacks to report. You may want to consider that the picture you want to frame will not sit flush with the frame.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with this RPJC 5×7 frame if solid wood is your style. It looks great and stands up to potential accidents, thanks to the high-quality glass and durable backboard. The frame’s design is easy to use, so you can switch from one photo to the next without breaking a sweat.


Best Wooden Design

Hap Tim 5x7 Carbonized Black Wood Picture Frame, 4-pack

Made with carbonized wood, these four attractive frames are designed for durability and feature flexible swivel tabs for wall arrangement.

Pros: With a carbonized wood grain, raw-looking finish, these four picture frames look great in rooms with rustic decor. Composed of high-quality MDF wood, these frames won’t break down or lose their attractive quality. They’re also designed for durability with genuine glass and a sturdy backboard for protection. The backboards have four flexible swivel tabs each, which make for easy framing. It’s a feature that also simplifies the process for exchanging from one photo to the next. The frames come with hardware to hang vertically or horizontally, as well as an easel back for tabletop display. With four frames, you can create a cool gallery to spruce up a room.

Cons: It may look like solid wood, but it’s not. If you’re a die-hard for all-natural material, you may want to move on to find a frame that works for you.

Bottom Line: This 5×7 picture frame covers the best of both worlds: the practical and the suggestive. It has the parts you need to hang or place in a room where your photo will be seen. With quality parts and a lovely design, this carbonized wood frame is a great choice.


Best White Frame

Icona Bay 5x7 White Picture Frame

A white picture frame makes a great gift for weddings and holidays. This one is elegant and durable.

Pros: White is a nice option for adding an elegant, uplifting, classic accent to a room. The Icona Bay white matte-finished picture frame is an easy way to create that visual effect and protect the photos you care most about. The sturdy engineered wood frame comes with a heat-strengthened, high-definition glass for scratch resistance. The frame is also eco-friendly. You can choose to hang the frame using the D-ring hooks or set it on a surface for display using the handy kickstand ease.

Cons: Not everyone is satisfied by the quality of this picture frame. You may find that the look and design of the frame are on a level with its low price.

Bottom Line: This white 5×7 frame is versatile in function and appearance. It makes a great gift with a nice photo. The combination of style and usefulness make this frame great for almost anyone.


Best Gold Frame

Icona Bay 5x7 Gold Detailed Molding Picture Frame

This attractive gold picture frame has decorative beaded edges and durable hardware for a variety of display options.

Pros: The beaded edges of this 5×7 gold picture frame create a classic yet glamorous look. It’s not just tasteful but durable, too. Composed of recycled, acrylic resin material, the frame is eco-friendly. It comes with durable hardware for wall hanging and a kickstand easel for tabletop display. Whichever you choose, you can position the frame horizontally or vertically. Give the photo or print you want to frame superior clarity with the high-definition glass that also offers protection.

Cons: A number of users report that the gold color was not as nicely finished as they expected.

Bottom Line: This jazzy and sophisticated picture frame is simply a great buy. It’s made of eco-friendly material that should last as long as you want it to. You can situate it in various ways to show off pictures of loved ones or intricate art pieces.


Also Great

LaVie Home 5x7 Silver Picture Frames, 6-pack

This 5x7 silver picture frame six-pack creates a sleek, modern look to display your favorite images.

Pros: You get six of these minimalist silver frames with one purchase! This 5×7 picture frame by LaVie is so versatile in appearance that you can use it as an accent for almost any room and decor from modern to vintage and elegant. The frame won’t become dull over time either with its acrylic resin molding. It’s also designed with real glass and a quality backboard for protection against moisture, dust, and scratches. Set it on a surface, hang it on the wall—either way, it will look great!

Cons: Some users report that the finishes on the frames can get scratched if you’re not careful with them.

Bottom Line: This adaptable 5×7 picture frame is compatible with other decorations in a modern, minimalist-styled room or professional office space. When you consider the details this frame bears, you’ll find the attractive qualities of dignified style and durability.

Final Thoughts

Like other small home decorations, 5×7 picture frames can look great together with similar-sized ornaments or as stand-alone pieces. Why not take advantage of this versatile feature as you look for options to display the photos you care about? Utilize the 5×7 frame to make a small gift for someone you care about. Get creative or follow tradition. A quality 5×7 frame will serve either purpose—that’s the beauty of it!

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