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The Best 8×10 Area Rugs

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🕚 Updated November 2021

One of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade a room is by adding an area rug. They bring a touch of class, warmth, and sophistication to a space and can tie your decor together.

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  Most Popular Most Versatile Best Shag Rug Best Distressed Also Great
Moroccan Blythe Area Rug
Moroccan Rug
Super Soft Area Rug
Unique Loom Store
Sofia Collection Area Rug
Farmhouse Area Rug
Our SummaryA rug that's great for high-traffic areas because of its durable design and synthetic material.A durable and stain-resistant printed polypropylene rug.A soft, solid-colored shag area rug that's great for most rooms.A vintage style, distressed area rug that brightens up a room.A handwoven jute rug that adds a natural look.
ProsPolypropylene, made in Turkey, durable, good for kids & pets, vacuum or spot clean, multiple color options.Polypropylene, durable, takes wear & tear, stain-resistant, can vacuum, several colors.Plush, functional, easy to clean, good for practically any room.Machine-woven, ideal for pets & kids, stain-resistant, versatile design, high-quality, easy to clean, non-shedding, great colors.Made in India, stylish, made from jute, brings warmth and natural touch to a room.
ConsNeeds nonslip pad, may come creased.Some shedding, recommended to have professionally cleaned, corners don't lay flat sometimes.Rug comes vacuum-packed, needs to lay flat upon arrival, a little boring compared to other models.May have pixelated print, colors might vary in person.Small color variances, fibers can stick up, requires careful cleaning.
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The Best 8×10 Area Rugs

Three different rooms with three different area rugs; one is tan and natural, one is teal with a slight pattern, one is cream and gray and patterned.
nuLOOM/Unique Loom/nuLOOM

Whether you’re putting the rug in a high-traffic area or a back room, there are several aspects to consider in a rug purchase. And from simple to modern to rustic styles, there’s a wide range of area rugs available. To get you started on your search, we’ve rounded up some of the best affordable area rugs you can buy to help you upgrade your favorite space.

Buying Guide for 8×10 Area Rugs

A black and white area rug placed in a central location of a room.

Why buy an area rug?

Adding an area rug to your home provides a layer of comfort you can’t achieve with just the regular flooring. It adds a cushy layer to your floor, which is easier on your feet and will absorb the noise of walking—a particularly nice advantage for apartment living. Rugs can also tie your furniture and decor together by acting as a connecting focal point. The 8- by 10-foot rug, in particular, is a popular size for many living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, playrooms, or family rooms. Chances are good that you’ll want an 8×10 rug in some room(s) of your home.

What should you look for in an area rug?

  • Size: Most rugs are available in multiple sizes, but as previously mentioned, 8 feet by 10 feet is a standard rug size for most buyers, so it’s what we’re showing you here. Measure the area in which you plan on placing the rug to be sure you purchase the correct size. Remember that an oversized rug will look better than one that’s too small for the space.
  • Design: The design and style of the rug should complement the room or space you’re placing it in. Take a quick look at the main colors of your space, and look for matching or complementary tones that will enhance your current decor. It should also reflect your personal style and preferences, so find something that keeps you coming back to the room to admire.
  • Nonslip: Some rugs will come equipped with a nonslip backing that helps keep them in place on both hard floors and carpets. If the rug you have your eye on doesn’t have nonslip backing, it may be something you will want to purchase separately to avoid slips and falls.
  • Care: If your home tends to be a little messy, then a washable rug can save you hassle and money by allowing you to give it a good washing whenever it gets dirty, as opposed to having to buy new. Rugs require different cleaning methods, so consider the level of work each rug will need before deciding.
  • Durability: If you have a busy home or high-traffic areas where the rug will lay, be sure it will be able to stand up to the wear and tear.

What material is best for an area rug?

Rugs come in a variety of materials, so how do you know which is best for your space? The material from which rugs are made will determine their durability and softness. Rugs typically include natural fibers or synthetics. Natural fibers include wool, cotton, jute, sisal, silk, etc. Synthetic fibers include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, viscose, etc. Most fibers require vacuuming and spot cleaning, but some will require professional cleaning treatments. Just pay attention to what the listing recommends before buying. You will also need to consider durability and placement. For example, heavily frequented areas will pair well with low-pile rugs in durable materials such as wool, polypropylene, or jute.

Our Picks for the Best 8×10 Area Rugs

Most Popular

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

A rug that's great for high-traffic areas because of its durable design and synthetic material.

Pros: This 100% polypropylene rug is made in Turkey and features numerous colors and styles as well as sizes, so there’s one for almost every room! This rug is built to stand up against everyday wear and tear with a synthetic material that is both kid- and pet-friendly, making it great for well-trodden areas. This stylish and versatile rug can be vacuumed regularly and spot cleaned when necessary.

Cons: It’s recommended to buy a nonslip pad to put underneath this rug to prevent accidental slippage. It will likely need to be laid flat with pressure on it to remove creases from shipping.

Bottom Line: While this rug is on the slightly pricier side, it’s a low-maintenance rug that’s easy to care for and will last for a long time. It holds up against wear and tear, which makes it a great choice for those with two-legged and four-legged companions.


Most Versatile

JONATHAN Y Moroccan Area Rug

A durable, stain-resistant, and patterned polypropylene rug.

Pros: This polypropylene rug is durable and will stand up to heavy wear and tear from kids and pets. The synthetic fibers won’t trap dirt, debris, or stains. It can be vacuumed easily to keep it looking clean. It has a nice and neutral design, so it will go well with several different home decor styles.

Cons: There may be some temporary shedding with this rug in the first few weeks of use. It can be spot cleaned, but it’s recommended to have it professionally cleaned from time to time. The corners tend to curl up, which can be a tripping hazard. Luckily, carpet tape can fix that.

Bottom Line: This area rug won’t break the bank and comes in a gorgeous yet neutral pattern. If you don’t mind the extra care it might need, this 8×10 rug is a lovely option for a living room or bedroom.


Best Shag Rug

RUGTUDER Super Soft Area Rug

A soft, solid-colored shag area rug that's great for most rooms.

Pros: Your feet will absolutely love the soft touch of this plush shag rug. It adds the right amount of texture to your floor and is both attractive and functional. It can withstand low-power vacuuming, spot cleaning, and air-drying. The bottom has an anti-skid texture.

Cons: Upon arrival, this rug is vacuum-packed and needs a day or two to flatten out. While it does have anti-slip beading underneath, it still slides around slightly.

Bottom Line: You can’t beat the price of this fuzzy, cozy area rug. It will last you a long time if you care for it well, and it’s a staple solid-colored rug at a nice price.


Best Distressed

Unique Loom Sofia Collection Area Rug

A vintage style, distressed area rug that brightens up a room.

Pros: This machine woven rug is ideal for homes with pets and kids because it’s stain-resistant and high-quality. The versatile design will seamlessly blend into almost any room, and it comes in lovely colors. It was created with care and built to last. It’s made from a variety of fibers, including acrylic, cotton, and wool; it won’t shed and is easy to clean.

Cons: The rugs sometimes come with creases from shipment, so they do need to be rolled out and flattened. The print can look a bit pixelated, and the colors may vary slightly from the pictures.

Bottom Line: You might want to buy this rug for multiple rooms in your house. It’s a great value for the size, it’s attractive and versatile, and there are several color options to fit your personality and style.


Also Great

nuLOOM Farmhouse Area Rug

A handwoven jute rug that adds a natural look.

Pros: Made in India, this neutral-colored rug adds a sense of style and durability to your home. It’s made from jute, which is a renewable fiber with a nice texture. This rug can be vacuumed regularly with the suction-only attachment. To clean stains, use a clean white cloth and blot the area. It makes a wonderful addition to coastal or farmhouse decor styles.

Cons: Jute rugs may have small differences due to the nature of handmade natural fiber rugs. It’s common for loose fibers to break down and even sprout up, but they should be trimmed, not pulled.

Bottom Line: While a bit costly, this jute rug adds a unique flair and will be a standout statement piece in a home. The braided texture adds another level of sophistication.

Final Thoughts

Adding an area rug to your home is a great way to create a warm and comforting space. Rugs can act as artwork on the floor and help you define your space and match your decor. They’re also a great way to make over your home without breaking the bank. Check out our recommendations if you want to add a new 8×10 area rug to your home.

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