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The Best AAA Rechargeable Batteries

🕚 Updated August 2022

If you use disposable AAA batteries for your favorite electronic devices, you might be surprised how much money you drop on batteries every year. Ready to save some cash? Read on to learn about the best rechargeable AAA batteries.

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  Best Overall Best with a Charger Best Bulk Buy Highest Capacity Best for Outdoor Use
  Amazon Basics
AAA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries, 12-Pack
Rechargeable AAA Batteries with Smart Battery Charger
AAA Rechargeable Batteries 24-Pack
Rechargeable AAA Batteries (16-Count)
Panasonic Eneloop
AAA 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries, 4-Pack
Our SummaryA basic AAA battery that can be  recharged up to 1,000 times.A charger that knows when to cut off energy from fully charged batteries to reduce electrical waste.These AAA rechargeable batteries will last you years.These batteries feature a high capacity to make them ideal for high-drain electronics.A reliable AAA rechargeable battery that withstands extreme temperatures and the test of time.
ProsCan power an 800-mAh load for an hour, ideal for small appliances like digital cameras, remote controls, and radios, can be recharged up to 1,000 times.Great reputation, charger features independent charging slots, fits AAs or AAAs, LED light for each slot to indicate charging status, reduces wasted energy.Can be recharged over 1,200 times, retain 70% of their power after no use for three years, fantastic bulk buy.Impressive durability, great capacity, low price per battery, ideal for high-drain devices.Charge up to 2,100 times, come pre-charged, maintain up to 70% of their charge after 10 years, okay in extreme temperatures, perfect for daily devices.
ConsMay not hold their charge as long as claimed.Charge could last longer and charger could charge faster.May be too many for your actual need.Won't last as long as premium options.May not hold a charge for as long as expected.
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The Best AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable AAA battery in a white charger on wooden background.

Chances are that you use AAA batteries daily since they power many small electronic devices, including remote controls, digital cameras, and wireless mouses. However, the cost of constantly buying new batteries can add up. While it’s true that not all rechargeable batteries are created equal, there are some gems out there that will save you money without having to sacrifice quality or performance.

Buying Guide for AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Alkaline batteries AAA size on a yellow background.
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Why buy AAA batteries?

You likely have a few devices around your house that require AAA batteries. While the average cost of a six-pack of AAAs is usually under $10, this adds up quickly if you run to the store every month or two for new batteries. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, will often last over a thousand uses and will always be ready when you need them. In addition to being more convenient and cost-effective, rechargeable AAA batteries will also help you reduce your environmental impact since you will generate much less battery waste.

What should you look for in AAA rechargeable batteries?

  • Battery Life: A long-lasting battery life is the most important factor you should look for. Naturally, rechargeable batteries with a long battery life need to be recharged less often. Long-lasting battery life will also help ensure that your batteries have a charge when needed most, such as during an emergency or power outage. Researching a battery’s mAh (milliampere per hour) rating is important when determining battery life, but remember that not all product descriptions are 100% reliable.
  • Shelf Life: A battery’s shelf life describes how long a battery can stay in storage while holding its charge. This factor is especially important if you plan to store some batteries for long periods of time without using them. Disposable batteries tend to have a longer shelf life than rechargeable ones, so think about the shelf life before picking the best rechargeable batteries for you.
  • Dependability: A dependable battery will provide your device with a steady stream of power. When using less dependable batteries, you might notice your device flickering or randomly powering off since the batteries powering it are unable to dependably provide the voltage it requires. Some lesser brands are even known for packaging “duds” that are dead on arrival. Thankfully, there are many reliable options when seeking AAA rechargeable batteries.

What is the memory effect, and why does it matter?

The memory effect is a phenomenon where certain rechargeable batteries lose a significant portion of their capacity after being recharged before becoming completely depleted. Avoiding rechargeable batteries that demonstrate the memory effect is wise, especially if you desire the ability to recharge your batteries whenever you choose. Choosing batteries without memory will also help ensure your AAA rechargeable batteries remain long-lasting for as long as possible, even after they have been recharged dozens of times.

Our Picks for the Best AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Best Overall

Amazon Basics AAA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries, 12-Pack

A basic AAA battery that can be recharged up to 1,000 times.

Pros: The Amazon Basics AAA 800-mAh rechargeable battery is the overall best product we reviewed for its high quality and affordability. Use these batteries to power digital cameras, radios, alarm clocks, and remote controls. The Amazon Basics AAA batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times!

Cons: Several users say that these batteries do not hold their charge as long as claimed, even considering the high vs. low power usage of different devices.

Bottom Line: These 12 AAA 800-mAh rechargeable batteries are affordable and suit most everyday electronics. They’re a great go-to purchase for most.


Best with a Charger

EBL Rechargeable AAA Batteries with Smart Battery Charger

A charger that knows when to cut off energy from fully charged batteries to reduce electrical waste.

Pros: EBL has been making quality batteries since 1998 and is heralded as one of the leading producers of rechargeable batteries, so you can rest assured knowing these 16 EBL AAA rechargeable batteries and its charger are quality made. In fact, this charger is the 2022 version, the most recent upgraded design that enables you to charge one to eight AAs or AAAs at once. The independent charging slots feature eight LEDs, one for each slot, that change from red to green to show the charging status of each battery. The charger also has an integrated negative Delta V cut-off function, preventing wasted energy on fully charged batteries.

Cons: You may want the charge to last longer or for the charger to charge faster.

Bottom Line: EBL simply put a lot of thought into this product. The 16 batteries are divided up into four battery storage cases, and the batteries come pre-charged at 15-20% capacity by solar energy. Oh, and the charger and batteries come with an AC adapter cable.


Best Bulk Buy

POWERFUL AAA Rechargeable Batteries 24 Pack

These AAA rechargeable batteries will last you years.

Pros: Want the most and best quality battery juice for your money? These POWERFUL 1,000-mAh AAA batteries are more than powerful; they’re rechargeable. In fact, they’re built to recharge over 1,200 times. That’s a lot. They keep 70% of their power after non-use for three years.

Cons: The downside of bulk purchases, like these batteries, is that there may be too many for your actual need.

Bottom Line: This 24-pack of quality rechargeable AAA batteries for big families or offices is an excellent value. They’re also a safe investment; they don’t contain mercury, lead, or cadmium.


Highest Capacity

EBL Rechargeable AAA Batteries (16-Count)

These batteries feature a high capacity to make them ideal for high-drain electronics.

Pros: These EBL batteries feature a surprising 1,100-mAh capacity for the price, making them ideal for high-drain devices such as digital cameras and children’s toys. They also seem incredibly durable, with a safety-conscious design that won’t prematurely degrade like lesser budget options. Suppose you’re seeking high-capacity AAA rechargeable batteries ready for the most demanding electronic devices. In that case, this is a fantastic budget option.

Cons: While the EBL have the best capacity among budget-friendly AAA rechargeable batteries, note that they lack the long-term reusability of premium options. Thus, you might have fewer batteries than you started with after a year or so of heavy use. 

Bottom Line: Given their low price and above-average capacity, it’s hard to fault these batteries for not lasting forever. If you’re constantly purchasing AAA batteries for high-drain devices like your kids’ toys, these batteries will quickly become a lifesaver. However, if long-term usability is your primary purchasing factor, you will likely need to invest a little more for your desired performance.


Best for Outdoor Use

Panasonic Eneloop AAA Rechargeable Batteries

A reliable AAA rechargeable battery that withstands extreme temperatures and the test of time.

Pros: These batteries were built for charging up to 2,100 times, come partially pre-charged by solar power, and maintain up to 70% of their charge after 10 years. Suppose you live in a region that gets cold. In that case, you can appreciate these batteries’ ability to hold up to extreme temperatures (-4 degrees Fahrenheit). When recharged, these 750-800-mAh AAA batteries will power tons of the devices you use daily, like remote controls, game controllers, flashlights, and digital cameras.

Cons: As with many of the AAA rechargeable batteries we reviewed, these don’t always hold a charge for as long as expected. Remember that electronics that require more power will drain batteries faster than devices that need less to operate.

Bottom Line: The Panasonic Eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries hold their charge as promised, even as they age. They’ll hold onto at least 70% of their charge after 10 years, so these are good to keep around.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a rechargeable option is a no-brainer if you’re constantly burning through packs of AAA batteries. Finding a balance between price, reliability, capacity, and longevity is not always simple. However, if you consider your needs before making a purchase, you will be much more likely to end up with quality batteries that will provide your devices with power for many years.

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