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The Best Address Stamps

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Did you know that you can buy a custom address stamp for addressing your own envelopes and packages? If you think one of these stamps would be a worthwhile addition to your home office or small business, here are some we recommend.

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  Top Choice Up to Five Lines Best Circular Choice Add Your Own Logo Classic Design
Return Address Stamp
Stamp by Me
Custom Address Stamp
904 Custom
Self-Inking Monogram Address Stamp
Pickled Stamps
Custom Business Logo Stamp
Traditional Custom Rubber Stamp
Our SummaryA modern, self-inking address stamp with an ink pad that lasts twice as long as most.If you have a long address, this address stamp has you covered.If you prefer a unique look, this circular stamp is for you.This address stamp was specifically designed with professional settings in mind.This traditional rubber hand stamp is available in a wide range of sizes and can be used with any of your favorite inks.
ProsTwice as much ink, clear base, several font and ink color options, self-inking.Extra lines, adjusts font size, long-lasting ink pad, several font options, choice between self-inking and rubber stamp.More unique shape, self-inking, several color choices, three designs/fonts, optional extra accessories.Add your own logo or picture (optional), several ink color options, self-inking, circular shape.Multiple size options, four lines, can be used with any ink, several fonts, inexpensive.
ConsNo font preview, border might show.No alternate color choices, ink pad costs extra.Monogram is non-optional, may bleed through.One font only, pricier, long-drying ink, fewer lines.Ink pad not included, may imprint border.
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The Best Address Stamps

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Streetcats Studio/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Address Stamps

A person puts a stamp on an ink pad.

Why buy an address stamp?

A custom address stamp is an ideal way to quickly and efficiently add your name and address to envelopes, packages, and any other documents that might require it. An address stamp will almost certainly make your address look crisper, cleaner, and easier to read than a handwritten one will. Plus, it’ll save you lots of time and hand pain.

Most people find these tools most useful when they need to send out invitations to large events like weddings. Writing out your name and address on 50 to 100+ envelopes is a lengthy, boringly repetitive process that will inevitably leave your hand cramping and tired. But with an address stamp, it only takes a few seconds to add your information to each envelope, significantly speeding up the process. Many are available in different fonts, so you can further tailor it to suit your exact needs. And an address stamp, even a customized one, is going to be a lot less expensive than having dozens of specialty envelopes professionally printed.

That’s not to say you can’t buy an address stamp for more regular or personal use, too. If you send a lot of letters, thank you notes, or holiday cards, one of these handheld tools can be a handy little investment, especially if you have arthritis or otherwise limited mobility in your hands.

What should you look for in address stamps?

  • Type: There are three main types of address stamps: classic stamps, self-inking stamps, and pre-inked stamps. With classic stamps, the ink comes in a separate container or pad that you’ll have to press the stamp into to absorb it—this is the type of stamp with which many people are most familiar. These are useful if you want to use different colored or different types of inks with the same stamp. But they often don’t leave as clean or consistent an impression as the other two types. Both self-inking and pre-inked stamps are similar in that their ink source is built-in to the stamp itself, automatically refilling themselves after each impression until the ink inside runs out. Self-inking stamps have a built-in ink pad while pre-inked stamps have a sort of reservoir that holds the ink. This small but key difference means that pre-inked stamps require refilling with the same liquid ink each time, but self-inking stamps can be used with a variety of different inks. Pre-inked stamps can go the longest without needing the ink refilled, while self-inking stamps are the fastest and most efficient.
  • Impression Size: Your address stamp won’t do you any good if it doesn’t properly fit the corner of your envelopes or packages. Consider the envelope or package size that you’ll be using your stamp for the most; a regular mailing envelope’s size requirements will be different from those of an announcement or legal envelope, for instance. Also check how many lines the stamps allow in the address and pick one that will fit your address.
  • Font: As mentioned, address stamps are available in a wide variety of different fonts. Some can look like real handwriting, typewriter letters, block letters, and more. Some stamps come with the option to add extra details, like a border, monogram, company logo, or accents like leaves or flowers. If you plan to use your address stamp for wedding or event invitations, a cursive or calligraphy-like font is a great way to make your envelopes look more elegant and sophisticated than you could probably achieve with your own handwriting. If you want to use it for business purposes, there are more professional, corporate-looking options. You’ll be surprised at how many different options are out there.

How expensive are address stamps?

The cost will vary depending on which type of address stamp you buy. Classic rubber handheld stamps will be the least expensive. Most of these will only cost somewhere between $8 and $12 unless you need an extremely large or oversized model. Self-inking and pre-inked stamps are a bit pricier since they’re faster and more convenient, closer to the $15 to $30 range. Pre-inked stamps will be the most expensive on average because they last the longest before needing an ink refill and are considered to leave the highest-quality imprints.

When considering costs, don’t forget to take ink refills into consideration too. The actual price of ink refills varies quite a bit depending on the type, quality, and quantity of the ink in question but, again, classic rubber stamp ink pads will cost a bit less on average than ink for self-inking or pre-inked stamps.

Our Picks for the Best Address Stamps

Top Choice

ExcelMark Return Address Stamp

A modern, self-inking address stamp with an ink pad that lasts twice as long as most.

Pros: This particular self-inking address stamp comes with its own harder-to-find, extremely handy feature in its double-sided, built-in ink pad. This means that it contains twice as much ink as most models, so you can use it twice as many times before you’ll have to replace its ink. The modern clear base helps ensure you have the stamp properly lined up before you imprint it, reducing your risk of your impressions being stamped crooked or off-center. And when typing in your custom address, there are several different fonts to choose from as well as the choice between black, red, blue, green, purple, or brown ink.

Cons: Unlike most customized address stamps that you order, you won’t get a preview of any of your font options before buying; you’ll have to take a guess at what the font will look like in the final product. And depending on how hard you press down, you might find that a border appears around the address imprint. It might take a few tries to get the hang of how to press the stamp without this showing up.

Bottom Line: Self-inking address stamps are known for their quickness and efficiency, and you don’t have to worry about constantly refreshing their ink. And with this unique double-sided model, you’ll be able to take advantage of its fast-acting properties.


Up To Five Lines

Stamp by Me Custom Address Stamp

If you have a long address, this address stamp has you covered.

Pros: Many address stamps only have three (sometimes four) lines to write out your address. This is fine if you live in a house, but if you live in an apartment or condo, have a P.O. box, or your company shares office space with other businesses, that might not be enough. Fortunately, this particular model provides you with up to five lines for your address if need be. And the company will automatically adjust the font size depending on how many lines you use and the number of characters on each, so your address impression will always appear proportionate. On top of this, you actually have the choice between a classic rubber stamp and a self-inking one; you receive the same quality and five lines either way, but you get to pick whichever type of stamp you prefer. The ink pad/cartridge is very long-lasting—you should be able to stamp it an estimated 3,000 times before you need to buy new ink. And there are four different fonts from which to choose, including an all upper case and all lower case option.

Cons: Note that the ink pad doesn’t automatically come with the classic rubber stamp version. You will have the option at checkout to order it along with the stamp, but this will cost extra money. The ink only comes in black.

Bottom Line: You can buy this model in a self-inking or rubber stamp version. It’s a quality product with extra lines for longer addresses either way.


Best Circular Choice

904 Custom Self-Inking Monogram Address Stamp

If you prefer a unique look, this circular stamp is for you.

Pros: Though most address stamps leave a square or rectangular print, to match how addresses are classically laid out and written on envelopes, this model brings a slightly different but classy alternative to the table. The self-inking stamp itself may be rectangular, but the imprint it leaves behind will be circular in shape and feature a monogram along with your name and address. This is true of all three fonts. You can choose from six different ink colors. As a bonus, for a little bit of extra money, you can add a replacement ink pad (on top of the one that comes with the stamp) and/or an envelope sealer to your purchase.

Cons: If the monogram of this stamp isn’t to your liking, you can’t remove it. This is another stamp that you may also want to practice with a few times before using it on an actual piece of mail or document, as some users reported that the ink bled through their envelopes if pressed too hard.

Bottom Line: If you want to mix it up a little or are looking for an address stamp with a monogram, this circular self-inking model will be right up your alley. And even with the slightly more unique circular shape, this stamp’s prints will still fit just as well on classic rectangular envelopes.


Add Your Own Logo

Pickled Stamps Custom Business Logo Stamp

This address stamp was specifically designed with professional settings in mind.

Pros: Many people use address stamps in professional settings, and this particular stamp was designed specifically with businesses and companies in mind. Not only does the slightly more unique circular shape of the imprint and its built-in borders stand out but you have the option to add your company’s logo to the center of the stamp for no extra cost. All you have to do is upload a good-quality image of it at checkout and the manufacturer will take care of the rest. Even if you’re ordering this stamp for personal use, you can still add a picture to the stamp if you so desire– a monogram, a flower, your pet, whatever you want. Fortunately, adding a logo or picture is optional if you prefer your stamp without one. This stamp is also self-inking and can be ordered with one of five colored inks if you want something different than the usual black.

Cons: Unlike most address stamps, you don’t get to pick between several fonts. It’s also on the pricey side, and may not be the best stamp for longer addresses since it only has two lines for text. Handy as the built-in ink pad is, the ink inside is quite thick and takes a long time to dry. You’ll want to be careful not to press down too hard, to avoid it bleeding through your envelope or papers.

Bottom Line: While all address stamps are customizable by nature, this self-inking model offers an extra layer of personalization thanks to the built-in logo or picture option. This makes it an especially great choice for professional use; adding your company logo will make your stamped address look much more official.


Classic Design

ExcelMark Traditional Custom Rubber Stamp

This traditional rubber hand stamp is available in a wide range of sizes and can be used with any of your favorite inks.

Pros: A quintessential classic rubber address stamp, this model is perfect for those who want to use their ink of choice. As is often the case with rubber stamps, it’s less pricey than self-inking and pre-inked models. The lower cost isn’t the only advantage this stamp offers, either. It has four lines for your address rather than three, has several font options, and you can use it with pretty much any type or color of ink that you want. Most notable, though, is all the different sizes it can be ordered in. Most address stamps only come in one size, but this one has six size options ranging from miniature to oversized.

Cons: You’ll have to provide your own ink right off the bat. And you’ll have to be careful not to press down too hard as doing so may leave a border—a common problem with rubber stamps.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a traditional rubber address stamp rather than a self-inking or pre-inked model, look no further. Made out of wood and rubber, it has all the trademarks of a classic stamp while offering a much wider range of size options than most.

Final Thoughts

Address stamps may seem obsolete in this electronic age of emails and texts, but they’re still a worthwhile investment for many people. Everyone loves a nice handwritten note or card, and an address stamp is a nice way to liven and tidy up the envelopes for holiday cards, thank you notes, and more. Even if you only buy one as a single-time use for wedding invitations or birth announcements, the money you spend on an address stamp is worth the payoff in time saved and hand cramps prevented.

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