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The Best Adidas Slides for Women

🕚 Updated June 2022

Sometimes a girl just needs to slide her feet into her shoes and head out the door without fiddling with straps, buckles, or zippers. This is where these women's slides reign supreme.

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  Top Choice Best Shower Slides Most Comfortable Best with Velcro Straps Cute Cork Design
Women's Adilette Aqua Slides
Women's Adilette Shower Slides
Women's Adilette Comfort Slides
Women's Adissage Slides
Women's Adilette Cork Slides
Our SummaryThese classic, comfy slides come in an extremely wide range of colors and sizes.These slides dry out extremely quickly, making them ideal for damp environments like the shower, poolside, and gym locker rooms.The lightweight feel, cushioned footbed, and contoured soles make these slides especially comfortable to wear.The Velcro straps of these slides allow you to better adjust them to your feet.The cork soles of these slides give them a unique, trendy look.
ProsMultitude of color options, excellent sizing variety, plush footbed, fabric lining on some colors.Quick-drying, don't absorb water, lightweight, toe grips, extra width.Extremely soft and comfortable, Cloudfoam midsole, contoured footbed, good color variety, rubber sole with tread.Adjustable straps, treaded soles, rubber bristled midsoles, lightweight.Cute and more unique look, cork midsoles, rubber bottoms, contoured toe grip.
ConsNot waterproof, wonky sizing.No solid colors, too wide for some.Not waterproof, glitter may wear off.Limited sizing, no alternate colors.Fewer sizes and colors, no cushioning.
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The Best Adidas Slides for Women

A pair of adidas women's sliders.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down which women’s slides are right for you, you can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true brand like adidas. Here are a few of our favorite adidas slides for women.

Buying Guide for Women’s Adidas Slides

 Black and white Adidas slider sandals on the floor

Why buy Adidas slides for women?

Slides, also known as sliders, are one of the most popular types of shoes for a reason. They come in numerous styles and designs, are low maintenance to wear, make for great casual and sporty footwear, and are all-around quite comfortable shoes. They’re easy to slip on your feet to take the dog out in the yard or make a quick trip to the corner to the store. You can wear them to the beach to protect your feet from hot sand, to a casual get-together with friends, in the shower, at the water park, to the pool, and more. If you tend to wear slippers around the house but find that said slippers make your feet too sweaty or hot, especially during the warmer months of the year, wearing a pair of slides is an excellent alternative. Slides allow much better airflow than slippers due to their backless and open-toed design while still cushioning and supporting your feet. Adidas slides particularly pair well with a sporty-style outfit and are suitable footwear in relaxed athletic scenarios.

What should you look for in Adidas slides for women?

  • Color and Design: Like many other women’s shoes, adidas slides come in a wide range of colors. Neutral shades, like the classic black and white models, are the most widely available, but there are plenty of other hues. Keep in mind that many women’s adidas slides are striped with alternating colors at the strap. The adidas logo is a common feature on the straps of adidas slides, but there are plenty of options without it too.
  • Function: Think about where you plan to wear your slides most of the time. Around the house? By the pool? In the shower? Running errands? Depending on where you anticipate wearing them the most, look for features best suited for that area and activity. For instance, you’ll want water-resistant or waterproof models for poolside wear, a nonslip bottom if you have shiny, slippery floors at home, or thicker soles for better shock absorption if you’re going to be walking a lot.
  • Comfort: Slides are quite comfortable shoes in general, but there are a couple of factors you can keep an eye out for to make them even more so. Ordering half a size up in your regular shoe size to ensure they aren’t too tight is often recommended for slides in general, and adidas women’s slides are no exception. Some have Velcro straps that allow you to adjust the fit to be as tight or loose as you want. Cushioned or foamy insoles will feel soft and plush against your feet. Contoured footbeds are useful for shock absorption. Built-in arches provide extra support if your feet have high arches, while firm but flat and flexible soles are the way to go for flat feet. Quick-drying slides will ensure your feet aren’t wet all day if you’re at the beach, pool, or a water park.

What’s the difference between slides and flip-flops?

Both are flat-soled, open-toed, backless, and tend to be worn in very similar, often casual, environments. However, there is one small but notable difference between slides and flip-flops. Slides have a single, wide strap around the toes that’s completely open. Flip flops have a y-strap that slots between the first and second toe. This also means that slides have a wider toe box for more wiggle room and freedom of movement. Thus some women may find slides more comfortable, especially those with wider or bigger feet. Slides are also heavier, more solid, and harder to break on average, with sturdier straps. Many slides tend to have thicker, more supportive outer soles and better traction than most flip-flops. This makes them a better choice as shower slippers or to wear in places like water parks and locker rooms.

Our Picks for the Comfiest Adidas Slides for Women

Top Choice

adidas Women's Adilette Aqua Slides

These classic comfy slides come in an extremely wide range of colors and sizes.

Pros: You’ll be amazed at the wealth of options you’ll have when choosing the color you want for your new slides. There are a whopping 76 colors in total, ranging from multicolored slides to solid colors to patterned options. You shouldn’t have any issues finding a pair that suits your personal style. These slides are no slouch when it comes to sizing options either, as they start at a women’s size 3 and go up to a women’s size 18 (in U.S. shoe sizes), including many half sizes. The inner footbed has a nice plush feel to provide a little extra comfort. Certain colors also feature a thin lining of fabric along the interior of the strap in order to protect your feet from forming blisters.

Cons: Though water-resistant and pretty quick-drying, these slides aren’t 100% waterproof. If you get a pair with the fabric lining, it might feel uncomfortable against your toes when wet. Pay close attention to the sizing dimensions before ordering, too, as some customers had issues with them running large, others with them running small.

Bottom Line: These are classic, quintessential adidas women’s slides. They’re ideal for throwing on to run a quick errand or two, taking the dog out in the backyard, or wearing around the house like slippers.


Best Shower Slides

adidas Women's Adilette Shower Slides

These slides dry out extremely quickly, making them ideal for damp environments like the shower, poolside, and gym locker rooms.

Pros: One of the most important factors to look for in shower shoes is to ensure that they dry out quickly, so your feet aren’t soaked all day, and these slides fit the bills admirably. They don’t absorb water in the first place, so they shouldn’t ever get too soaked or drenched unless you fully dunk or submerge them in water. And when they do get damp, they’ll be dry in no time, especially if you hang them up to dry. They’re lightweight to avoid weighing your feet down with wet, soaked shoes. They’re wider than most slides around the front and straps to give you some extra room for comfort and avoid blistering. You shouldn’t notice any slipping and sliding due to that extra width, though, thanks to the slightly curved toe grip at the very front of the slides.

Cons: Though these slides are available in several cute, bright multi-colors and even an iridescent option, there aren’t any solid color choices for those who prefer something more understated. Nice as the extra width is for many, it may also be a bit too wide for some feet; if you have narrow feet, you may want to order a size down.

Bottom Line: Shower shoes don’t necessarily have to be trendy and stylish, but there’s no reason they can’t be either if that’s what you want. These fast-drying, lightweight slides make excellent shoes for the shower, locker room, poolside, and other damp environments and are cute and colorful to boot.


Most Comfortable

adidas Women's Adilette Comfort Slides

The lightweight feel, cushioned footbed, and contoured soles make these slides especially comfortable to wear.

Pros: When you imagine comfortable slides, you may think of thick, plush soles. So at first glance, these slides may not look particularly comfy to you, but the opposite is true. The midsoles are made out of the adidas signature Cloudfoam, which is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. You’ll get plenty of comfort from these slides without needing to totter around on thick soles that are several inches tall. The contoured footbed cradles the natural shape of your feet, offering further comfort. These slides also feature treaded rubber soles that provide some anti-slip tendencies for safety. And there are 40 different colors available, ranging from solid colors, multicolored choices, patterns, and even some glittery or metallic options.

Cons: Though these slides are perfectly acceptable to wear around the pool or in somewhat damp environments, they’re not completely waterproof. You’ll want to avoid getting them soaked or totally submerged in water, as they’ll take a while to dry out. And if you buy a glittery version, be aware that the glitter is prone to wear off over time.

Bottom Line: Comfort and fashion are two words that, far too often, don’t go hand-in-hand. But thanks to the Cloudfoam midsoles and wide range of colors and patterns available, with these slides, you won’t have to choose between comfortable feet and a cute shoe for once.


Best with Velcro Straps

adidas Women's Adissage Slides

The Velcro straps of these slides allow you to better adjust them to your feet.

Pros: The one downside to slides is that they’re generally not very adjustable shoes; they don’t have any laces you can loosen or tighten to better fit your feet or tweak to your comfort level. That’s where these slides and their Velcro straps come in handy. They still slip on and off like regular slides, but the Velcro allows you to loosen or tighten the straps as needed. This is also handy when you’ve got a fresh pedicure—you can open the straps and lift your feet out rather than slide them out and risk smearing your fresh coat of nail polish. That’s not the only benefit these slides offer, either. They feature small rubber nubs on the footbed that give you a miniature massage and encourage blood circulation as you walk. They’re also quite lightweight, with thin soles to avoid weighing down your feet with a treaded pattern on the soles to help prevent slipping.

Cons: Unfortunately, these slides offer quite a bit less variety than most. They’re only available in women’s size nine or 10, and white and silver is the only color option. If you wear a different size or want another color, you’re out of luck.

Bottom Line: Between the Velcro straps and massage nubs on the midsole, these are rather unique slides. If you’re prone to sore feet, have poor circulation, or are pregnant with feet that fluctuate in size a bit, these two unique features will be an absolute boon. And even if you don’t have any of these issues, you’ll enjoy the convenience and free massage anyway.


Cute Cork Design

adidas Women's Adilette Cork Slides

The cork soles of these slides give them a unique, trendy look.

Pros: The cork midsoles of these slides, coupled with their striped, multicolored straps, provide a cute, trendy, and unique look compared to the average slide, but the cork provides a lot more than just an unusual but stylish look. Cork is firm yet also molds to the shape of your feet, offering better support to your whole foot than most materials. These slides are equally great for flat feet and high arches, rather than just one or the other. Cork is also naturally shock-absorbent, so you’re less likely to feel sudden jolts in your feet when wearing these. The contoured toe grip helps keep them firmly in place on your feet, while the rubber outsole bottoms give them some anti-slip tendencies for safety purposes.

Cons: While there are several different sizes and colors to choose from, your options are a bit more limited compared, and there aren’t any half sizes available. The cork may also be a bit too hard, as there’s no cushioning in the midsole at all.

Bottom Line: Great as slides are, some people find that they don’t offer enough firm support or shock absorption for their needs. However, the cork midsoles of these slides provide much more of both compared to most, and they’ll look cute doing so.

Final Thoughts

Adidas’ comfy, versatile slides are precisely what you need for those days when you just need to slip on some shoes and head out the door without any fuss. They’re one of the most convenient types of shoes to wear around the house, while running errands, or simply when lounging at the pool.

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