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The Best Adjustment Kits for Your Brake Caliper

A brake caliper is part of your vehicle’s disc brake system, and, as its name would suggest, it is responsible for housing your brake pads and pistons—the overall integrity, really. So, they’re very important. Moreover, if these start acting up or needing some readjusting, then you’re going to have to turn to a kit designed to replace and repair certain mechanisms of your brake caliper when necessary. If you’re on the hunt for a new adjustment kit for your brake caliper, here are some of our recommendations.

What to Look for in Your Next Kit

Consider these factors ahead of your purchase:

  • Kit Capacity: When it comes to finding your perfect brake caliper kit, you may find unique distinctions hard to come by. Every tool in your kit will be made from reinforced alloy metals, while the kit itself will always provide a snug fit for the tools. The most apparent distinction, however, is the overall tool capacity of your kit. You’ll most likely be debating the difference between owning a 24-piece or 12-piece kit and how their sizes accommodate your vehicular needs.
  • Design Compatibility: This may be a given with each tool kit you invest in, but it’s important to find a kit that’s entirely compatible with the brake caliper on your car. Many of the kits you’ll find feature tools that apply to the most popular domestic and foreign vehicle brands: Ford, Jeep, Honda, Audi, Nissan, and Toyota. You just need to make sure your make and model fall under this umbrella.
  • Additional Perks: Finally, it’s important to invest in a brake caliper kit that does know how to distinguish itself from the rest. Consider kits that toss in perks like additional work gloves or perhaps a change-up in the tools.

Top Choice: Orion Motor Tech 24pcs Tool Set

As far as top choices go, this financially feasible 24-piece set from Orion Motor Tech is ideal for every kind of user and DIY novice. Among its extensive heavy-duty carbon steel tools, this conveniently organized repair kit includes a series of adapters and thrust bolts that know how to tend to your brake pads, shoe replacements, and occasional piston rotations that are compatible with over 200 American, European, or Japanese models. A purchase here includes your standard ABS carrying case with pre-sized slots for every component, alongside two retaining plates, 18 disc adapters, right- and left-handed thrust bolts, as well as a detailed user’s manual for a thorough understanding of your tools.

Top Choice

Best for Simple Repairs: NEIKO Brake Caliper Tool Kit

If you’re a gearhead looking for a smaller-scale kit made for portability, this NEIKO Brake Caliper Tool Kit is sure to provide you the minor lift you’re looking for when faced with a time crunch. This is your standard toolset, containing ten different adapters that work to rotate the piston back into the caliper for an ideal fit for new brake pads in most foreign and domestic vehicles. Akin to the best repair kits, every tool included here is constructed of CNC machined alloy steel that’s rust-resistant and coated in a sandblasted finish for repeated use throughout the years.

Best for Simple Repairs

NEIKO 20733A Complete Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set, 12 Piece Wind Back Tool Kit, Brake Pad Repair for Automotive, Fits All Vehicles, Brake Caliper Compression Tool

A portable kit that offers users the bare, rust-resistant essentials to get their break calipers back in order.

Best Premium: ARES 23-Piece Brake Caliper Tool Set

With 23 pieces inside its hardened ABS carrying case, this premium ARES Brake Caliper Tool Set brings users what they can expect out of traditional repair kits with a bit more durability on the side. Included in this kit are your standard drive key disc adapters, 22 of which are magnetic. However, the biggest driving factor to a purchase here is the inclusion of a pneumatic compressor tool that allows users to easily rewind brake caliper pistons if they’re operating alone. It features maximum working pressure of 114 psi and a quick-release button that allows for safe removal when you’re finished.

Best Premium

ARES 18023-23-Piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set - Pneumatic Design for Easy One-Person Use - Includes Compressor Tool and 22 Drive Key Disc Adapters - Storage Case Included

Here's a brake caliper kit that provides the essentials alongside a durable compressor tool that provides efficient and safe use when working alone.

Also Great: 8MILELAKE Brake Caliper Tool Set

Another worthwhile caliper kit that offers two dozen tools for your dispense, this 8MILELAKE Brake Caliper Tool Set features a universal design style that works on hundreds of motor vehicles worldwide. Included in this kit are 19 adapters designed from high-quality steel to rotate your pistons, as well as two T-Handle tools that are left- and right-handed for the most accommodating assembly. The purchased tools come in a handy storage case, and a pair of work gloves is tossed in for your convenience.

Also Great

8MILELAKE Disc Brake Caliper Compressor Wind Back Tool 24pc Professional Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set

Here's another kit that should repair and care for your brake caliper while tossing in a few additional perks on the side.

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