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The Best Air Saws for DIY Projects

two different air saws side by sideAir saws are power tools that are useful for many projects around the house and garage. They offer more power than traditional saws but don’t have an electric motor, so they’re lighter and more portable than electrically powered saws. Because they weigh less and don’t generate heat during use, air saws are handy to keep around for extended usage. They can cut through a wide variety of materials like plastic, fiberglass, wood, and even steel pipes. Here are some air saws we recommend for you.

What to Consider in an Air Saw

  • Strokes Per Minute: The higher the strokes per minute, the stronger material an air saw is able to cut through. For heavy-duty projects that involve cutting through something like sheet metal, you’ll want an air saw with higher SPM.
  • Grip: Since they’re so useful for extended use, you’ll want to invest in an air saw that has a comfortable, non-slip grip. Look for one with an ergonomic grip if possible.
  • Additional Features: Some air saws come with qualities like an optimal cutting capability or a vibration-reducing mechanism. The latter is a must for careful work in auto body shops.

Most Powerful: Chicago Pneumatic CP7900 Heavy Duty Air Saw

red and black air saw

This air saw clocks in at an impressive 10,000 strokes per minute, powerful enough to cut through steel pipes or sheet metal with ease. It’s equipped with a lock-off throttle so you don’t have to worry about the tool accidentally starting up on you. The guard is adjustable for more flexibility in movement. The rear exhaust keeps the air blowing away from your work area. The saw includes three replacement blades, an 18T, 28T, and 32T.

Most Powerful

Best for Budget: Neiko RIDGE30065A Air Saw

silver and black air saw

Here’s a high-speed air saw at an affordable price that still offers plenty of power. Besides being able to cut through metal, this saw can also cut tight circles and intricate shapes on both flat and curved surfaces of a variety of materials thanks to the lever throttle. The body of the saw is made of high-quality aluminum, with an adjustable blade guide that extends blade life. The rubber grip gives you a soft but firm hold. Ideal for use in body shop repairs or with muffler and exhaust work.

Best Low Vibration Option: AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Air Saw

red air saw with black accents

Weighing in at just over one pound with a three-inch blade, this air saw has maximum portability. Despite its small size, it’s still able to cut through 3/8-inch steel. The saw itself is equipped with a low vibration mechanism for your safety and to reduce pushback. The rear exhaust keeps the airflow pointed away from your work area, and you’re able to adjust it as needed.

Best Low Vibration Option

AIRCAT Pneumatic Tools 6350 Low Vibration Reciprocating Air Saw 9,500 Strokes per Minute

A small and portable air saw that still packs a punch and comes equipped with a low-vibration mechanism.

Most Versatile: Berkling Tools 7102 Air Saw

black air saw with interchangeable blades

This air saw can double as an air file, allowing you to undertake a wider range of projects and applications with the same convenient, compact tool. Besides sawing and cutting, it can deburr, grind, sharpen, and remove rust, among other functions. The patented designed handle helps keep vibrations and kickback low, and the tool as silent as possible while you work. The safety trigger stops the saw from revving up by mistake for extra safety. The air saw comes with an Allen wrench, a bi-metal pneumatic saw blade, a bi-metal reciprocating saw blade, and five files with varying shapes.

Most Versatile

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