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The Best Anchors to Hold Your Boat in Place

Three steel boat anchors shown in the water.
BEST Marine and Outdoors/Five Oceans/BEST Marine and Outdoors

There are numerous types of boats out there, and your preference all depends on what type of activities you like and how many people you will take out onto the water. However, regardless of your boat activities, any boat owner will definitely require a reliable anchor to hold their boat in place. The type of boat and its size will dictate what kind of anchor you will need. Some will say that it’s a good idea to get two different types of anchors for the greatest anchoring security, especially if you will be traveling in various types of environments, including mud, grass, sand, or rock. In this article, we have chosen some of the best anchors for every type of boat.

Picking the Right Anchor

When shopping for your next anchor, keep these important factors in mind:

  • Holding Power: An anchor’s holding power is the amount of pull force the anchor can withstand to hold the boat in place. When an anchor hits the surface of the seabed, it creates resistance. Although weight is important, the holding power doesn’t necessarily correlate with the anchor’s size and weight. For example, an anchor that is only 10 pounds can hold in excess up to quadruple the amount.
  • Weight: Weather conditions also play an important part in both holding power and weight. Holding power is formulated based on environmental factors like wind. For weight, bigger is usually better, especially in an emergency situation. Under these circumstances, it is ideal for carrying two anchors of differing weights.

Best for Large Boats: Lewmar Galvanised Delta Anchor

A steel boat anchor with blue detailing triangular flukes.

This is one of the best anchors for larger boats and quite possibly one of the best overall anchors. It can be used to secure your boat in several different environments, depths, and bottom types. It’s manufactured from high-grade manganese steel and has a fantastic design that allows it a greater holding power than most anchors; plus, it’s easy to use.

Best for Large Boats

Lewmar Galvanised Delta Anchor

This self-launching boat anchor is a fantastic choice if you have a large boat exceeding 24 feet.

Best for Small Boats: Extreme Max BoatTector Grapnel Anchor Kit

A red boat anchor with rope and a storage bag.
Extreme Max

For smaller boats, we recommend this anchor kit from Extreme Max. It comes in four different styles, and the kit includes a 3.5-pound folding grapnel anchor, a 25-foot rope, a plated steel snap hook, a foam marker buoy, and a durable padded nylon storage bag. It’s ideal for most bottoms like coral, rock, or heavily weeded bottom conditions.

Best for Small Boats

Extreme Max BoatTector Grapnel Anchor Kit

Regardless if there's a muddy or rocky bottom, this grapnel anchor kit is an ideal choice, especially as a secondary anchor.

Best for Kayaks & Canoes: BEST Marine and Outdoors Kayak Anchor

A steel anchor tied to a black rope and sitting on a boat.
BEST Marine and Outdoors

This premium quality anchor is made of durable rust-resistant galvanized iron and is one of the best anchors for kayaks and canoes. It weighs less than 4 pounds, features a rope length of 40 feet, and can easily be stored in the nylon storage bag. A buoy ball is also included as well as a stainless steel carabiner clip, making this anchor an ideal purchase for small boats, jet skis, and SUP paddle boards as well.

Best for Kayaks & Canoes

BEST Marine and Outdoors Kayak Anchor

This affordable anchor has an extra-long marine-grade rope and a nylon storage bag.

Best for Changing Weather: Five Oceans Delta Style Anchor

A steel boat anchor with triangular flukes and a curved shank.
Five Oceans

This anchor comes in multiple sizes and, much like the delta anchor for the larger boats, this one is also made of hot-dipped galvanized high-grade manganese steel construction. It has a tremendously high holding power and is designed to resist the hardest of weather conditions of the marine environment. It’s ideal for boats up to 24 feet long, and its self-launching design sets fast in any seabed.

Best for Changing Weather

Five Oceans Delta Style Anchor

If you are constantly sailing in terrible weather conditions, consider this anchor for your next trip.

Budget-Friendly Choice: SEACHOICE Utility Anchor

A steel boat anchor.

This affordable anchor provides different color and size options and comes with a slip ring shank. The size options vary from 15 to 19-foot boats to 28 to 30-foot boats, so you are well taken care of regardless of the boat’s size. The shank length is perfect for the well depth and penetrates deep into a variety of seafloor compositions. The slip ring makes it simple to retrieve if it gets stuck.

Budget-Friendly Choice

SEACHOICE Utility Anchor

This excellent anchor penetrates deep and comes in different sizes and color options.

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