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The Best Anti-Grind Mouth Guards for Better Sleep

Woman placing dental night guard in her mouth.
J&S Dental Lab

While modern men and women have been raised to “embrace the grind” in terms of hard work and dedication, you might be in trouble if you grind too much while you sleep.

Grinding your teeth while sleeping can cause a whole host of problems, including snoring, sleep apnea, dental issues, headaches, and even jaw problems. While a dentist might recommend an expensive custom-fitted mouth guard for your grinding, there are plenty of viable mouth guards on the market that will save you hours of sleep, comfort, and a lot of money. We made this guide to help you find the perfect sleeping mouth guard for your own unique needs at a price you can’t pass up.

Shopping for a Solution to Nighttime Grinding

When searching for the ideal mouth guard for your grinding problem, consider these key factors:

  • Comfort: A sleeping mouth guard that doesn’t allow you to get any rest at night isn’t worth much, no matter how much protection it offers from grinding and clenching. Comfort and fit will depend on individual taste, guard thickness, and other factors, so be sure to consider the anatomy of your mouth during your selection.
  • Durability: If your dentist has warned you that your teeth grinding can ruin your teeth, you can imagine what it will do to your mouth guard. For this reason, finding a durable, long-lasting solution is definitely worth a few extra dollars. If your grinding or clenching habit is severe, durability should be one of your primary factors in selecting a product.
  • Fit: Everyone’s mouth and teeth are different, so achieving a perfect fit can be tricky. If you purchase a moldable mouth guard, be sure that it allows you to remold it if its fit deteriorates over time (or if you mess up on your first attempt).

Best Overall: The Doctor’s NightGuard

The purple packaging of the product sitting beside a white case holding a transparent mouth guard.
The Doctor’s

Our top pick in terms of comfort, grind protection, and overall quality is The Doctor’s NightGuard. This BPA-free dental guard really stands out for easily molding to the unique contours of your teeth without a hassle. It’s also somewhat sturdier than similar products, meaning it lasts longer while providing excellent protection against grinding your teeth at night. Despite its sturdy feel, however, it doesn’t feel bulky in your mouth. It stays in place all night so that you can have a comfortable sleep while protecting your teeth and gums from costly damage.

Best Overall

The Doctor's NightGuard

This mouth guard is an amazing combination of comfort, protection, and durability for long-term nighttime relief from teeth grinding.

Best Ready-to-Wear: SleepRight Ultra-Comfort Dental Guard

A white and blue box holding a single transparent mouth guard.

If you are looking to skip the boiling or microwaving of DIY guards and find a great ready-to-wear sleeping mouth guard instead, the SleepRight Ultra-Comfort Dental Guard is your best choice. This product features a compact design that self-adjusts when activated by body heat so that it remains comfortable and protective throughout the night. It’s also incredibly strong and lasts a long time, so don’t be turned away by the slightly expensive price tag. Additionally, this dental guard uses less material than similar products, making it a good fit for those who have small mouths and struggle to wear other mouth guards while sleeping.

Best Ready-to-Wear

SleepRight Ultra-Comfort Dental Guard

This sleeping mouth guard self-adjusts with body heat to maintain a comfortable fit throughout the night.

Best Disposable: Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guard

A white mouth guard designed with a thin band that expands to a wide section on the ends.

Many people find disposable nighttime mouth guards to be a more sanitary way to reduce grinding and jaw pain. For these people, the Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guards 10 pack is an ideal choice. This BPA-free dental guard doesn’t require boiling, cutting, or molding and protects against both clenching and grinding. Known for their compact design, these guards score above average in the comfort department and stay in place, thanks to their stabilizing lip. They are also designed to be worn for up to three nights, so a single pack can last a month. While this makes them more expensive than non-disposable options, they reign superior in terms of performance compared to other disposable dental guards.

Best Disposable

Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guard

These guards can be worn for up to three nights and provide excellent relief from grinding.

Best Custom Fit: J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard

A box of three custom mouth guard molders.
J&S Dental Lab

For those seeking a true custom-fitted dental guard, the J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard is the best of the best. Once you complete the simple fitting process, you will find this guard is more protective, durable, and comfortable than just about any over-the-counter dental guard you will find. This is partially due to the adjustable hardness and thickness level that is catered to your grinding or clenching habits, as well as to the custom fit achieved by sending in your dental impressions. This sleeping mouth guard also scores points for being BPA-free, and its price is really great if you consider the added durability compared to other products.

Best Custom Fit

J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard

This product allows for a truly custom fitting process that rivals the cost of a dental office procedure.

Best Variety: The ConfiDental Moldable Mouth Guard

Five transparent mouth guards of various shapes and thicknesses.
The ConfiDental

These ConfiDental Moldable Mouth Guards have something for everyone. Featuring five guards and two thickness levels, this pack fits the needs of those seeking a guard for teeth grinding and athletics and includes a teeth whitening tray for good measure. Despite the budget-friendly price, these mouth guards are incredibly comfortable for nighttime use and are easy to mold using boiling water for a perfect fit. While this product typically takes a few nights to adjust to your teeth and achieve optimal comfort, its surprising durability and ability to easily remold make it worth a purchase for grinders and clinchers.

Best Variety

The ConfiDental Moldable Mouth Guard

This five-pack features mouth guards with two different thickness levels, including ones you can wear to bed or during athletic events.

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