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The Best Apple Watch Chargers

🕚 Updated August 2023

If you wear your Apple Watch every day, you don't want to be short on charging options when your battery begins to die. Check out these top-rated Apple Watch chargers if you're in need of a reliable charging option.

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  Top Pick Best Value Best Charging Stand Best Multi-Charger Also Consider
Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable
Charger for Apple Watch
Charging Stand for Apple Watch
3 in 1 Wireless Charger
S350 Stand
Our SummaryThis Apple Watch charger stands out for its charging speed and durability.This travel-friendly Apple Watch charger sports a unique, cable-free design.This Nightstand Mode-compatible Apple Watch charger features a low-profile design.This three-in-one charger is excellent for eliminating cable clutter where you charge your devices.This Apple Watch stand is Nightstand Mode-compatible and stands out due to its secure, anti-slip base.
Pros✓ Charges fast
✓ Genuine Apple product
✓ Compatible with array of stands
✓ Powerful magnet
✓ Compact and portable
✓ Nice color options
✓ Cable-free design
✓ Strong magnet
✓ Low-profile design
✓ Nightstand Mode compatible
✓ Unique color options
✓ Secure nonslip base
✓ Three-in-One functionality
✓ Nifty cable management
✓ Comes with charging adapter
✓ Minimizes cable clutter
✓ Nightstand Mode compatible
✓ Minimalist design
✓ Gentle on charger cable
✓ Stable mount
Cons✗ Expensive✗ Requires Powered USB port✗ Not compatible with Series 7✗ Requires Apple Watch charger✗ Requires Apple Watch charger
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The Best Apple Watch Chargers

Compact white Apple Watch charger charging an Apple Watch while plugged into a MacBook USB port

The much-anticipated release of the Apple Watch was a real game-changer, so it’s no surprise that it is now one of the best-selling wearable devices in the world. However, despite years of innovation and new Series, many people find it challenging to find a high-quality replacement for their Apple Watch charger. Thankfully, there are plenty of great Apple Watch chargers on the market today, with reliable options at every price range.

Buying Guide for Apple Watch Chargers

Black Apple Watch charging stand with Nightstand Mode charging an Apple Watch

Why buy an Apple Watch charger?

Due to the Apple Watch’s unique design, you won’t be able to use any old USB-C charger to charge your Apple Watch. Instead, you will need a charger that is designed to connect with the Apple Watch’s magnetic backside so that you can quickly and safely charge your device. The Apple Watch is not known for having a stellar battery life, so it makes a huge difference to have a reliable charger for home, the office, and on-the-go use.

What should you look for in an Apple Watch charger?

  • Compatibility: When shopping for a new charger, be sure that it’s compatible with your specific Apple Watch model. While most chargers offer full compatibility with most Apple Watches, it’s a good idea to read the fine print carefully in order to make sure your device is a perfect match.
  • Charge Speed: While some chargers will charge your Apple Watch as quickly as the original charger that came with your purchase, some aren’t so fast. Be sure to check out the charger’s specs and read some reviews in order to determine if the charger will suit your needs.
  • Functionality: Some chargers offer helpful functionality such as Nightstand Mode compatibility or the ability to charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously. Additionally, if you are purchasing a stand charger, look for a secure model. A weighted, nonslip base could be the difference between your Apple Watch remaining on your end table or flying across the room as you wake from your sleep.

How can you take advantage of the Apple Watch 7’s fast-charging capability?

To charge your Apple Watch 7 as quickly as possible, you will need Apple’s USB-C Apple Watch Charger and a USB-C wall adapter that operates at 5-watts or higher and supports Power Delivery (PD). Unfortunately, most third-party Apple Watch chargers that were developed for the previous Series do not support the Apple Watch 7 fast-charging standard. Thankfully, this won’t be an issue for those who charge their Apple Watch overnight since this will allow you plenty of time to fully charge your Apple Watch, even when using a slower charger.

Our Picks for the Best Apple Watch Chargers

Top Pick

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

This Apple Watch charger stands out for its charging speed and durability.

Pros: Apple is a brand known for the quality of its accessories, so it’s not surprising that the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable scores our Top Pick award. Featuring blazing-fast charging speeds and a powerful magnet, this charger is compatible with many third-party stands and accessories. It’s also an incredibly durable option and will likely outlast most Apple Watch chargers you can put it up against.

Cons: Unsurprisingly, this Apple Watch charger is considerably more expensive than most third-party chargers. Additionally, its design won’t appeal to those who are seeking a charging stand or multifunctional charger.

Bottom Line: When it comes to Apple products, you generally know what you will get. Thus, this charger’s high-quality design and hefty price tag are to be expected. While those who put quality above all else will love this product, plenty of great Apple Watch chargers compete with this model at a fraction of the price.


Best Value

NEWDERY Charger for Apple Watch

This travel-friendly Apple Watch charger sports a unique, cable-free design.

Pros: The NEWDERY Charger for Apple Watch is a fantastic product for those seeking a compact and portable charger. Thankfully, this little guy also offers surprisingly fast charging speeds for your Apple Watch and magnetic functionality to keep your investment secure while it’s charging. This charger also offers a lot of great safety features, including over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection. For less than the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, we’d say this product is an amazing value.

Cons: This Apple Watch charger requires a powered USB port, so if you do not have a USB wall plug or laptop with charging capability, it might require further investment. That being said, it also works with most power bricks, so you can still charge your Apple Watch on the go.

Bottom Line: It’s great to have an ultra-portable Apple Watch charger in your arsenal, and this one offers incredible performance for its budget-friendly price. Those seeking a cable-free Apple Watch charger are likely to love this offering, even if it’s not quite as fast of a charge as Apple’s Magnetic Charging Cable.


Best Charging Stand

Conido Charging Stand for Apple Watch

This Nightstand Mode-compatible Apple Watch charger features a low-profile design.

Pros: Featuring a sleek, low-profile design and a variety of unique color options (including some Apple-inspired classics), the Conido Charging Stand is compatible with a wide range of Apple Watches. It’s also designed to utilize your device’s Nightstand Mode functionality and sports a strong magnetic charger to ensure your watch is secure while charging. This product also scores major points for its handy nonslip base, making it a great charger to keep at your bedside.

Cons: This charging stand isn’t compatible with Apple Watch Series 7, so those who recently upgraded their Apple Watch will have to seek out a different product. Also, it relies on a Micro USB connection, so the charger’s speed is better suited for overnight charging than a quick charge.

Bottom Line: This is about as good as a nighttime Apple Watch charger gets, especially at this product’s price point. While its charging speed is nothing to write home about, this charger’s Nightstand Compatibility and sturdy design make it an excellent option for those who charge their Apple Watch while they sleep.


Best Multi-Charger

WAITIEE 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

This three-in-one charger is excellent for eliminating cable clutter where you charge your devices.

Pros: The WAITIEE Wireless Charger is a great choice for those who have their original Apple magnetic charger lying around due to its nifty cable management and ability to charge Qi-enabled smartphones and AirPods. This product allows you to minimize the number of cables cluttering your space by charging three devices with one cable. It even offers a few color options for a touch of variety. It also comes with a 15W fast charging adapter, so you won’t have to use one of your own USB wall plugs to get the most out of this product.

Cons: This multi-charger doesn’t have the ability to charge your Apple Watch on its own, so you’ll need to integrate your own magnetic charger into the device in order to charge your Apple Watch. Also, it’s worth noting that this product is not compatible with Series 6 or 7 Apple Watches.

Bottom Line: There are several Apple-compatible multi-chargers on the market, but this model really stands out thanks to its reliability and low price tag. That being said, the cost of your investment will be considerably more if you don’t have access to your original Apple Watch charger, so this product isn’t perfect for everyone.


Also Consider

Spigen S350 Stand

This Apple Watch stand is Nightstand Mode-compatible and stands out due to its secure, anti-slip base.

Pros: If you still have your original Apple Watch charger but want the functionality of a charging stand, this product from Spigen is for you. Featuring effortless Nightstand Mode compatibility and a sleek minimalist design, this stand won’t bend your charger’s cable-like similar products are known to. It will provide a secure means for you to charge your Apple Watch at night. For a product this simple and well-designed, what more can you ask for?

Cons: Like the multi-charger featured above, this stand requires the original Apple Watch charger in order to charge your device. While this won’t mean much to those who still have their original charger lying around, those who do not are looking at an additional charge that is more than twice the price of the stand itself.

Bottom Line: Unlike similar stands, the Spigen S350 Stand is fully compatible with new Series 7 Apple Watches and sports a sticky residue-free material on the bottom to keep it secure on your nightstand. While this makes it great for those who have a functional charger to pair it with, those who lack a stand and an Apple Watch charger can likely find a more budget-friendly option that offers similar functionality.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive and practical or a premium charger built to last, there are plenty of great chargers available for your Apple Watch. These options should all be excellent choices.

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