The Best Aquarium Ornaments for Your Fish Tank

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If you have a fish tank, you don’t just want a boring glass bowl filled with water and a little fish swimming in it; you should dive in and get it looking exciting! Aquarium ornaments are a great way to spice up your fish tank. Some folks even believe that the little ornaments you see in there aid in your fish’s overall health and stimulate their brain and other senses. Here are some great aquarium ornaments we recommend.

Purchasing Fish Tank Ornaments

The right fish tank ornaments will depend on your fish tank and the style you are trying to achieve. Look into these factors before deciding:

  • Size: You want to make sure the ornament you choose actually fits in your fish tank! Choose ornaments that are proportional to the tank size.
  • Health Benefits: Some natural ornaments are designed to help balance the pH level in your water and are thought to promote fish health.
  • Hideouts: Many fish like hiding under accessories in their tank, so look for ornaments that have good spaces for them to tuck themselves away.
  • Submersible: Unless you want a floating ornament, make sure they are heavy enough to sink or can be held down to stay beneath the water.
  • Fresh vs. Saltwater: Some ornaments are only safe for one type of water or the other, while some are safe for both. Make sure your ornament is safe for your water before you purchase.

Top Choice: Penn-Plax Spongebob Squarepants Aquarium Ornaments

This adorable little ornament comes straight from the Spongebob Squarepants TV show and will make your little swimmy-buddy think he’s living in a pineapple under the sea with all the characters. You can get a complete set with the Krusty Krab and Squidward’s home included or as just the pineapple, these ornaments are sure to delight. They are made of safe and durable resin with a sturdy base that is safe for both fresh and saltwater tanks. They are designed to fit easily into almost any fish tank and can easily be wiped clean.

Best Light-Up: Uniclife Glowing Effect Kelp Decorative Seaweed

This ornament is designed to act just like real kelp. It is heavy enough that it doesn’t need to be buried in the rocks to stay in place, but it’s made of soft silicone for an extra-gentle feel against your aquatic life. This ornament is also safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, requires minimum maintenance, and is fade-resistant and nontoxic. It illuminates only under actinic lighting.

Best Light-Up

Uniclife Glowing Effect Kelp 9.84 Inch Decorative Seaweed Artificial Silicone Ornament for Fish Tank Aquarium, Pink

This ornament is made of soft silicone, so it's gentle with your aquatic life while being heavy enough to stay in place.

Best Variety: AroPaw Aquarium Decorations 20-30 Pack

These artificial plants are maintenance-free and made from BPA-free plastic for added quality and safety. Included in the pack is a range of sizes and styles. Each plant is weighted with a decorative rock to hold it firmly in place on the bottom of your fish tank. The large quantity will enhance a 5-to-10-gallon tank easily. They are safe from beta fish to goldfish to turtles or anything in between.

Best Variety

Aquarium Decorations 20 Or 23 Pack Lifelike Plastic Decor Fish Tank Plants, Small to Large (20 Pack)

This set of artificial plants are made of BPA-free plastic and are weighted, so they are safe for almost any aquatic tank!

Best Hideaway: GloFish Barrels Ornament

This little ornament is perfect for almost any fish that likes to hide. The purpose of ornaments such as these is to reduce stress, and this ornament does it by giving your fish a great place to tuck away and hide in. The swim holes are perfectly proportioned for smaller fish and can be used in conjunction with countless other ornaments to give your fish tank a truly unique appearance.

Best Hideaway

GloFish Barrels Ornament, Small, Detailed aquarium Ornament, Hideaway For Fish

This ornament provides your fish a place to hide and relieve stress.

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