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The Best Arched Mice for Home or Office Work

A black arched mouse with buttons next to a laptop.

Initially developed by Microsoft, the arched mouse stems from a line of portable computer mice developed to be comfortably ergonomic by conforming to any user’s hand. You’re either in or out on putting forward a bit extra for your own luxury computer mouse, but if it’s an arched mouse we’re talking about, then you may quickly find enough reasons to get in on it. It’s completely portable, meaning no wires or bulk. It folds flat to fit in your bag or back pocket like a smartphone. And whereas the computer mice of yesteryear needed rubber balls and foam pads to gain traction to move the cursor, an arched mouse requires no other necessities than just the guidance of your hand. If you’re in the market for a computer mouse that doesn’t aggravate your wrist or irritate the daylights out of you, here are some arched mice we recommend.

Choosing the Perfect Arched Mouse

Keep these things in mind when picking out your next luxury computer mouse:

  • Compatibility: Before you seal the deal on your new arched mouse, keep in mind the device you want to use it for. Some brand-name mice are only compatible with their own desktops and laptops, so depending on the hardware you already own, you may have to come up or down in price to accommodate your device’s need.
  • Connection: Some arched mice will require a stable Bluetooth connection to work, whereas others need a USB receiver plugged into your device to pick up the attachment. You’re still getting a wireless option with the latter, but it’s important to note because you’ll need to take that USB device with you if you want to get any work done.
  • Features: Every arched mouse is expected to come with more or less the same ergonomic design quality. Find a mouse that offers a few more incentives and high-grade perks for your money.

Best Overall: Microsoft Arc Mouse

A black arched mouse.

When it comes to our Best Overall pick, the originators of the arched mouse just do it the best. Microsoft’s ultra-slim and lightweight Arc Mouse offers users a wireless, easily portable device that snaps flat and shut whenever you’re on the go. With just two AAA alkaline batteries that last up to six months, users are getting a full plane of scrolling abilities from as far as 10 meters away without the hiccups and lags of traditional, wired computer mice. Its smooth design and soft material make for comfortable usage over long periods of time. All this device needs is a Bluetooth connection to your Microsoft device and you’re ready to scroll.

Best Overall

Best Budget: TeckNet 2.4G Portable Mouse with USB

A black arched mouse with buttons on it.

The latest developments in tech wizardry and add-ons can cost a pretty penny, thus alienating so many potential customers. Thankfully, the TeckNet Portable Mouse is the kind of quality arched mouse you’re looking for at half the price of most on the market. This mouse’s optical tracking technology is precise and efficient on a variety of different surfaces, so you won’t have to worry about the cursor getting stuck in the right-hand corner of the screen anymore. It also features a smart sleep mode that can be activated when folding the mouse into itself, granting users more power to an already stellar 18-month battery life. All any user needs to do is plug in the mouse’s USB receiver into their Windows, Mac OS, or Android device and begin scrolling.

Best Budget

TECKNET Folding Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Travel Mouse with USB Receiver, Wireless Mouse for Laptop, Notebook, PC, Computer, Portable Mouse 3 Adjustable DPI 2000/1500/1000, 24 Months Battery Life

A worthwhile alternative to costly name-brand mice, this one offers all the same great qualities of market arched mice at half of the cost.

Best Features: Normia Rita Foldable Arc Wireless Mouse

A silver arched mouse

Everything you could want out of an arched mouse and then some, the Normia Rita Foldable Arc Wireless Mouse is as sleek in appearance as it is for your hand. Its ergonomic arch design caters to your wrist while working, and takes up less desk space with its compact size. So yes, it offers you all of the usual arched mouse qualities and benefits; its additional perks, however, are the selling point. This is a high-performance mouse with a uniquely silent design, so you can work smoothly and quickly while rarely hearing a click from its right and left mouse buttons. Moreover, high performance is met with energy-saving capabilities, as this mouse tosses the AAA batteries out the door in favor of a micro USB cable that charges the device instead. And though it may work perfectly fine without it, this device also comes with an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support, because your screen time should be comfortable after all.

Best Features

Also Consider: Dell Bluetooth Mouse

A black arched mouse with a long center strip to scroll.

If there were any computer mice out there to give the founding creators of the arched mouse a run for their money, Dell’s Bluetooth Mouse comes as close as you could want. Comfortable in design and price, this mouse offers easy usage, from its precision scrolling to its portable package. Its curved arch provides ample support for any user’s wrist, while its unique design allows them to twist the mouse into a slim and concealable shape when not in use. This mouse also features a touch strip for scrolling, rather than a wheel scroll, for faster, more efficient productivity.

Also Consider

Dell WM615 Ultra Thin Mobile Bluetooth Mouse , Black

A unique design and comfortable price are the highlights behind this Bluetooth arched mouse.

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