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The Best Armoires for Your Jewelry

Armoires aren’t just for storing clothes. There are plenty of armoires that are specifically designed and made to hold necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, and other types of jewelry. Jewelry armoires, also known as jewelry cabinets or jewelry dressers, are a great option for anyone who has an especially large jewelry collection that has outgrown their regular jewelry box or someone who wants more room to sort and organize their necklaces, bracelets, etc. They also tend to be more secure than most jewelry boxes. While smaller than full closet armoires, jewelry armoires come in quite a range of different shapes and sizes. Some are essentially small pieces of furniture, while others are basically larger, more intricate jewelry boxes that sit atop your dresser. There are also many different design and color options for jewelry armoires, from classic intricately carved wooden models to sharp, sleek modern pieces and beyond. If you want to purchase a jewelry armoire for your collection, here are a few we recommend.

Purchasing a Jewelry Armoire

Here are a few things to think about before buying a jewelry armoire:

  • Type: The four main types of jewelry armoires you’ll find are freestanding, wall-mounted, cheval, and tabletop armoires. Freestanding armoires are the most traditional type, and they can come in many styles like stackable drawers or cabinets. Wall-mounted armoires are essentially medicine cabinets for jewelry, handy choices if you don’t have a large bedroom or want to keep your jewelry at eye level. Cheval models are more modern inventions, which combine a cabinet-like jewelry armoire and a full-length mirror to provide ample storage space. Tabletop jewelry armoires are similar to jewelry boxes, except they tend to be larger and more secure and offer superior security and organization.
  • Size: Obviously, the larger the jewelry collection, the more storage space you’ll need. No matter which sort of jewelry armoire you decide on, there are varying sizes within each type in terms of both physical size and the amount of storage space they offer. You’ll also want to make sure that you have space in your bedroom (or whichever room you plan to keep your purchase) for the armoire. Most freestanding models are fairly tall and narrow in physical size, but some larger cabinet-like models may pose a problem if you have a small bedroom or live in a dorm or studio apartment. Even tabletop armoire size should be taken into consideration, as they can be quite big and take up a lot of valuable countertop or dresser-top space.
  • Features: Most jewelry armoires will have built-in necklace hooks, ring holders, earring holders, but some models may be more oriented around necklaces, watches, or rings than others. Alternatively, others may be just a series of drawers and not have any specialty slots or holders at all. Many jewelry armoires, large and small, have a built-in mirror, so you can try on or compare jewelry to your outfit. Some will have some sort of lock and/or key to keep your collection safe and secure.

Best Classic: Hives and Honey Robyn Jewelry Armoire

You’ll love the elegant and sophisticated feel this freestanding jewelry armoire will bring to your bedroom or living space. It’s made of solid wood with a cherry or walnut finish. It’s 17 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 40 inches high—narrow enough to not take up too much floor space but tall enough to provide ample storage. Not only does this model contain eight spacious pull-out drawers, but there are two hidden doors as well, one on each side. Both doors have two ropes and 16 double-tiered hooks (four total ropes and 32 total hooks) to hang your necklaces from, while three of the drawers are divided, and five offer open storage. The top drawer also includes a ring roll and a small vanity mirror in the lid. The whole armoire is lined with anti-tarnish felt to protect your jewelry from tarnishing, scratches, and other damage. The top lid locks so that you can keep your most prized pieces more secure. And unlike some other similar models, no assembly is required.

Best Classic

Hives and Honey Robyn Jewelry Armoire | Cherry

A classic wooden jewelry armoire that saves space while still offering ample room for your collection.

Best Design: TWING Rotating Cabinet Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

This modern, cheval style jewelry armoire is so convenient that you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever managed without it. At only 10.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches long, it takes up incredibly little space, especially considering the amount of storage and organizational space it offers for your jewelry collection. The 63.5-inch tall interior features 54 stud earring slots, 18 dangling earring holders, two storage pockets, 84 ring slots, 40 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, five storage shelves, and a bracelet bar. As a bonus, there are three exterior storage shelves attached at the back of the base for books, purses, shoes, or any other items you want to keep handy. This armoire is made of sturdy MDF with a velvet lining that cushions your jewelry and protects it from scratches. The cabinet door is fixed with a full-length, real glass mirror on the outside, so you can view your whole outfit from head to toe. There’s also a small vanity mirror on the inside so that you don’t have to constantly open and close the door to access a mirror when picking out your jewelry. The armoire rotates a full 360 degrees and is available in a brown or white wood-grained finish.

Best for Tabletops: Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

A large, tabletop jewelry armoire that is available in white or brown and has even more storage space than the exterior implies. There are four pullout drawers, three with compartments to better sort your jewelry collection. Three of the drawers are also removable, as are the two removable trays on the top layer. One tray has slots to hold rings, while the other has eight small compartments. The two sides open up into doors for additional jewelry storage. The left door has 11 hooks for dangling necklaces plus a bottom compartment. The right side has small, narrow wooden slots to hold hanging earrings. The armoire locks closed with a key in order to keep your jewelry collection safe, and the entire box is lined with soft velvet to cradle and protect it from scratches.

Best for Tabletops

Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box/Jewel Case Cabinet Armoire Ring Necklacel Gift Storage Box Organizer Mg002 (Brown)

A jewelry armoire made for the tops of dressers or tables, with plenty of compartments for optimal organization.

Most Color Options: Hives and Honey Cabby Jewelry Armoire

An elegant, timeless jewelry armoire designed to resemble a wardrobe rather than a set of drawers. It’s available in a unique, turquoise color as well as three other more classic wood-grained colors. The entire armoire is lined with natural linen throughout, which helps protects your jewelry collection from tarnishing, scratches, and other types of potential damage. The French-style doors open up to a set of seven pullout drawers in different sizes, plus eight double-tiered necklace hooks and two necklace ropes on either door. Some of the drawers have compartments; some don’t. The top lid lifts up to reveal an extra storage tray that has six divided compartments plus rolls to hold your rings. There’s also a framed mirror in the lid. The whole armoire comes fully assembled; all you have to do is screw on its legs. You can purchase it in tandem with an extra divided storage compartment if desired.

Most Color Options

Hives and Honey Cabby Fully Locking Jewelry Armoire, 40" x 19" x 13.75", TURQUOISE

A tall, colorful, and protective jewelry armoire with an elegant, classic design.

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