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The Best Baby Changing Tables

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🕚 Updated November 2022

New parents will literally change thousands of diapers before their child is even a year old. That's why these baby changing tables can be incredibly convenient additions to a nursery.

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  Top Choice Best with Entertainment Best for Organization Best Folding Option Best Wall-Mounted
  Delta Children
nfant Changing Table with Pad
Skip Hop
Baby Changing Pad, Nursery Style
Basket Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper
Baby Changing Table
Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station
Our SummaryThe style and function of this changing table make your life easier for the countless diaper changes.This changing pad keeps your baby safe and occupied while your furniture stays clean.Keep all your diaper changing needs tidy and within an easy reach.This changing table can help take the hassle out of traveling with a baby.This changing table is ideal for businesses and a high volume of diaper changes.
ProsTwo open shelves for storage, comes with pad and safety straps, five color options, easy to assemble, sturdy.Comes with playful overhead mobile, portable, can use on existing stable surfaces, comes with safety straps, nontoxic and easy-to-clean surface.Comes with three drawers for easy storage and laundry basket area, four color options, comes with foam pad and safety straps.Folds for easy storage or traveling, for vacation or for a frequent babysitter, sturdy iron frame, easy to clean, three-sided changing pad, side organizer and shelf.Saves on floor space, perfect for commercial use or in-home daycare, highest weight capacity and age limit.
ConsThin changing pad.Not very soft, large.Thin changing pad.No safety straps.Requires hardware and professional installation.
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The Best Baby Changing Tables

Happy mother changing the diaper of her baby at home on a changing table
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Buying Guide for Baby Changing Tables

A baby changing table with diapers and a pad down in a nursery.
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Why should you purchase a baby changing table?

With a new baby comes a lot of diapers. A diaper changing table can provide a lot of benefits to this new activity that you’ll take part in several times a day. Here are just a few benefits:

  • A higher table can make it easier on your back while changing your baby.
  • Designating a diaper changing area helps create a routine for your baby.
  • It helps keep your home clean and organized.
  • It’s a safe spot to rest your baby.

What should you consider when shopping for a baby changing table?

  • Furniture or Feature: Some diaper changing tables are designed to be a main piece of furniture in your baby’s nursery. These often are higher off the ground, making it more comfortable on the parent’s back when changing diapers. This type of changing table will also come with shelving for organized storage of diapers, wipes, diaper pails, etc. Other diaper-changing solutions are portable stations that can be used on the floor or affixed to an existing dresser.
  • Multipurpose: If you’re in need of extra storage for your diaper-changing necessities, a diaper changing table with shelving is a convenient way to tackle both problems while also keeping your home or nursery more organized. The portable diaper changing stations may have other features as well, like overhead play mobiles to keep your baby entertained.

How long can you use a baby changing table?

For changing diapers, most changing tables recommend stopping at 12 months, although some are sturdy enough to be used for a couple of years. Ultimately, it will depend on the weight of your baby. An important thing to consider is that some babies, as they get older into the toddler stage, get much more active during diaper changes, and this may pose a safety risk.

Even after your baby has outgrown the main use of it for changing diapers, some changing tables are still convenient for storage capabilities, making them useful even after your little one has begun potty training.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Changing Tables

Top Choice

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

The style and function of this changing table make your life easier for the countless diaper changes.

Pros: Change your baby at a comfortable height and in a safe place on this baby changing table. The two shelves are perfect for storing your diapers and care supplies. It comes with a changing pad, complete with straps, so your baby stays in place and safe during every diaper change. Five color options are available for this changing table, so it can fit in with any decor theme in your baby’s nursery. This piece of furniture is easy to assemble, and all of the necessary tools are included. Even though assembly is easy, this changing table is strong and sturdy. When you’re done changing diapers, it’s a functional piece for other storage.

Cons: The pad that comes with the changing table is thin.

Bottom Line: There are several reasons this changing table is rated so highly. It makes changing diapers easier and more comfortable; plus, with ample storage on the two shelves underneath, the countless baby items you have can all have their place. With a handful of color options, you can find the look that best matches your nursery’s theme.


Best with Entertainment

Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad, Nursery Style

This changing pad keeps your baby safe and occupied while your furniture stays clean.

Pros: Turn almost any stable surface into a safe and comfortable place to change your baby. This wipeable yet cushioned changing pad is easy to keep clean and resists stains and smells. Safety straps help keep your little one in place while a sweet overhead mobile keeps them entertained, so they’re less likely to try to wiggle their way free. If you have the perfect dresser for changing your baby’s diaper, this pad has a non-skid, protective base with an attachment piece to keep both your furniture safe and your changing pad in place.

Cons: This changing pad is larger than most changing tables, so be sure to check dimensions. While the surface is easy to clean, it’s quite hard. To keep messes running toward their toes instead of their heads, parents wish the pad slanted down a bit more.

Bottom Line: This changing pad is easy to clean and helpful for keeping your baby happy and entertained during diaper changes. The portability of it makes it an attractive option; however, if your plan is to have it atop a conventional changing table, be sure to check the dimensions.


Best for Organization

Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper

Keep all your diaper changing needs tidy and within an easy reach.

Pros: A diaper change can require a lot of supplies. There are the usual wipes and diapers, sometimes cream or powder, and other times may call for a whole new outfit after a blow-out. This diaper changing table comes with three stacked drawers plus a large space for a hamper, so you can have everything you need within an arm’s reach. The changing table comes with a foam pad and safety straps, plus is boxed in with rails on all four sides to keep your baby safe. Four different color options can help you choose the best option for your decor. It’s sturdy and easy to assemble.

Cons: The changing pad is a bit thin, so some parents make a separate purchase for a cushier pad.

Bottom Line: There’s a lot to love about this functional, affordable, and stylish diaper changing table. It will look great with your other nursery pieces, and it adds convenient storage that you will use often. It fits nicely in smaller spaces and helps keep everything tidy.


Best Folding Option

Costzon Baby Changing Table

This changing table can help take the hassle out of trips with a baby.

Pros: Traveling with a baby in diapers might be one of the biggest parental conundrums. While this changing table won’t make you pack less of their necessities, it provides the perfect organizer and safe space for your baby when you’re at your destination. You won’t need to lay your baby on the hotel bed to change their diaper, and their things won’t be scattered everywhere thanks to the organizer basket and shelf that comes with this folding changing table. It has three raised sides and one lowered for you to access your baby’s diaper. It has a sturdy iron frame, a waterproof pad, and a cover made to withstand frequent use.

Cons: This changing pad doesn’t come with safety straps.

Bottom Line: This folding diaper changing table makes traveling with your baby a breeze. You can easily fold it away and take it out when you need it.


Best Wall-Mounted

ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

This changing table is ideal for businesses and a high volume of diaper changes.

Pros: This changing table is most familiar because of its popularity in commercial settings. Whether you own a business or even run an at-home daycare, this changing table saves on floor space and can withstand a high volume of diaper changes for years. This is made of high-density polyethylene plastic for strength and durability. It can accommodate children up to approximately 3.5 years old, and the maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. A cut-out strap design on the side makes it easy to hang a caddy of diaper-changing essentials for easy accessibility.

Cons: A qualified professional should install this so it can be used properly and safely, maximizing the benefits. It does not come with the hardware, so you must purchase that separately. It isn’t ideal for a home.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t a practical purchase for a family to use for one child, it is very sensible for a business, even one like an at-home daycare when there could be a consistent flow of babies needing diaper changes.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that baby changing tables can streamline and improve the frequent task of changing diapers. Our selections for changing tables should make parents’ lives much easier.

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