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The Best Baby Gates for the Stairs

Stairs are just one of the many hazards your little ones face as they grow and go mobile. The best way to keep them safe from stairs is to keep them from accessing them until they’re old enough to handle them. Baby gates are the best route when attempting to keep your kids at bay and away from dangerous things like the stairs. Here we’ve rounded up the best baby gates for your stairs.

Purchasing Baby Gates for Stairs

It’s recommended to have one gate at the bottom and one at the top of all flights of stairs in your home, just to be safe. So, how do you know which baby gates are right for you?

  • Width: You want to make sure the width will be compatible with the space you want to put it in. Be sure to measure.
  • Closure: Make sure the baby gate securely locks and stays in place so that it won’t budge when your little one leans against it.
  • Height: If you’re worried about your little one climbing over it or leaning too far, a higher baby gate might be the answer.
  • Open-Style: If you are using those stairs a lot, it might be wise to invest in a baby gate that is easy to get through and doesn’t require you to remove it every time you need to pass through. Easy swing gates are convenient for this.
  • Mount: If you rent or don’t want to ruin your walls or stairs, choose a baby gate that doesn’t require hardware mounting.

Best Overall: Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

This extra-wide baby gate can be expanded to fit openings anywhere between 29 inches through 34 inches or 35 inches through 38.5 inches. This gate is a pressure mount set up, so it is quick and easy to install and comes equipped with a 6-inch-wide extension kit as well as four pressure mouth spindle rods, four wall cups, and screws. The design is all steel for durability and offers a convenient walk-through feature that allows you to easily pass through with multiple safety lock features to keep the baby right where you want them to stay. This gate is both JPMA and ASTM certified.

Best Overall

Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate, Includes 6-Inch Extension Kit, Pressure Mount Kit, Wall Cups and Mounting Kit

An all-steel design makes this gate safe and durable with an easy walk-through for added convenience.

Best Easy-Swing: Toddleroo by North States Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate

This gate is designed with a one-handed operation, so you can easily carry your kiddo, or anything else, through the gate without having to worry about messing with anything fancy to get to the other side. The gate fully swings in only one direction, so it will never swing out over the stairs. It is extra wide with no thresholds (for less of a tripping hazard) and comes with safe and secure hardware mounts. This gate is made of sturdy metal, fitting any space that measures between 28.68 inches and 47.85 inches. It is also designed to be very hard to climb. When not in use, it is easy to remove this gate from the hinges for storage.

Best Plastic: MYPET North States Portable Gate

This ready-out-of-the-box gate is 23 inches tall and is easy to mount without any hardware; it’s a simple pressure mount installation with rubber bumpers that won’t ruin walls or doorways. There is a specially designed curved handle for a firm and comfortable grip while locking it into place and 4-inch high bumpers to accommodate almost any molding. The gate is easy to expand, thanks to a panel sliding track to allow this gate to fit any opening 26 to 40 inches wide.

Best Plastic

Best Mesh: Perma Child Satefy Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

This gate comes in various colors and is designed for one-handed operation; simply push and twist to lock and pull to expand. The mesh is UV-resistant and great for both indoor or outdoor use. It can be mounted in both wood or the wall (hardware included for both). The gate is also rustproof and can fit an opening 33 inches to 71 inches wide. This gate is great for both babies and fur babies anywhere from 6 to 24 months or 10 to 40 pounds.

Best Mesh

Perma Child Safety Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate 33" Tall, Extends to 71" Wide, Gray

This gate can be used both inside or outside and for both babies and pets.

Best Extra-Tall: Regalo 2-in-1 Extra-Tall Easy Swing Gate

This brand also won our award for Best Overall and has now also won our award for Best Extra-Tall Gate. That means all of the great aspects of a high-quality baby gate, just with extra height. This gate is 38 inches high and designed to be difficult to climb. It will fit any opening 24 to 40.5 inches wide and comes with all necessary hardware to safely install. The panels are adjustable, and the gate in an all-steel design with a convenient swing gate. It is also both JPMA and ASTM certified.

Best Extra-Tall

Regalo 2-in-1 Extra Tall Easy Swing Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Gate, Black 1 Count (Pack of 1)

This baby gate is easy to install with adjustable hardware, and it's taller than average to be difficult to climb.

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