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The Best Baby Mittens

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🕚 Updated November 2021

There are so many items a new parent has to think about when bringing home a baby: a car seat, diapers, onesies, swaddles, etc. Baby mittens are easy to leave off the list of necessities, but they belong on that list.

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  Top Choice Best Organic Best Patterns Best with Matching Hats Best Breathable/Adjustable
Baby Cotton No-Scratch Mittens
Burt’s Bees
Baby Mittens
Gerber Baby
4-Pair Baby Mittens
Gerber Baby
9-Piece Mitten and Hat Set
Baby No-Scratch Adjustable Mittens
Our SummaryThese mittens prove that basic is good.This set of mittens provides thoughtful comfort for your baby.These comfy mittens melt your heart.This mitten set with hats gives your baby cute and cozy comfort.These mittens adjust for your baby’s growth and comfort.
ProsLarger oval size for finger room, lightweight and soft, gentle but useful elastic closure.Encased elastic band for comfort, 100% organic cotton is perfect for sensitive baby skin.Adorable designs, soft cotton blend.Perfect for gifts, cute designs to coordinate, soft cotton blend.Adjustable mittens grow with baby, allow for snug fit so mittens stay on, soft 100% cotton, breathable.
ConsElastic wears after several laundry loads.Label print on inside could spread ink onto fingers, rounded shape makes for shorter use.Inconsistent sizing, loose elastic band.Sizing may not work for hat and mittens at the same time.Little give to put on baby, Velcro strap could be harmful.
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The Best Baby Mittens

A happy little baby wears a onesie and baby mittens while lying on a play mat.
Alla Pogrebnaya/Shutterstock.com

Baby mittens are super cute accessories to put on your baby. They’re tiny, and you’ll only need them for a blink of time since babies grow up so fast! But despite their short-lived time with your adorable baby, baby mittens can help keep them safe from scratching themselves and chewing too much on their fingers.

Buying Guide for Baby Mittens

A baby with a lavender hat and matching mittens on sleeps.
Mila May/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy baby mittens?

Like adult mittens, baby mittens can keep the wearer’s hands nice and warm in cold places. However, the main reason to buy baby mittens is that babies’ nails grow super fast, and cutting those tiny fingernails can make a parent sweat with nerves. Plus, even once they’re trimmed, they may have a few sharp edges (because perfection is hard when you’re sweating over tiny fingernails). Sharp-edged fingernails aren’t a good combination with a baby who keeps their hands near their face and eyes (they did that in the womb, so why would they stop now?). Your baby could definitely leave some scratches on their face without the help of those trusty little baby mittens. Mittens will also help prevent skin irritation that could happen if a baby sucks on their hands too much.

What should you consider when choosing the right baby mittens?

  • Closure: Baby mittens aren’t the easiest things to keep on your baby. Look for a pair that has a reliable and comfortable way to stay affixed on your baby’s hand so that you’re not constantly putting on baby mittens all day.
  • Size: Be sure to get a size that will allow your baby to move their fingers comfortably and that won’t fit too tight around the wrist. More comfort for your baby will mean they will tolerate the mittens better.
  • Style: Like everything else baby-related, there are some super cute designs and colors available. Plain and muted colors will go with more outfits, but a few fun patterns or designs could actually grab their attention and engage them in a very fun and beneficial way.

When should your baby wear mittens?

While this is different for each baby, most infants benefit the most from mittens during the first six months of life. After six months, your baby will most likely take them off without asking your permission and leave them strewn about the grocery store and back seat of the car, so to prevent the frustration, you might just want to stop slipping them on by then.

Baby mittens don’t have to be worn all day, every day. As you see the patterns your baby creates, you’ll figure out which times of the day they’re more likely to want to chew on their hands or have their fingers in their face. Chances are, you’ll want to put them on during car rides, naps, bedtime, and other idle times. They shouldn’t be worn all day because your baby also learns with their fingers by playing with toys and feeling textures.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Mittens

Top Choice

Rative Baby Cotton No Scratch Mittens

These mittens prove that basic is good.

Pros: These 100% cotton baby mittens are lightweight and soft for little fingers and soft cheeks. There is a large space (3.5 inches) for fingers to move within these mittens. The elastic band closure is strong to keep the mittens from slipping off but gentle enough not to leave marks on wrists. Each pack includes nine pairs, and parents can choose from a variety of colors.

Cons: Some parents noticed that after several uses and trips through the laundry, the elastic started to wear. Sizing is also tricky because while they are sized 0-6 months, some babies might grow out of them sooner, while others tiny hands may be too small at first.

Bottom Line: These mittens perform better than other brands at staying on babies’ wrists. They’re reliable, classic, and soft.


Best Organic

Burt's Bees Baby Mittens

This set of mittens provides thoughtful comfort for your baby.

Pros: These baby mittens are made with 100% organic cotton, a great bonus for a baby with extra-sensitive skin. The elastic bands are encased, making them comfortable on your baby’s wrists. They come in a few different sets, so you can pick the colors you want.

Cons: There is labeling printed on the inside of the baby mittens that ink can end up on your baby’s fingers. The size seems to fit most babies after a few weeks old. The shape of these mittens is more round, which may limit the window of how long your baby can wear them.

Bottom Line: These baby mittens are thoughtful about keeping your infant comfortable, especially with the gentle elastic lining. While they are soft and perfect for sensitive skin, the printed labels on the inside could be a nuisance for babies who want to suck their fingers more.


Best Patterns

Gerber Baby 4-Pair Baby Mittens

These comfy mittens might melt your heart.

Pros: Parents rave about the fun designs and the super-soft fabric of these mittens. Since Gerber carries the same designs throughout their clothing line, you’ll find ways to match the mittens to other clothing items to create an adorable ensemble.

Cons: These are smaller mittens with looser elastic bands, so babies can slip them off pretty easily.

Bottom Line: These mittens have adorable designs and are super soft for your baby’s delicate skin. However, sizing will have to be quite accurate to make sure your baby doesn’t slip them off too easily.


Best with Matching Hats

Gerber 9-Piece Mitten and Hat Set

This mitten set with hats gives your baby cute and cozy comfort.

Pros: Adorably match your baby’s accessories with these hats and mittens made with a soft cotton blend. Gentle elastic keeps the mittens on your baby’s hands, while the hats feature snug cuffs for a cozy fit that stays in place. The sets come in regular three-month increment sizing.

Cons: The sizing between the hats and mittens might not be accurate. Often, the hat fits before the mittens do, so the cute matchy-ness might not happen.

Bottom Line: This adorable set is soft and useful for keeping babies warm and safe. The mix-and-match combinations make this set a great gift for a new baby.


Best Adjustable

Hapiu Baby No-Scratch Adjustable Mittens

These mittens adjust for your baby's growth and comfort.

Pros: These adjustable baby mittens allow you to make them tighter on your baby to prevent them from pulling them off or loosen them as they grow. They also come in three-month size increments, so you’ll be able to use these convenient mittens as your baby continues to grow. They’re made with 100% cotton and are nice and breathable so that your baby stays comfortable in all seasons.

Cons: Since the closure system includes Velcro, you have to be watchful that your baby isn’t able to scratch himself with the rough strip. There is very little give (like with an elastic band) to slip the mittens on easily. If you keep them out of the dryer, the Velcro lasts longer.

Bottom Line: Though they can take some work, the way these mittens adjust for a good fit make them an attractive purchase to protect your baby from scratches.

Final Thoughts

Baby mittens may not initially seem like a must-have for new parents, but a good pair can make life easier for babies and parents. Keeping your baby happy and healthy is the priority, and baby mittens can help with that during the first several months of their life.

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