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The Best Baby Picture Frames

A pregnant woman wearing a grey shirt holds a wooden frame displaying a sonogram photo.

It seems from the moment you get that first sonogram picture, every moment of your little one’s life deserves a picture. Soon your phone becomes filled with adorable little memories and silly faces. When you find a picture that you can’t resist putting on display, it can be hard to find just the right frame. To display all those precious memories, here are some of the best baby picture frames we recommend.

What to Consider When Purchasing Baby Picture Frames

You want to make sure the picture frame you choose is the best one for that adorable new picture. Take these things into consideration before you make a purchase:

  • Size: Make sure the frame you choose will not only fit in the place you have in mind for it, but the picture you choose will also fit. Keep in mind the thickness of the frame as it can sometimes cut out some of the actual picture placed inside.
  • Style: If you are planning to put the frame in a themed room, look for frames with matching colors to better fit the aesthetic. Wooden frames are great for neutral tones and rustic decor. Sleek metal frames fit the style of modern homes that stick to grey, black, and white color schemes. When celebrating a holiday or special occasion, look for frames that mark the occasion.
  • Display: Some frames won’t be easily hung due to their size and may require mounted installation. Smaller frames offer a stand on the back for a dresser or triangle hooks that can easily be attached to a nail in the wall. Those that are renting apartments or homes might want to opt for less invasive options so that the walls won’t have to be repaired when moving.

Top Choice: Pearhead Baby Prints Photo Frame

A three photo display frame with baby picture, hand, and footprint.

Equipped with a sawtooth hanger to easily behind anywhere in your home, this picture frame features a classic hand-finished white finish with a wooden frame. There is a 4- by 6-inch photo insert to display that favorite photo and two other 4- by 6-inch display areas for your baby’s footprint and handprint. Included with the frame are two clean-touch ink pads that display the print, as well as two print cards and an acid-free beveled mat that has “my little prints” stamped on the front.

Top Choice

Best Sonogram: Pearhead Rustic Sonogram Frame

A packaged rustic frame displaying a sonogram picture.

This frame is available in a wide range of styles and colors to help make sure that sonogram is displayed just the way it should be. With the words “love at first sight” sweetly printed in this frame, it will capture the love you felt for your little one the very first time you saw them. Display each of those tiny fingers and toes in a frame that commemorates that first feeling of love. There is a sawtooth hanger to allow this frame to be easily hung almost anywhere, and it fits the standard sonogram photo size of 4- by 3-inches.

Best for Nursury: Malden International Designs Baby Memories Picture Frame

White frame with golden stars and the quote "Love you to the moon and back" displaying a baby picture.

Designed with silkscreened wood and gold foil accents, this picture frame is sure to let your little one know how much you love them — especially with the words “love you to the moon and back” right on the front! This frame will hold a 4- by 6-inch picture and easily mounts on the wall to sweetly hang in their nursery. This frame also offers a kickstand to simply be placed on a bedside table or dresser.

Best for Nursery

Malden International Designs Baby Memories Love You To Wood With Gold Foil Accents Picture Frame, 4x6, White

This space-themed frame's gold stars and sweet quote will let your little one know how much you love them.

Best My First Year: Malden International Designs My First Year Frame

A silver frame with labeled month slots and a photo of a smiling baby in the center.

This frames specials design offers thirteen openings to display a picture of the baby each month and features a large area for their one-year milestone! This frame has durable glass and a removable black felt panel to easily place the pictures as needed. The beaded metal made of shiny metal offers an eye-catching design and showcases the quote “My First Year” along the top as well as “Look Who’s One!” beneath the middle picture. Each month is clearly labeled in the same font, making this frame an adorable addition to any home!

Best My First Year

Malden International Designs My First Years Beaded Two Tone Silver Metal Picture Frame, 3 Option, 1-3.5x4 & 12-1x1, Silver

Designed to display the growth of your child each month as they move through their first year, and show off that one-year milestone!

Best for Grandparents: Cedar Crate Market Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame

An engraved wooden frame featuring grandparents and grandchild.

This frame is available in multiple sizes and styles to make sure that the memorable picture inside is displayed just right. Affixed with a glass front, this frame is made of top-quality wood, with each frame having its own unique color and wood grain pattern. The quote “A grandchild is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart” is laser engraved — not printed —- for a stunning finish that will last for years to come. There is a back stand to easily display this frame on a table and wall-hanging clips for easy mounting.

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