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The Best Baby Robes

🕚 Updated June 2022

Baby robes are an adorable way to keep little ones warm and cozy after bath time. They soak up moisture the towel might have missed, and they make a sweet photo op or baby shower gift. Check out these quality baby robes.

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  Top Choice With Matching Booties Softest Option Adorable Set Most Absorbent
Unisex Animal Hood Robe
Terrycloth Hooded Baby Bathrobe
Luvable Friends
Ultra-Plush Unisex Bathrobe
Baby Robe and Spa Set
Burt's Bees
Baby Bathrobe
Our SummaryA cozy and gentle robe in a variety of zoo and farm animal designs.A darling, easy-to-wash bathrobe with matching booties.This super cute plush polyester robe is great for colder months.This four-piece set is made for baby announcements and newborn photoshoots.Here's a lovely baby robe perfect for after bath time.
ProsPlush polyester, stays soft on baby's skin, keeps them warm after bedtime.Absorbent, soft on baby's skin, great for transitioning from the bath to bed.Minky soft polyester fibers, gentle on skin, keeps kiddos warm at night.Cute accessories, must-have for professional photoshoots or Instagram stories.100% organic cotton, absorbent, good for after bath time, two colors, super soft, popular brand.
ConsPolyester may shrink.Can be rough on babies with very sensitive skin.May not fit all babies.Not as functional.More expensive.
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The Best Baby Robes

a baby in a pink robe smiling on a bed.

Establishing a bedtime and bathtime routine is one of the best things to do for your little one. Signals and repetition help them settle in for the night with less fuss. Make a baby bathrobe part of that bathtime and bedtime routine! Take a look at our top picks for baby bathrobes.

Buying Guide for Baby Robes

Baby in a bath towel with rubber ducks

Why buy a baby robe?

A cozy bathrobe will make getting your baby dry less chaotic and more pleasant. They envelop your baby in warmth and cuteness. Plus, they make fantastic baby shower gifts for new parents.

What should you consider in a baby robe?

  • Style: There are hooded and unhooded options; really, it comes down to your preference, but hoods can help to further dry off their heads and keep them warm.
  • Use: For summertime use around the pool, you probably don’t need a heavy thick flannel robe, but if you want added coziness after baby’s bath time, a heavy robe might be the right option.
  • Closure: Most baby robes come equipped with a belt-strap closure to securely tie and keep the little robe in place.

Which fabric should you get a baby robe in?

Terrycloth, cotton, polyester, and fleece are common baby robe materials. Terrycloth and cotton will be the most absorbent options. Fleece robes can set your little one up for an extra relaxing bedtime story and cuddles and will keep them nice and warm in the cold months. Polyester is smooth and soft on babies’ delicate skin but isn’t as absorbent. Ultimately, each of these materials should be comfortable for your baby, but think about the time of year and the functionality of the robe before you buy one.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Robes

Top Choice

Hudson Unisex Animal Hood Robe for Babies

A cozy and gentle robe in a variety of zoo and farm animal designs.

Pros: Made of 100% polyester and plush fleece, this little robe is soft, cozy, warm, and gentle against a baby’s delicate skin. It’s sure to keep your baby dry after time in the bath or pool, and the cute animal face can make bath time even more fun. Choose from several fun animal and color options.

Cons: Since this is a plush robe, it is best to towel your baby off before wrapping them up in the robe. Additionally, some customers reported shrinking in the dryer, so it’s best to dry on cold or hang to dry.

Bottom Line: This is an adorable robe that comes in a variety of sweet animal designs (both mythical and real)! The price also makes it an absolute steal.


With Matching Booties

Spasilk 100% Cotton Terrycloth Hooded Baby Bathrobe

A darling, easy-to-wash bathrobe with matching booties.

Pros: What is cuter than a baby in a robe? A baby in a robe with matching booties! This set is ideal for transitioning babies from bath time to bedtime. The terrycloth material makes drying off easy and helps get your little one warm and relaxed for their bedtime story/final diaper change of the night. Plus, cold toes are a thing of the past with these too-cute booties. It is designed to be easy to wash and durable, and it comes in six different colors.

Cons: Some buyers viewed the product as too rough for sensitive baby skin. If your little one is especially sensitive and prone to rashes, this may not be the best pick.

Bottom Line: This matching set is so huggable! You and your baby are sure to love it. Because it’s a coordinated set and comes in a few designs and colors, this is perfect as a baby shower gift.


Softest Option

Luvable Friends Ultra-Plush Unisex Bathrobe

This super cute plush polyester robe is great for colder months.

Pros: This 100% polyester baby bathrobe is buttery soft and ultra-plush, making it a favorite of new parents for naptime and beddy-bye cuddles. The hood is great for keeping heat in while your baby warms up after bath time. A variety of prints and designs make it easy to find the right pick for any new baby in your life.

Cons: There seems to be some size discrepancy between sizes and prints. Some run large, some small. If your baby is on the lowest or highest percentile of height or weight, it’s best to seek out another pick from our list.

Bottom Line: Super plush, cushiony polyester takes on the feeling of minky microfleece in this baby robe. This is an ideal buy for babies with sensitive skin and who need a little extra warmth after bedtime.


Best for Photos

Spokki Baby Robe and Spa Set for Newborn Photoshoots

This four-piece set is made for baby announcements and newborn photoshoots.

Pros: Spa day? Spa-yay for baby with this charming baby robe set. It even comes complete with fake cucumber slices for your baby’s eyes for jaw-droppingly cute pics. It’s great for newborn photos and other milestones for babies 0 to 6 months old. It includes a flannel robe, knitted spa sandals, and a hair wrap headband.

Cons: This robe is made from reasonably heavy flannel material that doesn’t soak up water well, making this robe best suited to photo opportunities or as a bedtime aid.

Bottom Line: Spa day just got a whole lot cuter with your little one able to join in on the fun. This bathrobe is a fantastic buy for photoshoots and special occasions, but it won’t stand up to baby’s daily bathtime fun.


Most Absorbent

Burt's Bees Baby Bathrobe

Here's a lovely baby robe perfect for after bath time.

Pros: This little robe is perfect for use after bath time. It’s nice and absorbent but soft on delicate baby skin. It has a hood and a tie around the waist to keep the baby warm and secure. It’s made from 100% organic cotton and is sized for babies 0 to 9 months old.

Cons: This is a little more expensive than other options.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a practical and high-quality baby robe, this is a solid pick from a trusted brand.

Final Thoughts

A bathrobe is a fantastic addition to almost any baby’s routine. They can be less fussy than towels and keep babies warm straight from the bath to their beds. If you need a baby shower gift, you can’t go wrong with our baby robe picks.

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