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The Best Baby Strollers

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Carrying your baby or toddler is not always an option. Save your arms and get one of these reliable strollers for travel, jogs, days at the zoo, errands, walks in the park, and other outings with your little one.

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  Best Jogging Stroller Best Lightweight Best for Travel Best Double Best for Budget
  Baby Trend
Expedition Jogger Stroller
3Dlite Convenience Stroller
Baby Trend
EZ Ride 35 Travel System
DuoGlider Double Stroller
3Dmini Convenience Stroller
Our SummaryThis stroller lets your little one come with you when you lace up your shoes for your daily jogs.Easily take this stroller everywhere you go.This system includes everything you need to safely travel with your baby in a car or stroller.Tandem seating allows both kids to hitch a ride without being a wide load.Keep your little one safe and comfortable without spending a fortune.
Pros✓ Bike tires for smooth pushing over different terrain
✓ Compatible with Baby Trend car seats
✓ Includes cup holders, snack tray, and storage basket
✓ Folds for car or storage
✓ Padded seat reclines with five-point harness
✓ Lightweight and compact for easy carrying
✓ Padded seat reclines with five-point harness
✓ Includes storage, cup holder, small compartment
✓ Available in four colors
✓ System includes car seat, seat base, stroller
✓ Cup holders, snack tray, storage basket
✓ Adjustable handlebars
✓ Padded seat reclines with five-point harness system
✓ Available in two colors
✓ Tandem seating
✓ Use with two car seats, one car seat and one regular seat, or two regular seats
✓ Snack trays and cup holders, a large storage basket, and removable sunshades
✓ Both seats can recline
✓ Folds for the car or space-saving storage
✓ Lightweight and folds for easy portability
✓ Storage basket, cup holders, and small pocket
✓ Padded seat reclines with five-point harness system
✓ Available in four colors
Cons✗ Filling the front tire with air is difficult✗ Storage basket only holds 10 pounds safely✗ Car seat lacks padding near head✗ Sunshades don't cover as much as others
✗ Hard to get some items out of the storage basket if they slide forward
✗ Sunshade can come off easily
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The Best Baby Strollers

A young mother walks with a little toddler in a stroller in the summer.
Shopping King Louie/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Baby Strollers

Beautiful, fit woman walking and jogging outdoors along a paved sidewalk in a park pushing a stroller at sunset

Why should you buy a baby stroller?

Running errands, going for a long walk, or spending a fun day at a theme park are just a few occasions when a baby stroller is not just helpful but necessary. There are strollers available to use with your newborn throughout the first few years of their life and ones that are meant for a baby at least six months old. Since the lowest weight capacity for these strollers is 50 pounds, you’ll get a lot of use from your investment.

What should you consider when shopping for a baby stroller?

  • Function: If you plan to use your stroller while jogging, then you’ll want to purchase an official jogging stroller. If you want a bassinet stroller for your little one to nap in, you can find models tailored to that as well. Strollers are manufactured and designed based on a number of factors, so take your needs into consideration and look for the functions and features you need.
  • Size: If you have more than one kiddo you expect to be pushing around, opt for a double stroller so that there’s no fighting or deciding who gets to ride. Also think about size if you have a small car or if you’ll be traveling with your baby a lot; in those cases, you might want to look for smaller strollers for more convenience.
  • Style: If you plan on using it mostly while your baby is, well, a baby, it can be convenient to have an entire travel system ready to go to simply click the car seat onto the stroller and keep your little one asleep, no unbuckling and transferring needed.
  • Weight/Portability: Lugging a huge stroller everywhere with you can be annoying and, in some cases, impossible. There are lightweight options that can make this task a lot easier, and most will fit in your car.

How long can you expect your stroller to last?

The manufacturers of all these strollers go through serious tests and regulations to make them safe for your child. Because of these factors, if you properly care for the stroller you buy and use it as intended, you can expect to use your stroller on a daily basis until your child reaches the recommended weight capacity, and sometimes all over again with future children.

Some strollers may suggest specific tips for caring for your stroller, but generally speaking, it’s important to clean your stroller, store it properly, and keep it in a dry area when it’s not being used.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Strollers

Best Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

This stroller lets your little one come with you when you lace up your shoes for your daily jogs.

Pros: Bicycle tires allow this stroller to move quickly over most surfaces without jarring the wheels or causing discomfort for your baby. The front wheel can lock and is on a swivel for easy maneuvering. The seat is padded and reclines for the baby to relax and even nap while you walk or run. A five-point harness provides security and support for your baby. The stroller also features a snack tray and cup holder for the baby, cup holders and a small compartment for the parent, and a storage basket underneath for small belongings like baby supplies or your purse. This stroller can accommodate Baby Trend car seats and accommodate up to 50 pounds. It’s easy to fold up and store in your car or your closet. The stroller has accommodations for storage and snacks as well, making it quite functional.

Cons: The front tire can be difficult to inflate because it’s in a smaller space than the back tires. While the tires are sturdy, you will have to refill them periodically.

Bottom Line: If you’re excited to go out and move with your little one or want a stroller that can be reliable no matter which park you visit, this jogging stroller is a great option. It can accommodate your child for years, and the bicycle tires allow for easy movement over rocks, grass, or other bumps. Thanks to the padded reclining seat and the five-point harness, your baby will be comfortable and safe on your excursions.


Best Lightweight

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Easily take this stroller wherever you go.

Pros: Weighing only 13 pounds, this lightweight stroller is easy to carry to and from a car or while traveling. The stroller folds compactly for easy storage and portability as well. More than just convenience, this stroller will make your kiddo safe and comfy. The padded seat features a five-point harness and can recline for naptime. Extra features like an extra-large storage basket, a cup holder, and a pocket for small items make this a functional stroller for the parent as well. It is available in four different colors. The maximum weight is 50 pounds.

Cons: This stroller is not meant to be used for jogging or rugged surfaces. The storage basket can only hold 10 pounds of items, so don’t overload it.

Bottom Line: While this stroller is not meant for a rugged hike or jog, it is a great lightweight stroller that still has a lot of features. The sunshade and storage bin are useful for both parents and kids. A child can be comfortable and recline in the seat while being safe with the five-point harness. A grandparent or babysitter might appreciate this on a regular basis, while a parent may choose to use this stroller for easy portability during travel.


Best for Travel

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

This system includes everything you need to safely travel with your baby in a car or stroller.

Pros: Get everything you need at once. You get a car seat, seat base, and stroller in this purchase. Your baby will stay secure in the car seat whether it’s clicked into the car base or the stroller. The stroller includes a sunshade to keep your baby comfortable, and the padded seat reclines and has a five-point harness system. Bring along snacks to take advantage of the snack tray for the little one. The stroller has a sizable basket for storing belongings. You can adjust the height of the handlebars so whoever is pushing the stroller can do so with comfort. The dual-front wheel helps create a more maneuverable ride. This system comes in two color schemes.

Cons: The car seat doesn’t have as much padding around the baby’s head as others do, and you may want to buy an insert. The larger wheels travel over terrain nicely, but it is still meant to be a walking stroller and not a jogging stroller.

Bottom Line: This travel system makes purchasing necessities easy and affordable. The three-piece system is easy to use together and separately and has features that both parents and children can enjoy. The storage basket is large to hold quite a few items on a day out. Your little one can stay in the shade while in the car seat as well as in the stroller alone.


Pros: When you have two kids who are in the stroller age range, a double stroller is a must. Carrying one kid around too long isn’t comfortable, but two? No way! This double stroller features tandem seating, allowing you to only take up the width of one stroller, even with chauffeuring two kids. The stroller can be used with two car seats, one car seat and one regular seat, or two regular seats, easily accommodating your family’s needs over a few years. There is plenty of space underneath the stroller for stashing belongings, and each seat has its own removable snack tray and sunshade. It is easy to fold and store this stroller to save space.

Cons: While the storage underneath is large, it can be tricky to get things out, especially if they slide to the front during use. The sun shades do not cover a lot of space.

Bottom Line: Going anywhere with two stroller-riding little ones is not a simple task. This stroller makes the adventure easier thanks to the tandem seating and easy-to-maneuver wheels. The strollers can accommodate a variety of seating arrangements for your kids as they grow.


Best for Budget

Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller

Keep your little one safe and comfortable without spending a fortune.

Pros: Your little one will be comfortable in the padded, reclining seat and safe with the five-point harness. The sun shade has an extra pop-out visor that can help keep the sun from your child’s face. This convenient stroller is lightweight (11 pounds) and folds up for easy transport. The stroller has a storage basket underneath and a storage pocket with two cup holders that fit on the handlebars. It is available in four colors.

Cons: The sunshade is attached with snaps and sometimes will fall out, especially when it’s folded and not being used.

Bottom Line: This stroller is a convenient option for families on the go. It can easily serve as the stroller you use for excursions when you want to leave bulky strollers at home. Its price makes it a great option for grandparents or babysitters who want to have a stroller available to use as well. The comfortable seat and user-friendly features make it a sensible and enjoyable purchase.

Final Thoughts

A baby stroller is an essential item for any family expecting a baby. Once you choose your stroller, you’ll soon get to think of all the fun places to take your child to make amazing memories. These strollers can make those memories even sweeter.

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